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WhoopsJanuary 4, 2005

I forgot to blog today. And I forgot to install the burglar alarm my folks and sister Christy got me for Christmas, totally forgot that we bought it last night, but I did remember to write, and I wrote for four hours, around the plumber coming and going. Now I have pipes that don't leak and a whole lotta pages. And a purring cat next to me. (The plumber, by the way? Slow as molasses, but the biggest hit with the cats since the catnip mouse. They LOVED him. Very sweet.)

And now I have to go to work. Yawn.


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Fuck the blog. We can wait. Those pages, though... Very happy for you, sweets.

We had a plumber over hear last month. He had to snake the pipes and I tell you! He was a freak! Called the black goop, "the money" and made noises you might hear- hmm, well? Anyway.
My two fur men stayed well clear of him.
I thought he was hilarious, considering the type of work he was doing.

So... the plumber's real job was to keep the cats distracted while you got some writing done. Very good.

Eh, the blog's just icing. It's the four hours and whole lotta pages that count.

4 hours of writing! Brava, kiddo!

I thought I would amuse myself by looking through your FO pics....oh.my.god.grrl. I know you are a helluva knitter, but, oh...my...god....

You knit more sweaters on teeeeeenieee leetttle needles than I swear I own, much less thought of knitting! You rock Rachel!


and, by the way, not that it matters a whit....I like your hair the length it is now...tres chic.

Happy New Year, Rachael. Happy writing, and happy knitting - if you ran a marathon in 2004, I can only guess what great things are in store for you in 2005!

My cat Guinevere get a horrified look on her face whenever anyone shows up with those leather tool belts. Almost like the cartoons where the eyes are bulging out in horror kind of thing. Weird.

Book Book Book!!!

That is too funny about the cats and the plumber. I have a little yapper-style dog, (Bichon) and he barks like crazy at any stranger, esPECIALLY men .... unless they're gay. How hilarious is that? BUT one day our (macho?)plumber came in the house somewhat unannounced -- I was expecting him, but he did not ring the bell and just came in, to fix the furnace/boiler. He was downstairs for quite a few minutes while I was upstairs without realizing it, because Vincent (the dog) didn't budge. So I have this sneaking suspicion that I know the true sexual orientation of the plumber. I'm just sayin'.....Vincent's like a little gay barometer.

are you ever going to talk to your old friends, or are we last among many - the plumber, the cats, girlfriends, YARN ... what gives, yo?

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