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Additionally,February 23, 2005

Then I pulled my cast-on (180 stitches) bottom of a sweater out of my bag and pulled the needle right out of about fifteen stitches. I was still on the first row, so I put 'em back on with some difficulty. It wasn't until row four that I noticed I'd twisted it when I'd replaced the original stitches.


I'm going to drive VERY slowly to work.

But honestly? I had a phone call from m'girl, and I ate, count them, four Cadbury Creme Eggs. I'm actually in a much better mood now. Oooh! Coffee! I think I need more coffee.

Now, to rip.


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The multi-packs were on special at Albertson's the other day (with a preferred shopper card) so I stocked up. I have yet to indulge in their creamy goodness though. Prolly tomorrow at work where no one will be there to witness the sugar coma.

As a fully self-expressed sugar-holic...I must ask...
HOW CAN YOU EAT 4 CADBURY CREME EGGS [much less with a coffee chaser?]!!! Your a champ! Those damn eggs kick my ass...it's like liquid sugar! Give me Dove Chocolate any day...OOoooOOOooOoooohhhh!!!

Um, maybe you should call in sick, go to bed, and pull up the covers over your head. Before anything else happens.


Didja know it was a full moon last night? Be careful, fucksake. FOUR Cadbury eggs? Yeah, that'd give me a headache, I have to say. But I also have to say that now every time I'm in a drug store or supermarket, I think of Cadbury eggs and Rachael! So far I haven't succumbed.

Oh man, I hate pulling the damned needle out! I'm not a Creme Egg girl at all, but if it makes you happy, eat away McManus!!

Four? They used to only come in packs of three. I thought it was some sort of Canadian government regulated compliance packaging, you know, like heart medication in blister packs. You buy three, eat them and are ok without the 4th. You are less likely to O.D. if there are only 3. You bought them loose, didn't you? That's so dangerous. It's like putting digitalis in a bulk bin with an extra-large scoop!

'scuze me, all this talk of Easter Creme Eggs is making me crave them. Must pop over to store.

Mmmm....Cadbury Creme Eggs....

*drools a la Homer Simpson*

Man, I'm just getting over the flu and that's the only thing that has sounded good to me in days.

Coffee and Cadbury Creme Eggs, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Okay, now that would have driven me to TEN Cadbury creme eggs. Followed by a bag of those little mini Reese's cups.

Only 15 stitches is better than all of them. Who hasn't done that. And I am going to be going to the grocery store this evening and I will more thna likely end up buying Cadbury eggs just because of you. And I don't even eat them. While I am baking this evening, I will send warm chocolate chip cookie thoughts your way.

Have you tried the mini-cadbury eggs yet. My Husband is a C.E. freak and just found them. You can buy them by the dozen. The same day I read this, I fell up the stairs spilling an open box of macaroni and cheese everywhere!(this happened before I read the post)
Hope your day was better later.

Oh god how I love those gooey eggs!

So, if it wasn't for the fact that the lottery was *last* night, I would tell you to go buy a lottery ticket, 'cause at this rate your luck can only go UP. However, as your luck would have it, no lottery tonight. Hmmm... maybe you should head to Vegas?

Okay, I made to the grocery store and back withou buying any Cadbury eggs. But PLEASE tell us that you ate 4 of the mini eggs! Not 4 regular size eggs!

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