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CouchesFebruary 7, 2005

Went to the Parkway last night to watch The House of Flying Daggers. Now, the Parkway is the best theater in Oakland. Really. It's an old art-deco place, just around the corner from the best bar (Baggy's) and the best restaurant (Merritt Bakery) in Oakland, and it's an institution. Movies are five bucks. They sell pizzas, medium for eight bucks. The sell beer by the PITCHER, people. Candy bars are a buck. They have audience appreciation nights, where it's free entrance. Last month, Time Bandits. This month, American Pie.

And the best part? There are couches. You're hanging out, watching the show, all relaxed on your couch, watching strangers hang out on other couches. They used to be kind of old and a little smelly, but they got all new ones from Ikea with washable covers. It's like hanging out at a party in your really big living room, and everyone's cordial, but you don't have to worry about mixing. Yeah. That's it.

They get second-run releases, which is why it took me a while to get around to seeing the movie, but damn. It's worth the hype. One of the loveliest films I've ever seen -- the colors by themselves make up an additional character. And every character is gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous. Ridiculously gorgeous. The kind of gorgeousness that doesn't actually occur in real life because if it did, nothing would ever get done.

Now I'm at work on a ten-hour overtime shift (it was supposed to be five, but I'm being nice. Nice and greedy for the money, that is. I've got this nasty yarn habit to support, you know).


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I just started knitting your Good Ole Cabled Scarf as a way to get back into cabling after I convinced myself I hated cables. It's looking nice in Heirloom alpaca and it's fun as well. Thanks!

the couches sound great. like in the gilmore girls (okay, embarassing cultural referrence). also reminds me of my high school (i went to an "alternative" school) where my teacher for womyn & lit, queer studies, african-american lit and mod west civ (i took them all in different semesters) had a big ol' high-ceilinged room with a carpet on the floor and couches and armchairs lining the edge. we'd all lounge around and talk about audre lorde, toni morrison, adrienne rich, jane austen, w.e.b. dubois and james baldwin as if we knew them personally.
women's studies in university sucked by comparisson.

Oh, the Parkway is my favorite... I haven't been there since the new couches arrived. Sounds like a good excuse for a trip through the tunnel! (I'm in Walnut Creek/Martinez).

I've enjoyed reading your blog for a while now - maybe I'll bump into you at one of the LYS's some time.

couches? i so had no idea such a theatre existed. i live in the south bay but i definitely think i'll have to bring the DW up there sometime soon for a "date". thanx for posting about it or i'd have never known.

Just don't lean your head back, my friend got lice there!

That sounds heavenly! Damn, there are so few theater spaces left that have any kind of personality at all, what with the multiplexes taking over the planet.

That theatre sounds GREAT! I'll have to let my sister know about it. She lives in the Bay Area as does my brother.

And have you seen Hero with Jet Li? Is House of Flying Daggers as good as Hero?


That theater sounds great. There's a place in Portland that does that too. With pizza. Yum. BTW, are you going to Stitches this weekend? I'll be down there on Friday, kid in tow. I'll keep an eye out for you...

Didn't you love the use of color in the movie?! I loved how with each retelling of the events the colors changed. White for honor, red for anger, etc.

Tell me about a knitting habit to support! I cannot believe how much "intesting" yarn I come across. I am really proud of myself. I spent the week-end in Ct, near my favorite knitting store, and I did NOT go there. Of course now I am thinking of all the great yarn I might have missed.

Maybe I should finish the 3 started projects before buying any more yarn.

I will also try to ignore the yarn that is on sale at Michael's!

That sounds like the best movie theatre EVER! Lucky you!

Loved, loved, loved Hero. Colour really was an extra character in that movie.

The Parkway rulz and so does Baggy's!!!! The Merrit Bakery on Sunday is an absolute must for non-Americans like myself. I used to live around the corner on East 15th - we went to the Good Vibrations special porno night at the Parkway and we won at least two prizes!!

Oh, I wanna go there! We should make a knit bloggers' movie night!

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