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DivertedFebruary 8, 2005

I was just totally being good, and I was going to work on seaming my alpaca ArtFibers sweater and then take a nap before work, since I was up at 630am, and have to work tonight all night until 5am, but Bethany just called. A Michael's run is calling me -- I need a new Must-Have, and I need it to fit, and more than that, I need it to cost less than thirty bucks. Do you think that's do-able? I don't mind if it's crapyarn, I really don't. I just need some cables, and I need 'em fast. I'm fiending, man. Don't get in my way.

Digit would like you to know that he's gotten very, very fat since we moved here. Oh, dear.


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I'd say go with Lion Brand's WoolEase. You could get a sweater for under $30 out of it. It's washable, it has some redeeming wool content, and it's not squeaky like other acrylic. That's my advice.


Or try Patons Classic Merino. They have it at Dharma! Isn't it a Paton's pattern anyway?

Stella Queen of Cheap

I have some Tahki tweed (red) in my stash that I will never use--there might be enough for a long-sleeved sweater. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll dig it out.

Don't know how cables would look in it but I'm loving using TLC Amore in my current sweater. Makes a nice soft cushy fabric. But I don't know if it would show off cables properly. It is inexpensive though. I'm sure you could knit a sweater from about three skeins and they're all under $8 each I think.

MUST go to knitpicks.com and check out their new yarn line. They have their own lable, and its wool, wool, wool. And Alpaca. And wicked cheap. No, I don't work there. Just got a nice wooly box of it, and uhmmm. Did I mention it's cheap? ALso, new Beverly's in Alameda has a bigger selection of all the yarns we love to hate.

Sometimes you just HAVE to give in to your addictions. We understand :)

I reaize more and more that I'm not alone in my crack-like knitting and yarn addiction. Get your fix, girl.

Laura is so right about Knitpicks. I just got some yarn from their new line, and I am soooo in love with their alpaca silk. I'm desperately trying to argue myself out of buying more (yup, gotta pay the utilities bill. Sometimes being responsible sucks). Anyway, with free shipping for any orders over $30 (so go buy $30.50 worth), you could get some decent yarn for your sweater. And I don't work for Knitpicks either.
Can we have pictures of Digit? Please?

I recently caved to that need myself and settled for Lion Brand Cotton Ease. Why? Well, it's cheap, it holds it's shape and it washes well. I didn't really need another wool sweater here in the land of HOT. I must go check out the new KnitPicks line, I have heard good things about it but not seen any. I just could not, for the life of me, justify another $150 sweater that I can only wear two days a year.
Bagheera is getting fat too, must be all those goodies he finds on the floor. Thanks to the kids.

Digit says that he's actually just "big boned," and would you please make him a batch of cookie dough? :)

Speaking of fixes, how about a pic of the Fat One - we need our Digit fix!!

Yes! You must have a new Must Have!

I have some gray Cascade 220 in the stash that is thinking about becoming a Must Have, but I'm afraid I don't have enough. (The yarn can't make up its mind, actually--so far it's claimed to be a shawl, a sweater, and another shawl, with no luck.)

Shiva would like to warn Digit that when your Person thinks you're fat, you go on this nasty thing called a Diet and they starve you!

Stella....is it the Tahki "New Tweed" that you have? If so, I may be interested. Thanks :)

Sorry, I meant Becca.

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