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Woot!January 18, 2005

Know what I scored over the weekend? This:


The Hoover FloorMate, wet AND dry pickup features. Dude. I've been wanting this forever.

$162.39 at Target.

Know what I got it for?


Yup. Sitting on a sidewalk in Oakland. We were walking back to La's house after coffee, and went to investigate (it had already been spotted on our way out). We had no way of knowing whether or not it worked, but decided we might as well try it, and then a nice lil lady popped out and said, "Hey! It works! My girlfriend and I bought something better, that's the only reason we're throwing it out. Do you need hardwood floor cleaner? Hang on!"

It was rad. Now I have to figger out how to work the sucker. Can you believe I haven't yet? That's only because I started on the Mamluke Socks from Folk Socks, and I've been working on the stranding (and sizing issues -- I've restarted it three times -- I think it's going to be happy on size 0s).

I have a HOOVER! The one I wanted! I need to go buy a lottery ticket. (Also, I have to say I adore a girl who investigates sidewalk goodies with me -- we found her an antique upholstered (gold brocade) chair the other day....)


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Woot! Some of the best stuff comes from the side of the road like that. Remember the green chair in my studio? The one where Diego assaulted Bethany? Found that in the trash.

Score! And I meant to tell you yesterday that Lala's sweater suits her to a T!

Kismet, baby. That's all I can say.

Now all you need to do is, in a couple of years or so, walk by the "lil lady's" house and see if she threw out her "better" one for a new one....Congrats on the good find.
Folk Socks is a great book isn't it?

Terry in SF

I know how you *love* floor care. If she didn't give you the manual, go to assist.hoover.com, and you can download a .pdf.

Nice score!

What a score!
I love Lala's sweater- I would totally wear that (or knit it!). I just got yarn in the mail for the Mamluke socks, too- you starting makes me want to start them right now... they are amazing. What yarn are you using?

Cool! Great score!

Ian and I once found a pristine, beautiful couch in the trash room for his apartment building, and dragged it into his apartment. I told him "the people could at least have had the decency to throw away the matching chair as well."

Let me know how it works! I've wanted one since we moved into our house, and boyfriend keeps talking me out of it. Obviously he doesn't do the floor cleaning!

While I am thrilled at your find, I am more envious that you were taking a walk outside. Here in Michigan it got up to 4 degrees yesterday. Today it is a balmy 23 with ice and blowing snow. Bah, I'm moving to California!

Oooh, honey!

Nice machine!

Also -- excellent Lala sweater.

Hey! I've got a Hoover just like that. With three cats in the house and hardwoods, it's been a godsend. I love mine....

Hell Yeah on the Hoover! I have acquired many a home appliance with my eagle eye for spotting free stuff, and I am always impressed when I see someone else score something great! If you're ever in Goergia, give me a call...I'll take you dumpster diving :)

Getting riled up over a vacuum cleaner? Hmmmmm. I think that's an official sign of adulthood. ;-)

hey, let me know how that thing works, mate...will you? thanks! nice work on the lala's sweater by the way. it looks smashing.

That's definitely a good "roadsideia" find! I've been known to come to a screeching halt when driving by things with "free" signs on the side of the road!

Lala's sweater looks wonderful, and goes so nicely with her new hair color!

Are you two going to Stitches this year?

SCORE! My friend loves her Hoover for her hardwood floors and she has a three story house full of them (let's not get into how unfair it is that she has so much money). Also wanted to say, LOVE the Lala sweater! If only I could knit at the speed you do! Must get faster!

That is so totally Rachael, it just makes me SMILE...especially the *hang on* I'll throw in some floor cleaner for ya...
such a charmed life you lead....

Woww-ie, that rocks! I'm happy for you. Wish things like that happened to me ;-\

Awesome, dude! What an excellent sidwalk find.
And very nice girlfriend sweater, too! What a cool pattern, it looks like a motorcycle leather jacket.

I am sooo very jealous. I just hinted to my MIL that I want one of those. Lets see if the birthday fairy delivers ;)

Now that's a great street find!
All you do is fill the upper compartment with water and cleaner ( I use as hot as I can get), release the handle (I think foot switch on the right) and turn the sucker on with the switch middle left. Do depress the cleaning solution button at the handle while slowly going forward on your floor, release button while going backwards to suck up water. The idea is to go rather slowly and perhaps do the suck (without new water) motion a coupla times to get the floor drier.
I love my floormate, got it after back surgery and fell twice on freshly mopped wet floors, never again after getting *him*, hehe.

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