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This Makes Me Happy, Too.January 6, 2005

My girl's new hair:


Dude. Hot.

And I like the bleach part of the process, too.


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Very, very nice. I like it!

Oooh, the bleached hair looks cool, too. Very retro movie siren! :)

Now there's a girl after my own heart. Another yarn head! Please do tell her that she rocks.

The red looks much, much better than the bleach (says she who just can't take the whole-head plunge even after 2.5 years of the same blue highlights). Very nice job!

I wish I had the balls to do something totally new with my mop. Kudos, LaLa!

Totally hot. Stunning, in fact.

FUN!! Oh, how I would love to do that.

Fab color! One of my favorites--especially in winter. 'Course I am fighting with my sister--my hair colorist--so I am brown and gray these days. :)

While the hair is very nice....the eyes, oh my....the eyes. No wonder you're smitten.

Love that color!! Rachel, did you you know you have a twin in South GA? Our new dental hygenist Monday could be your twin. Very cute and very nice. Got to see her the next day too to get an old filling drilled out (yuck) and replaced (double yuck). I forgot to ask her if she knits. Have a great weekend, although the weather report for you folks is dreary and rainy. Hugs.

Go, Lala! Twenty years ago my hair was orange--time to get up some hair courage!


It must have been hair dyeing day, cuz I colored my hair yesterday, too! I was hoping for some flames, but mine is rather subtle. Guess I am just not a flamer.
Feel better soon!

Very cool!! I was just pondering some drastic hair color this morning. Those pesky gray hairs are beginning to show again. I'm a bit of a wimp so I'll probably end up just playing with a highlighting kit. I need some [Cowardly Lion]courage[/Cowardly Lion].

Dude. Lala. Hottie. That color is smokin'!

Waouh i really like it! I'd like to do the same with my hair... You look like a rock star! So cool

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