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Yoi. Because That's What I Say Right Now.January 6, 2005

Heh. I actually like to see the levels of crazy I went through yesterday. Today. Whatever. All I know is I just got up, and the building sinus headache (big storm coming) is not as bad as the mood swings I was having earlier.

Maybe if I push my fingers right INTO my eyeballs, it'll make it feel better. Nope, that didn't work. Of course, it's always good to pet the cat you're most allergic to (Adah, although I'm allergic to both of them) and then rub your eyes in a brisk manner. I don't call it puffy, I call it sexy.

Barrels of fun (I typoed rum! Much better!) at Chez Yarnagogo. I'm actually not really that bad. Just enjoying a little sulk. Not enough time off -- I hate getting up and then getting ready for work an hour and a half later (I go to bed as soon as I get home) -- that's barely time enough to read email and respond, let alone do any of the writing that's really calling me. Let ALONE watch that Amazing Race episode sitting in my TiVo, singing my name.

Not. Enough. Time. In. The. Day.

And officially, I say, as I always do, I DO NOT KNOW HOW MOTHERS DO IT. Mimi Smartypants (see the introspective) says it well today. Y'all are saints, and just the fact that I can perch a cup of hot coffee on my couch while I type and worry only about the cats paws and not someone's little hands getting burned right off is something I think about.

And THIS made me really happy today.


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Scene flashes to Julie Andrews walking down the aisle as the song floats sweetly in the air: I must have done something goooooood. And you have, my dear--those links were JUST THE TICKET! Thanks a million and have a good day.

Y'know, while I was pregnant, I spent a lot of time in freak-out mode, as in OMG, how am I going to do this??? And then one day I realized it was the same as anything else: one day/baby step/inch at a time. Of course, it did take some therapy to transform that from a useful idea to a useful practice... ;)

Considering how you're feeling, I'm even more appreciative of the tape. That I haven't had time to watch yet (I'm still at work right now, at 9:30). Thanks again!

Sheesh, your PMS sounds so familiar.. the wild headspace followed by the killer 'once a month' blinding headache. (Although I seem to recall yours are more frequent? The headaches, not the PMS that is ;) Love the RED!
As for the parenting gig.. you kind of forget how life was BEFORE KIDS. Yep, too true..

PMS- mocha, caffeine and chocolate, works for me.
Being a mom, no idea how to do it. When I was a kid and loved horses, they used to describe jumping by saying you threw your heart over and then followed it. I guess that applies. And then sometimes, you realize you have another human being who you can sometimes make feel better by the fact of your existance. That's not handed out a lot and it's worth your life.

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