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Aminals!February 9, 2005

Lots of aminals today, lots. Mostly because Lala will lose her mind and begin yapping if I don't tell you what we did on Sunday. Oh, sweet Sunday.

We went to the Chihuahua Cha-Cha! (Only I kept forgetting its name and calling it the Chi-hooa-hooa hula, which is even more fun to say. Try it.) It was in San Francisco, in this little pocketbook park on Corona Hill overlooking the City and the bay. When we finally found it, we saw a few dogs mingling around, and I thought maybe there would be a couple of little dogs for Miss Idaho to play with. Then we turned the corner and saw the dog run -- omigod, how does one handle this much cuteness without keeling over dead? Thirty or forty chihuahuas (chihuahai?) in one place, and approximately two owners a piece.

Oh, oh, oh. And two or three of them actually made Miss Idaho look big, something a five pound dog can seldom look.


Look at my girls' smiles! Harriet had a ball, too. She's chihuahua-identified, y'know. (Cari, there was also a whippet who made me miss my East Coast kids -- kisses to both.)

And here's Miss Idaho (on the far left), being Very Brave:


This one had a hand-knit scarf:


Some were leapers:


And others were just there to pick up on chicks:


The only thing good about leaving the Ultimate Park of Cuteness was the fact that on the street, away from all the other little dogs who might have continued to steal the limelight that she deserves, Miss Idaho turned back into a rock star, which was a relief.

And lets not forget about the other ones. By popular demand, a photo of the fat Digit:


He hides his weight well, doesn't he? Well, I'll tell you the truth -- he knew I was taking this photo and he sucked it in. But this candid one from the rear shows the real deal (although he would like you to know that the camera adds at least five pounds):


And to Grace's Ramona, Adah says MWAH!


To those of you concerned about my yarn-binge yesterday -- I ended up with two colors of WoolEase for a stripey pullover, $18. That's what I'm talking 'bout. Maybe I'll throw a cable or two in, dunno. I just need something easy and fast. (Lala, sugar, put your hand down.)


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Aw... Bud woulda loved the Chihuahua hula! Even though he makes the rest of 'em look dinky, he's our own little wa-wa mutt.

Can I just tell you how much your Chihuahua fest fotos MADE MY DAY??? Almost too much cuteness to bear. There should be a rule against that much cuteness in one place at one time. My 85 pound greyhound/shepherd mix behemoth would have stuck out like a canine yeti in that group (although he is gawgeous). Thanks for sharing!

Wow. That's just too cute. Thanks for sharing - I needed cuteness today.

Sometimes that's all you need: a little dog or two and a skein of yarn or two... What color did you get?

Oh NOW I am forced to take a billion photos of my brother's puppy this weekend and his hopeful playdate with Zubin -- the big German Shephard. Oh who am I kidding, Phoenix is cute but he just can't compete! And you tell Digit that he looks very handsome! Adah is a sweetie!

Oh how I wish I'd been at the Chihuahua Hoedown, or whatever it was! I used to take the kids (pre-Sadie, because that kind of evil shouldn't be shared. this was the late great Sofia and Diego) to an Italian Greyhound playgroup. You want funny, picture fifty IGs running around together. Okay, not so much funny as blurry. Funny once they slowed down. A herd of insects.

I work with three out of the 4 chihuahui in the last picture. It cracks me up out of all the chihuahua that you took photos of it was them. They have convinced me i need one or three chihuahua's.

I wanted a rescue chi I found on a website. Hubby and the kids didn't. Ok, so he was 18 years old, had no teeth, wore a diaper. I wanted that dog! Chi's rock.

haha Les Nesman

I love chi-hua-huas!

Lucy says to tell Digit that she likes husky boys!

I'll have to catch Scout in a similar pose, because they look very similar. I've given up on the whole cat-diet thing--he weighs what he weighs.

Love, love, love chi pictures. Love them.

Ramona thanks you for the picture. Funny that she resembles Adah so much in the pretty face and Digit so much across the A.S.S. If the camera added 5 to Ramona's petite frame we'd be talking weight in the twenties of pounds! Double-Digits (tee hee).

Digit's "posterior" shot just made my day! Tell him I sympathize with that "camera adding five pounds" thing!

I have been obsessively taking pictures of my Chickie, who is some sort of Chi-hooa-hooa mix. Thank you for this post - it made my morning!!

I want a chihuahua...!!!!!

And that Digit, the boy's got a set a hips on him.

Hi Rachael! ***waving from Chicago*** I'm a new knitter who just found your blog recently - and finallly had to comment on your pictures. Those are the cutest dogs I've ever seen! I've always been a terrier person (Casey the Westie also says hi to Miss Idaho and Harriet) but those chihuahuas are enough to make me think about another breed. Please keep posting your pictures and writing - I love reading your adventures.
Your new friend,Teresa

Those other dogs are cute, but they don't hold a candle to Miss Idaho, who is the most adorable little dog I have ever seen.

oh! Chihuahuas! My friend, Angela has a chihuahua too! Minou is my adorable god-dog, (I opted out of the "fairy dog-mother title as I didn't come out sounding very attractive). In Vancouver they have the "Chihuahua Barbecue". I told her that the name probably brought out strange people who thought they were going to get to try some strange delicacy. YIKES!
Angela is a costume designer and so Minou has more clothes than the average human.
Here's the link to her clothing line. I don't know if Miss Idaho likes to shop, but the photos of Minou are well worth the browse: www.minoupitou.com
(Sorry for the shameless plug. I'm honestly not some creepy marketing person - just a very proud god-mother.)
Oh, and here's her blog too, in case you were interested in chihuahuas who type and take photos of their mama's knitting: www.minoupitou.blogspot.com!

Enjoy. Say hi to the cutie patootie doggies and the kitties. I really like your blog and always enjoy pet photo days.

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