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Off to BuffaloFebruary 2, 2005

My lightning-fast flashes of memory loss are getting more frequent, or maybe it’s just that someone is around more often to witness them. And laugh at them. The other morning I was kicking clothes around, looking at my feet, completely unable to find where I’d put my socks, which I had JUST seen. Kick. Kick. Where the fuck? Kick some more. How do you misplace socks you’ve just seen?

Then I noticed I was wearing them, and had forgotten I had already put them on, and apparently hadn’t NOTICED them while looking at my feet kicking through the clothes.

And the other night when I went out, I wanted a change from the silver hoop earrings I always wear, so I went through my jewelry box, picked out a pair I’ve honestly never seen before, and wore them. I have no recollection of buying or receiving them, and if someone held them up and asked “Have you seen these before?” I would truthfully (in my memory, anyway) answer “No.” Which was kind of cool, because although presumably they’re mine, it was just like getting a present. From myself!

(I never lose things, though, except sunglasses (and they totally don’t count) because I’m overly-anal about a place for everything. This is out of necessity, not out of a deep need for order.)

I think Lala is finally beginning to realize that my memory might, just possibly, be worse than hers. Which is a hard thing to imagine. You know, you tell someone that you can’t remember anything, ever, and that’s a hard thing to believe. Plus, she’s always had the worst memory that she’s ever known. I like that about her.

The other day, we were walking, and she said something like,
“I’ve never seen that XYZ before.”
“Yes, you have.”
“No, I’ve never noticed it.”
“We had this conversation the last time we walked here, and remember you said that XYZ must have caused ABC to feel GHI?”
“No, I didn’t.”
“Yes, you did.”

Of course, because I’m me, I’ve spent the last ten minutes trying to remember what the letters stood for, but I can’t. They’re gone. But my phone number when I was four was 222-1806. Circumference can be calculated using 2PiR, which I remember is two times 3.14etcetera times the radius, and diameter can be calculated using PiRsquared. Columbus = 1492. Magna Carta = 1215. I think, anyway. I’m not going to check.

I had too much larnin’ as a kid. That’s my new theory. I thought too much and I read too much. I’m out of memory, and I SO can’t afford a new hard drive. Sigh.

But you know what I can afford? This:


Oh, yes. I got it (borrowing against my tax refund). I’m going to run now. With my tunes. (Actually, with Lala’s tunes since I couldn’t quite make it work yesterday because while I’m good at computers, she’s great at them. Especially those Mac products. Makes the shuffle component more interesting. I actually really have no idea what I’m listening to.)


TAG, you're it.

You are going to LOVE it! I love mine....

Rach, Got my FloorMate today! Woo-hoo! While it wasn't free by a longshot, it's still wonderful. You should get a commission (from them, not me, sorry!) Good thing I don't run or you'd have me out buying other stuff, too! And BTW, where's Bethany???

Cool new toy. I'm coveting an mp3 player. Give us a review ok?

OK, so you made me laugh right out loud, in my hotel room. I LOVE that you were kicking clothes, looking for your socks that were on your feet.

Great blog. thanks for keeping it interesting.

My husband is like that, a memory like a sieve! Oooooh, would love to get me one of those toys..

Your post made me feel better, so glad to know that I'm not alone. After looking all winter to purchase a pair of high heel zip up black boots, guess what I found in my closet recently? No idea where they came from either (well maybe a very slight recollection). Did I ever feel dumb!

I think I might lose a shuffle in the couch cushions, if I had one. I bet it's great to run with tho.

My favorite is when I can't find my glasses, when I'm wearing them, which would be sort of passe--except that I have 20/400 vision....

Every dingle morning while braiding my daughter's hair I set the comb down and lose it. Every damn morning. She doesn't even bother to help me look anymore. And there's always one of her shoes missing.

(Dingle=single. I mistyped but I thought it was cute so I left it there.)

Shuffling on your iPod is great fun! I love mine. :-)

About the memory thing -- I'm with ya! The other day I pulled a really cute top out of my closet that I must have bought at some point, but I have absolutely no recollection of ever seeing it before. Oh well, it was like getting a present. :-)

So I shouldn't feel bad now that the minute I finished taking a picture of my new socks, I somehow misplaced them? I have a feeling they're buried underneath the monolith of laundry I have, but I'm afraid to check.

I have an apartment that I am POSITIVE is part of a black hole, sucking my shit into the vortex. I mean really how can you loose a pattern in 190 sqft TOTAL??

Cant wait to hear what you think about the shuffle. I have debated about trying to save up for one (or see if I can get it through the free Ishuffle deal which is less rigorous than others). But wanted to hear what others thought.

Just wait chickie....yer but a babe yet...once ya hit about 38 (for me anyway)...what was I saying????

Housekeys. They disappear when I am A) trying to squeeze a 45-minute run into 30 minutes because I've procrastinated and B) leaving for work and trying to be only 20 minutes late, not a half-hour late.

Having Lala program your iPod--how cool. You should post your first playlist, unless it's, you know, personal.

That Shuffle is so cute, it shouldn't be legal. Enjoy it.

Hey, whattabout a picture of you wearing it?

Welcome to the Sponge Brain, Wet Pants era of life.

I could not stop laughing at the sock story! And than conversation with Lala? Word-for-word transcript of the conversation my BF and have at least once a month!!

Wait, this blog looks familiar! I think I've been here before. Who are you again? I'm sure you said once....

Ooh congrats! Which flavor did you get--the big one or the small one? I'm undecided myself. I keep thinking I need one of those little ones for the gym.

The XYZ memory story reminds me of me and my husband. We have to play six degrees of separation whenever we're trying to remember something.

Cool Shuffle, by the way!

Ugh, been there. I just about missed the bus to go and teach in another town last week because I couldn't find the keys I had just put in my pocket. And surely everyone with glasses has had the experience of looking for your glasses while wearing them? That can't just be me, can it??

Not that this is a contest but last week, I wore two different shoes to work. They were different colors and one had a higher heel. (I thought I had a limp). Sad thing is NO ONE TOLD ME! I noticed when I went to pee. I decided it was a fashion statement.

So think of your tiny gaps in memory as your creative genius taking over. Love ya

Ooooh. Me too. Me too. Expect that I lose everything, especially sunglasses. And knitting tools. And (most distressful) drivers licenses. Amazing where I find things sometimes. Enjoy the shuffle (and tell up all about it).


Your new toy is cute as punch! I love my iPod, the shuffle is where its at.

My memory is starting to freak me out it is so spotty. Scary... finding my glasses especially.

The Martian's favorite game right now is "Where Are Mommy's Keys?" Any time we have to leave the apartment, we spend a good 5-10 minutes looking because Mommy can NEVER remember where she put them. But we're bonding, right? At least, that's what I tell myself so I feel like somewhat less of an idiot.

I'm SO glad I'd lost my coffee mug just before I read this post, or I'd have to start looking for the...what's that thing called you use to mop up coffee you spit out all over your monitor?
Never mind.
Playlist, oh PLEASE, we Must Have....
where was I again?
Oh, giggling.
Running with your shuffle on....

My numberplate when I was 4 was 40CPX. That was an old British plate even in those days. Ok, I lie... cars were not invented when I was four.
Nice vibrator, btw.

Okay, can I get my tax refund now!!! Maybe I will stop waiting for that since I can afford the shuffle right now. I was planning on getting the 20G iPod with my refund. But I could put that money against Sheep and Wool yarn. You are making me think! Wait a minute, what was I thinking about about buying? Did it involve two sticks?

Half the time I don't even know what I'm listening to on my own iPod, and all the music on it came from my cds. The shuffle function just brings up all these songs I'd forgotten about or never really got into in the first place. Which is why it would drive me nuts to not have a screen that would tell me what it was. What if you hear something you really like? You'll have a devil of a time finding it again later...

My home number as a kid was 587-2481. I remember exactly when I got my first period (two months after I turned 13). But I am always misplacing my phone, my PDA, my shoes and whatever book I'm reading. My fiance always forgets to put things back in the fridge/freezer. That's one forgetful thing I can't understand. How could you leave out ICE CREAM (especially chocolate) -- I mean, then you can't eat any more of it! What a sad, sad waste.

I am SO jealous of the shuffle (I can not afford one and I don't REALLY need one unfortunately). I have come back to read your blog many times now, but hadn't commented yet - and there you went and left me a comment! How nice of you, thank you! I think fat cats are cute by the way, though thay make me sneeze, but so do skinny cats so... let's just say cats are cute and be done with it shall we? Love your blog!

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