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Roadie RulesFebruary 25, 2005

This delighted me. Yet another good-writin' Stephanie from Canada. What up widdat? I will utilize point 5c tonight at the show. Yup.

And because I've got nothing else for ya right now -- what I'm working on now:


Wool-ease. Yes, really. Yet another retro-prep, because that's the best pattern ever. Mindless knitting. I'm loving it.

And me? Mindless, as well. Have a great weekend, all. Oscars AND the L Word on Sunday night, what could be better?


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Yay for the Oscars! (my guilty pleasure.) Maybe I'll even have a Cadbury egg to celebrate.

The name "Stephanie" actually comes from the Canadian word er.."Stephanie" meaning "blog writer married to messy musician". It's a legacy.

Another, lesser known, meaning of the name "Stephanie": knitter with fiesty temper and particular rules about housekeeping" (cup and glassware orientation is important).

Thanks for the link. I feel honoured and humbled.

I would say "Rock on" but in my world it's "Orchestral pop rock on!"

Hmmm...maybe I should change my name to Stephanie...or does it only apply in Canada?

Of course, I am not nearly as prolific with either the writing or knitting as either of them, so maybe I'm better off without a name-change.

Enjoy your weekend.

I'm knitting a sweater with Wool Ease right now...Me loves the affordable yarn. I must get this Retro Prep pattern that I hear so many good things about... IK, right? I'm off to search around.

Have a great weekend. Mwah!

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