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Hearts and FlowersFebruary 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day! Now, I normally dislike a Hallmark holiday as much as the next person, but this weekend was great. I'm only going to write a little bit, because I have to leave and get more Cadbury Creme Eggs. I'm all out, and that ain't right.

A coupla snippets:

I stood next to Lala in the Atlas Cafe on Saturday night, listening to the Mercury Dimes play bluegrass (she says it's old time -- maybe it's bluegrassy old time). I realized I was with my date, listening to fiddle music. That was big. I was perfectly happy. Then we went with a bunch of folks and crashed the square dance (five of us got in for $10 total, instead of the $12 per head we should have paid -- Camilla is very blond). I made my girl dizzy spinnin' her around.

Sunday, Lala and I went to Stitches, and shopped for yarn (I mostly picked up sock yarn stuff, nothin' exciting). But I realized, yet again, she's flipping perfect for me. It's really rather ridiculous. Old time music, to yarn, to being lazy together all day today. I couldn't have dreamed up a better person, period, full stop, let alone one that would love me back like this. I'm rich, and happy, and luckier than hell. (And she's H.O.T.)

Oh, this is getting sappy, innit? I'll break it up. Romantic vignette: For a year I lived literally around the corner from a porn store, and Lala lived not far from the same one for about three years. Now that she's in my old place, we pass it all the time, and comment on its clientele seen going in and out (as Valentine's Day approached this year, it became Valentine Headquarters, as declared the large red sign outside). The other night, as we made our usual jokes about going in, we actually looked at each other and said, "Wanna?" So we did, and we wandered the store giggling and pointing and probably pissing off the more serious customers.

But I did have a point. It's this: The magazines are sorted by, well, tastes, and in with all the jugs magazines was BUST. As in Debbie Stoller. As in the clerks had never even opened the magazine; they must have just going by name. Either that or the clerk was getting a good laugh on the guys who bought it.


Now that's what V-Day is all about. Now off for creme eggs. And milk. A perfect dinner.


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I had my first Cadbury Creme Eggs of the season the other night. I bought a half dozen and thought they would last a few days. But they were gone within minutes of coming home. Oops. Maybe next, I'll make a Cadbury Creme Egg omelet.

I do not like those Creme Eggs...they are kind of too rich for me and the texture does something to my autism gene carrying sensory dysfunction. BUT!! It is wonderful to read about you so freaking happy. I love it. And I am so happy for you and Lala! And that BUST thing...priceless!

mmmmmmmmmmm, cadbury eggs. DEFINITELY perfect for dinner! :)

so happy you're so happy - it's contagious - now i have a big smile on my face to start the day!

Browsing the local porn shop on Valentine's Day (especially one that declares itself "Valentine Headquarters") - now THAT'S romance. In fact, the whole weekend sounds idyllic - lucky girls, both of y'all.

Ooh! Ooh! Thanks for reminding me I bought a Creme Egg yesterday and put it in the fridge! And happy V day to you & Lala! xo

You're too sweet--it's cool to be in love eh?

I once found Ms magazine in the computer section. I guess they thought it stood for Microsoft. Amazing how people just don't pay attention...

Maybe it's my hormones going all weird because of the usual feminine cyclical hormonal crap, but all the super-love in that post made me go all 'squish' and 'awwwh!' and even nearly made my eyes mist up a little. One thing I love almost as much as being in love, myself -- reading about other actual-factual people being in Great Big Love. (Better than a lousy pulpy paperback romance any day. Feh.) Yeah, I'm sappy like that.

And mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, it's Cadbury Egg season already? Oh, holy crap I Need to Get To The Store NOW. And then I will hide them. All of them. And I will hoard them and maybe only share one. Or two. But no more than three. The Cadbury Eggs, they shall all be mine!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

Isn't it just the best when you love a person you can do ANYTHING with and be perfectly happy? Who needs Valentine's Day when you have a year round gift like that?

Glad you had such a fab time with your gal!

BUST in with all the boob mags, that's just hilarious!

Creme Eggs - 'Fraid I don't see the attraction, they're too sugary for me but Andy loves them. He was telling me the other day of his childhood trauma apon being given a large Cadbury Creme Egg for Easter. He was so disappointed to find that it was just a big chocolate shell and not filled with the special creme! :-)

Those moments of clarity are pretty amazing eh? Going on 6 years with my guy and I still get them - just having the reality dawn on you is something else! Happy for you!

It was so great meeting you (and Lala) on Sunday at Stitches. (Sorry about being a bit spastic about it!) You make such a cute couple!!

What a wonderful post. Here's to happiness and luckiness and love. Sounds like you two had a lot of fun.

Its so muhc fun to read about how happy you are - sounds like you had a perfect weekend!

That had to be the best thing I've read all day!

Thanks for writing - I love to read your posts. :)


I can't BELIEVE bust was in with the specialty porno mags! That is too hysterical....well, I gues they do have the One Handed Read feature every issue....

In my sugar-fiending past I once at 10 or 12 Cadbury cream eggs....I haven't been able to eat one since. I need to learn moderation.

OMG - rofl at men buying BUST magazine hoping to see big boobs. Hahahahah...well..they will have to knit them!

We KNOW Lala is lucky for finding YOU, and she would have to be spectacular since you love her. I bet you guys make the cutest couple. (Even when you are giggling and pointing your way around a porn shop.)

You lucky bastards! I'm sick with a fever over here, but you just gave me today's first big smile. Thank you. I'm both jealous and happy for happy people right now, since I've been alone and sick for four days... But this was a post oozing enough positivity to even make this cranky, feverish, Swedish bitch smile! Thank you and good for you! Really. (I'll soon be my old cheerful self again. Promise.)

i've had a few moments like that lately... driving along in the boy's pick-up, listening to guns n roses real loud. sitting on the couch knitting watching his band practice. there's more, but my mind's blank right now, heh. but yeah, isnt it amazing when you can look at the person next to you and just say "hey, this is... RIGHT!" i love reading other people's mushy shit (ok so not all the time... but right NOW i do!) and yours is always fun to read :)

I figure it's some sort of cosmic karma, horny tit men buying Bust and seeing what it actually is, in payment for the times (several years ago) when I had to ask at a bunch of bookstores if they carried the magazine and the clerk thinking I had such mammary mania that I had to ask for the magazine instead of just digging harder like the regular pervs do.

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