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Amy!February 1, 2005

Guess who I got to meet? I shouldn't say meet, 'cause I know the girl, and she was my friend way before we met yesterday, but I got to have dinner with Amy last night.

Look how adorable she is:


Amy has been special to me for years now. She was one of the first knit-bloggers I ever connected with, the first one to make me think about making my old blog into more of a knit-blog (and we see how that worked -- one knitting comment a month or so, isn't that right?), the first lesbian I knew who knitted. Honestly, I kinda thought I was the only one before that.

And last night, while in town on business, she drove up from San Jose to hang out with me. Honestly? I could have set up a Knit-Out in her honor, and perhaps I should have, but I was greedy. I wanted her all to myself. We had SO much to talk about.

She reminded me of an email I'd sent her a while back -- she had been writing to me about her new girlfriend, Sandra, and how wonderful she was, and how big a love it was turning into. I wrote back something like, "That is SO great! But I'm not gonna do it. No dating for me, nope." I met Lala two weeks later. Yep. She quoted me to myself: "I met a banjo girl...."

And ladies? Her ring is GORGEOUS. I mean, it's kind of ridiculous how perfectly it suits her, and I can tell Sandra suits her perfectly, too. I'm so happy for her, and I'm so happy that I got to spend the evening with her. We went to La Med on College (and I thought of all the mornings after running I'd spent there with Marama), and then back to my place, where Lala met us. We sat and talked until 12:30 without even realizing the time. Again, the only weirdness is how NOT weird it was. It's odd that you can sit on a couch and laugh over Remember-Whens when you haven't ever hugged each before that very night. But I'm here to tell you you can.

For those of you setting up new(ish) blogs and wondering how all these crazy connections happen? They happen like this. You pick the blogs that you love (I've noticed rings of friendships often happen with blogs that are about the same age) and you comment. You email. You think about those bloggers, and you keep them in your mind as you go about your day. For example, without looking at my calendar, I know that tomorrow is Maggi's birthday, and I feel shame that her gift is still in my bag next to me, and not winging its way across the states right now, but I know she'll love me anyway, even with my post-office phobia. And when I had a question about her gift, dearest Greta and Newly-Post-Office Savvy Ann helped me.

It takes energy and time, and none of us have enough of either, but what you can put out there will come back to you in some form. I promise. Evidenced here: Amy came to visit! Hoooray!


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Aw, what a sweet picture of friendship you have painted. What a nice photo of you two cuties. Aw. You're making me smile right now. Mwah!

What a great post about blog friendships. So well said. :)

Aw, such a great picture, and what an awesome post! So awesome hanging out with you and your cute girl last night! Even if I did get lost in East Oakland!

aw Rachael, you did it again - your post brought tears to my eyes - i'm glad you're a writer because you really do know how to put all that fabulous love into words so that we can all feel it too!

You selfish lesbian knitting blogger, you! Amazing how a string of adjectives that I mean in the best possible way can come out sounding so horrible when phrased in a particular way. Rest assured that I do indeed mean them in the best possible way, and I'm happy for you and Amy that y'all had such a great time together.

And I love that way-up-over-your-head shot of you two.

It's truely amazing and heartening that friendships can form from hundreds, even thousands of miles apart. Thanks for sharing your happy evening with us all. *warm fuzzy*

What a cute pic! How happy you two look. :) Very well-put post Rach!

Glad you both had a fab time. Amy is great isn't she!

I am totally new to all this blogging (starting my blog was a nightmare until Missa at Moonarts helped me out) but I just wanted to say thanks for the advice for new bloggers. I absolutely love reading some of the blogs and it is so great to know that such wonderful friendships are being made. The whole world of blogging is a little overwhelming but the people I have met so far have been more than fantastic. Thanks again for the advice.

You met Amy? Oh, wow. Wow. She was the first lesbian knitblogger I 'met' too. Now we have this great thing in common - we both have a Sandra. Oh wow.

And what's that you are wearing??? Could it be that wonderful gansey? (You see, I'm slipping in your knitting content!)

Slipped over here from Amy's blog and have to say that I'm also a lesbian knitter and my partner is too... and I know a couple of bisexual knitters. (do they count?)

I have been amazed, in the relatively short time I have been blogging, at the wonder of "meeting" people all over the place who are such amazing people. Nice that you got to really meet Amy! The picture is just adorable. And I love the "I met a banjo girl" quote!

oh, hooray! i love the picture of you and amy - and of course you are both two of my favorite knitbloggers to read! my blog wishes it were as exciting as yarn-a-go-go and indigirl. :)

OH! I'm so jealous of all these people who get to meet you *in person* So very jealous that I may need to make a trip to that area for such a visit! It is strange that I've not been down there in a such a long time when there was a period that I was in S.F. almost every month!

Oh, thanks for the wonderful post! Couldn't have come at a better time for me. I opened a Typepad account this morning but hesitated on hitting that 'post' button.
Tomorrow's the day!

Aww, I would love to meet Amy. That's so great! and you are so right on about the blogging connections...I'm constantly amazed at the friends I've made and the people I've met...like some cool people I got to knit with in Oakland....

wow, what a cool post. your photo is perfect picture of friendship! just as dazzling as those two smiles!

As a new blogger myself, I'm touched by this post! I have had some great experiences meeting like-minded people over the internet via message boards... am looking forward to having an even more intimate relationship with folks through this medium!

Beautiful pic, and beautiful blog!

::feels warm fuzzies::

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