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NoMemeFebruary 4, 2005

So, darlings.

I have to break it to you. Are you sitting down? A nice cuppa to hand?

I can NOT do the music/movie memes. I just can't. I hang my head in shame. I am a bad, bad blogger. I've been tagged by the best, coolest bloggers in blogland, and while DaisyWinifred got to me first (did Wales start this thing? Wales has a lot to answer for), and I semi-answered in her comments, I just can't.

I don't know what my block is, but it's like a tic. I look at the questions, and my nose starts to twitch. I sneeze. I am reminded of the moment on a date where the person sitting across from you at the table asks, "So, what's your favorite book?" and your mind not only forgets every book you've ever read, but you understand that you could never date, let alone have sex with, a person who believes that it's acceptable to have only one Favorite Book. (Although, if held dangling over a cliff by a very mean person, I would have to answer The Light Princess by George MacDonald, but once he lifted me back up to the top, I'd politely explain while dusting myself off that such false constraints only limit one as a creative human being. Like having only one favorite ice cream flavor. Yegads. The horror.)

Man, I just glazed off and stared into space, trying to do it again. I can't. My memory precludes me from actually remembering what movies I've seen or music I've heard lately. I saw The Princess Bride the other night, for the bajillionteenth time. And I'm listening to Keren Ann and Iron & Wine pretty much constantly lately.

Does that count? My beloved taggers (and you are), please forgive your Rachael of Very Little Brain. And come watch a movie with me.


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Bless you child, you speak for me. I'm glad nobody tagged me. I had the same blocks - I not only don't know the answers, I don't want to think about them. I like what I like, I like stuff and hate stuff and tolerate stuff with an "eh," but I really don't have Favorites. One book? My mind can't wrap around that.

Can't 'member song titles...can't match 'em to performers...which does save money...can't find the album if the song titles and performers aren't in the memory banks. Sigh.

As if Wales would do such a thing!

As to that woman Daisy-Winifred she couldn't pin anything down to one thing if her life depended on it, oh except maybe love but then that covers everything so that isn't one thing is it!

Good! The madness ends here. I think most people work info about what they like into their posts anyway (for example, I know you like the band The Whoreshoes). Plus, I am against the word "meme."

And here I was, feeling like an idiot because I was drawing a blank. I accepted both challenges because I like to share my interests with people, but when I actually tried to fit them into the context of a questionnaire I started to sound terribly boring and out of touch. I know that I am cooler than my answers to the memes make me sound!

OOOh Keren Ann! I love her. Love. Actually, I just sent my SP a CD with some of her stuff on it. She and Tori Amos are in rotation currently on my computer. I'm glad that no one has tagged me, as yet.

Thank you, oh blogging goddess, for saving me the trouble of scrolling down through yet another music/movie meme. I make low, sweeping bows in your general direction. That would be west.

I don't even care that the entire blogging universe thinks I'm unhip. Wouldn't be the first time!!!

This will make you feel better about your decision, Rachael. An excerpt from the definition for meme from The Free Online Dictionary of Computing: 'An idea considered as a replicator, esp. with the
connotation that memes parasitize people into propagating them much as viruses do.'

Rachael, you are my music goddess. You don't have to fit your hexagonal self into any two-dimensional meme. I tagged you because when I think of music, I think of you. I had to tag someone. Let's pretend the street lights came on and you had to go home before you could tag someone. There, you're off the hook. What are we watching?

Gads, don't I know it? Don't dangle me off a cliff. I'm so very pitiful in social situations, books? movies? music? You'd think I was deaf and illiterate for all I can come up with. Luckily, two years ago I read a book that was so great and sort of quirky I just haul it out over and over again as "my most recently read". This is just funny to anyone who has been to our house and seen the piles of books on the dining room floor and walls of bookshelves and more piles of books from the two library systems we have cards for on the piano.... Ditto with movies--I can cite a sort-of-indie favorite, ignoring the stupid romantic comedies set in London that are my secret pleasure.

Pfooey. Rachel of more than adequate brain needs all those little grey cells for more important things, like keeping track of her novel-writing. Others' creative endeavors are for enjoying, not necessarily remembering n'est-ce pas?

Well please! the idea of having a favourite book is absurd. As if one were not reading or writing day in and day out to expand one's experience. Let's pretend to be literate. On a related note: we've been doing the university round with our youngest daughter. Some universities teach how to categorize knowledge, some how to create it. The latter house the nobel prize winners.

I love memes.. but haven't been to a movie in ages... nor have I listened to anything but NPR in months.... My all time favorite childhood book was The Princess and the Goblin also by said George MacDonald. And it didn't hurt that J.W. Smith did the wonderful paintings of the PERFECT fairy godmother/guardian angel.

I am anti-meme. Block all you want. I am, however, very, very pro-princess bride.
"You keep usin dat word. I don ting it means what jou tink it means."

Speaking of Princess Bride, would you all believe that the best man at our wedding started his toast with, "Mawwage...mawwage is what bwings us togever today,"?

I am so with you. The eleventh commandment should be: "Thou shalt not meme" or at least, "If thou musteth meme, refraineth from memeing me!"

Thank You!! I got tired of reading all those memes on everyone's blog. Besides, I am the anti-tagger/chainmail gal. Everyone sends me those 'send this to 5 people or you will be miserable for the next 5 years' emails. Eh. I just delete them. Bring on the bad luck! Bring it on, I say! *waves fist in air, then knocks on wood*

Thank you SO MUCH! Meme's are bo-rang! And SO highschool! Oops, now everybody will hate me... oh well. I stick with boring.

Never been hit with a meme, but have been intrigued by the answers of some. Can't imagine I would have anything to say if sent one either! How could I name my favorite books, musical artists, or movies? It seems crazy, like something I can't articulate. Anyway, thanks for the meme-honesty!

So funny -- reminds me of my college application, which had a "get to know you" section asking for your favorite book, movie, song, etc. No idea what I said, but it was so scary! What if I named a song that my application reviewer loathed?

pretty much any direct question asked makes my mind go blank. Good for Zen Meditation, but not so good for social situations! I will admit that it is fun to read other peoples responses. But I totally support you in not having just one favorite of any thing. knit on, latifa

I just plain love when you post a link to your favorite music of the moment! meme-shmeme! I listened to Iron and Wine at Amazon yesterday and low and behold, my guy already has it in his formidable music library! It is on my Ipod this morning!

The Light Princess, The Princess and Curdie, The Princess and the Goblin...I loved those when I was nine. It was only recently, now that I am an "adult", that I realise how much they were not childrens stories but Stories. Those are the very best I think, stories with a capital S :)

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