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January 31, 2005

This is how gosh-durn lazy I am right now. I'm on the couch, computer on my lap, knitting to my right, phone to my left, and I just took a picture of my knitting with the crap-qual camera-phone, instead of getting up to take a high-resolution photo. But that's the way it goes on Monday mornings (which are my version of your Sunday mornings. Only I get a Sunday morning with Lala, too, now that I'm not getting up at 6am to go train. I'm spoiled.)

So here's the pattern I'm working on:


It's the bottom band of a vee-neck sweater I'm making -- the sleeves, already done, have the same motif at the ends. The yarn is a wonderful alpaca from ArtFibers called Jadis. It's going to be a store model for them, and Kira wrote the pattern using their program, to which I added the colorwork.

It's fun.

I'm boring. Sleepy. Lazy. Oh, yeah.

Helped sister Christy move this weekend, into an apartment on Ivy Hill in Oakland that I absolutely covet. I mean, if I didn't have my own sweet little home, I would, for the first time in memory, be jealous. You walk into the foyer, and there are dark carved wooden support beams with iron-work detail. Big, dark slate floors, and inlaid ceilings. Then you walk down the hall (which is the best-smelling hall ever, spice and cocoa and a little Trader Joes-ish), and her door, get this, her door is a dark wood arch with ROPE around the outside, as are all the doors in the castle/ship building.

Inside, she has this amazing green tile in the kitchen that should be hideous, but is gorgeous instead, and a huge living room with windows that overlook all the roofs near the Parkway, and she has a tub with a window over it, and a big ole bedroom with a big ole closet, and let's not forget the gigantor closet in the living room that has two doors that used to house (and sadly doesn't anymore) a Murphy bed.

Oh. Oh, oh, oh. She deserves it. I fear, however, that when Bethany comes into town later this week, Christy will no longer be living alone.

All right. Off to give Digit the love he says he's never received, ever.



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Cats do that, don't they? My Trajan is meowing piteously as I type. Shiva, on the other hand, claims to have never, never ever been fed. ;)

Poor Digit. Obviously an abused and neglected kitty.


Maybe the speed readers wouldn't have noticed but you mentioned training on Sunday....whatcha training for? I gotta know! I LOVE the sweater by the way!

You are not being lazy--you are just showing your essential cat character! Enjoy the sun through the windows.
My motto is, "If I can't have it, I'm awfully glad I know someone who does!" This has gotten me through masses of green goo envy over island vacation homes, trips to exotic places, and lots of blog comments. Sure it's Pollyanna, sure it's silly self-talk. Whatever. It gets me through life without totally alienating those I envy!

Digit just looks smushable. Glad you're taking it easy. I did this weekend and it helped.

Oh Digit. You are so cute.

What a sweet kitty. And what a sweet colorwork band! Awesome.

well if you cant take care of Digit the way he sees fit.. he is always welcome at my house LOL ..

Darling Digit... beautiful even with low-res photo. Can't wait to see rest of sweater band.

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