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ParisFebruary 22, 2005

Sorry I've been AWOL -- I was going to blog from work, but they've decided in their wisdom to remove the internet again, as our 1.5 page hits an hour were too much (of COURSE that looks like a lot per month -- the brass forgets that we're a 3-person 24-hour operation. Sheesh. Anyway.)

So I'll just lay on you some of the emails I've been getting from Mom and Christy, who are in Paris right now. Hope they won't mind, but they're too good not to share. Oh, I wish I was there, too.... 

From Mom:

Bonjour  -

Life in Paris is not so much pink as grey, though the city is beautiful anyway and right at the moment the sun is shining.   Our hotel is fine, a tiny place with about twenty rooms ranged up a steep circular staircase; we're on the fourth floor, so we're getting in shape fast.   Room is bare bones but comfortable; to get to the bathroom you go up a short flight of stairs and step out into the void  -  actually go onto an outdoor landing and into the little room on the other side of it.   Fun at night.   

Location is great, looking down on a tiny triangular park on the Ile de la Cité, in the middle of the Seine, minutes from Notre Dame and the Sainte Chapelle. So far, in addition to just rambling, we've been to the Rodin Museum and the Musée d'Orsay, where we spent yesterday afternoon happily surrounded by Impressionist paintings.   

Good (and frequent) food, lots of walking, always with an eye on the sky.   It's cold, but our layers of clothing keep us warm; rain this morning but the sun is out now;  possibility of snow tomorrow, but we're planning a three-day trip to Mont St Michel, over on the coast.    Not much shopping yet, but plenty of temptation.

We're in an internet cafe, and now they're playing Piaf  -  someone must have looked over my shoulder.  A short letter is all you're going to get because it takes me forever to navigate this crazy European keyboard  -  more soon.

And from Christy:

I just made reservations for the train to Mt. St. Michel - we are staying in Pontorson. Remember when we stayed there? And I ordered that big huge plate of mussels without knowing what it was and we ate the whole thing and giggled. That was fun.

Man, I'm tired.  this woman is running me ragged.  I tried to go back to sleep after breakfast this morning and she only let me sleep for, like 20 minutes before she made me get up again.

Oh, my god. I remember how she wore OUT my feet in Italy. Two months after cancer surgery, she walked my little legs off. I couldn't keep up. (And word to the wise: She kicks in her sleep. Get two beds, Christy. I mean it.)


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That is a priceless entry. Mums and sisters are also priceless. I wish I was in Paris too.

Geez, the post is titled "Paris" and starts "sorry I've been AWOL" and I start thinkning you've gone off to Europe without any advance warning/chance to gloat...

too bad you're not there, that wd really have made the trip fun for the three of you. there is a yarn store near where they are staying le droguerie on rue du Jour in the 1st - gee maybe they can pick something up for you...(and me and everyone of your fans...)

Mmmm, Paris. City of Romance, city of wine...shit, I'm practically there myself.

My mom is 6 inches shorter than me, and I can't keep up with her, either! Wish I was in Paris...

Hey, haven't gotten to SoCal yet, but had a jump up and down moment when I saw they were going to Mont St. Michel. If they can they SHOULD SPEND THE NIGHT on the Mont. Everyone (almost) leaves, there are several hotels (we had one with the spiral staircase, little windows you could crane out of and see the towers and tiled roofs), you wander around the guard wall. We went through the sound and light (son et lumiere?) in the abbey. It's way underlit, easy to trip or fall off stairs and truly great. Again, few people. There is this huge patio(?)that looks out over the water, we were sure we saw the lights of England. A highpoint for two middle aged lawyers a 15 yr old femme fatale and a 12 yr. old boy.

Just keep thinking that you have already been there and that MS&W is closer and you can afford it. But I hope your sister is taking lots of pictures to share.

Priceless...now I know your great writing skills are genetic. : )

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