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SleepyFebruary 16, 2005

See, I was going to tell you something. I know I was. I had that thought, that oh! I'll blog that! And it was good and funny and enlightening. I'm sure it must have been. But now I'm freaked OUT on sugar and can't remember what it was.

I went to Long's Drugs earlier and finally tracked down some Cadbury Creme Eggs (after running to three other stores earlier today in a tragically fruitless search). I bought ten. I actually went in meaning to buy some Excedrin Migraine for the headache I felt coming, but my hands were so full of eggs I just went to the counter. I have my priorities.

I told the checker, "Just don't count them. Not yet."
He said, "You don't want them all in one basket, do you?"

Anyway. Four eggs later and I'm hitting a new sugar low for 4:31 in the morning. If this post suddenly looks like this: ;alkshd aiolw ; lsdfkase; xcoix e gjvds e xd LKjh s -- it's because my forehead has hit the keyboard. (And of course I chase the eggs with milk. It's perfect if you're not at work. Might as well hand me a sleeping pill.)

My car is full of clean laundry, but I absolutely hate that at 5am, when I get off work, I'll have to go home and make the bed. All I want to do is get in it, not stuff a queen-sized comforter in a full-sized duvet cover. And Digit will help. He gets under the sheets and growls terribly and purrs at the same time, attacking all the bed mice he can find. Fun on a normal day. I'm predicting annoying today. But oh, well. I'll be asleep soon enough, god willing and the creeks don't rise.
sldja ;
sdk hsd ;a ;isd fhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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Sweet Jesus, how can you eat four of those things?

I crave them; I always want them but whenever I eat one, I'm sorry by the time I've licked the gooey sugar sludge out of the inside, and I have to force myself to eat the chocolate part. Then my tummy hurts. I think if I had four all at once my heart would explode.

You're a braver woman than I, Rach. I could do two. Maybe even three. But four? Baby, you're in a league of your own. I will, however, be heading out today in search of Cadbury Cream Eggs because they are my favorite Easter Candy. Maybe I'll snag some leftover Conversation Hearts too...

oh man! Now I'm craving one! Damn you Rachel! Damn you and your sugar cravings!!! ;)


OMG, you poor dear! I'd be dead if I ate four (or even two). Just wrap the blankies around you and sleep, sleep, sleep. You can always make the bed when you get up (and it will be fresh for the next time).

Ooooh. Cadbury eggs. Yum! My fav easter candy, but I have to agree with the other commenters - I bow to your superior gooey egg eating ability.

As an aside I find that Cadbury eggs are a polarizing candy - you either love em or hate em. Like W :-)

Ooooh. Cadbury eggs. Yum! My fav easter candy, but I have to agree with the other commenters - I bow to your superior gooey egg eating ability.

As an aside I find that Cadbury eggs are a polarizing candy - you either love em or hate em. Like W :-)

I haven't had a creme egg in ages -- I like the chocolate Mini-Eggs and can devour a pound in a sitting. But I love your wiseass clerk.

My kitties loooove helping make the bed. They think the mattress is a great scratching place. (They also think the boxspring is for their destructive pleasure.)

Mmm, queen-sized comforter in full-sized duvet cover... why have I never thought of that? It sounds like it would be much better than queen in queen, which slides around and leaves empty duvet cover at the top.

More proof that I am the East Coast you: Cadbury Creme Eggs are often packaged in boxes of four, and I, too, have been known to eat a whole box in a sitting. Haven't for some time now. Getting odd "Cool Hand Luke" image.

I find that I will be in LaLa Land (LA) in a week or so, or I think I am anyway, since I have no sense of So. Cal. geography at all. Around Irvine, which is around LA, right? Anyway, since your mamasan is south of the Bay area (do know where that is, went to law school at Beserkly) I thought you might know the lay of the land and know if there are any yarn shops down there. I can certainly google, if I ever figure out where we'll be, but always prefer a personal recommendation. Thank you

My Hadrian kitty always helps with making the bed. Always. Gotta keep on top of those bed mice, you know. ;)

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