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Random Thoughts While RunningFebruary 3, 2005

1. The iPod Shuffle (I got the $99 one because I'm cheap that way) is the coolest toy I've bought in years. I'm only not running today because I need a day to rest, but I want to run! With my toy! Run all day! Run everywhere! It's sick.

2. Having someone else fill it for you is a lesson in acceptance, because there's no way you can figure out what you're listening to. (Although if a song is just so damn good, all poppy with a banjo backline, you can memorize the chorus and learn later by googling that you're listening to Tegan and Sara's "Living Room." I didn't even think I liked them.)

3. Lala may tell people that she's all, like, country'n'western and old time, and people may believe that line as they watch her play the banjo, guitar, lap steel, pedal steel, fiddle, mandolin, mandola, accordion, harmonica and what-all else, but she's got the soul of a house party DJ. Really. I was running through Mills with "Because the party ain't started till the speakers blow, no no no," playing in my head, realizing this. Sure, there are some twangy songs on my playlist, but most of 'em had a bumpin' bass line.

4. The iPod Shuffle is so cute that people smile at you as you run past. Much as I would like to think they were checking out my rack as they stared at my chest, they were mostly straight-looking girls, and you could almost see the thought-bubble above their heads: Oh, there's one! And it is that adorable!

And now, if you need something to do, you can go cull sheep. Poor, poor lambikins....


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Is it wrong that I have a "big" iPod and I still want the shuffle? It's adorable! Like a pack of chewing gum with tunes! Little things are just cuter- like baby sneakers.

SO SO jealous!

30 sheep in over 2 minutes.

I suck at video games!!! LOL

that look from "straight" girls when they see you shuffle ... those are the looks you get when you drive a mini ;)

The things you have me doing!
Looking at Carpet man's website and pictures.
Do the PETA people know about that game?

I am going to go look at the Shuffle tomorrow if I have time.

So glad you and Amy got to meet. One of these days I'm going to keep driving south to see you and Bethany and CPY and Unicorn.

I really enjoyed murdering those poor little sheep and I find that disturbing.

Baby, straight girls check out your rack too.

The Ipod shuffle sounds fabulous! And what a great idea ... I think I shall have Jacob fill mine, once I get it.

Em's comment made me giggle.

you crack me up.
Picturing you running through Mills,
heads turning,
women smiling.

Oh, pshaw. It was at least 70% about your rack, 30% about the Shuffle. Remember -- we've seen pictures of you in some pretty hot sweaters. ;)

Now. Enough of me commenting, now I must -cull more sheep-. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tegan and Sara are AWESOME! But yes... they very well could have been straight girls checking out your rack. At least you know you're not Boobulla the Breast Goddess (as my sister says) and they were just shocked by the ginormous size of your chongas. ;)


OK, so spill the beans. Where did you find it? I've been to three apple stores and a best buy so far this trip!

bitch and animal was playing in the tattoo shop recently when my boyfriend was being worked on... at one point he looked up and said "um, pussy what?" with a truly priceless look on his face :) hey, what's the chances we could get you to post a list of some of those old timey, banjo-rockin bands your girl listens to? i'm in DESPERATE need of new music, and that sounds absolutely fantastic.

LOVE the shuffle. Isn't it amazing how something so tiny can make a person so happy?????

walking on ocean beach, at sunset, with my shuffle last weekend...I thought I was in heaven!

Ooooh! Now I want one too!
Must get job. Must get job. . . .

I'm with Wendy--I enjoyed that game way, way too much...

Ah...I was one of those 'straight' girls...four years later, me and my girlfriend are still together. It's the 'straight' ones that you have to watch out for.... ;)

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