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The WindFebruary 17, 2005

I have to make Mariah. I do. As Claudia says, we could all use lots more cabled hoodies. Okay. I'm paraphrasing. But I think she would agree. Right, C?

When I was at the ginormous Thrift Town in El Sobrante the other day (best thrift store in the Bay Area, I'm convinced), I found an Irish sweater, a deep dark variegated green one, huge and lofty and scratchy and wonderful. I clicked away from KnitPicks just a minute ago, where I was dithering about ordering that yummy merino, and I've decided I will indeed rip the sweater up and make the Mariah sweater. (The name does make think of "they call the wind," and I'm wondering if I'll get over that while knitting.) I'm broke, and even cheap yarn ain't cheap enough right now. But I always worry while ripping that I won't have enough yarn to make what I want (remember my cashmere? Still haven't used that stuff....), and once you run out of that kind of yarn, it's all about math and muddling. I don't muddle well.

But I do sometimes take really spectacularly fabulous photos. I won't even post it right on the front of the site here, in case people are eating and scrolling my site -- I wouldn't want to jolt you right out of those fabulous handknit socks you're wearing. But this is proof that Lala and I are the hottest couple anywhere. Or at least in Oakland. Or in that ice cream shop, anyway. No, I guess her normal-looking brother and sister-in-law were there, too, so I can only say that we were the hottest couple seated in our chairs at that exact moment. Yep. Popup photo here. Don't say I didn't warn you.


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Personally, I think it's the cleavage.....

Yaay for cheap knitting. Does your big green sweater have cables to give it a bit of extra yarn? Mariah's sleeves eat up a lot of wool. For reference, I made the original Mariah from a recycled Gap sweater, plain stockinette, size XL. I only had a teensy ball left over.

You guys are adorable ;)

My heart is fluttering! You two are hott (note the obnoxious second 't'). Though, seriously, silly faces or not, you two are adorable :).

I have a few old storebought sweaters that I want to rip and use too. Don't quite have the nerve to yet...

You two are quite the pair! You look like you are having so much fun... ahh... what love does to us.

Oh my. Now I want both of you.

That is some serious goof-ball-age.

Mariah, bay-bee. Go for it!

You two crack me up.

nice boobies

That photo rocks! You two are on "fockin' fiah" (using my best Brooklyn accent)!

Well, Mariah can always become a hoodless hoodie if you run short of yarn. If I knit the same sweater your wearing will my cleavage look like that too? :P

All I can say is... made for each other.


Undoubtedly the two hottest women in the blogosphere. Period.

I second the hoodless hoodie comment. I also am having Mariah lust, though I think mine will probably go unrequited til the fall. Too many other things in the queue!

I want to make Mariah too! So pretty so aweome!

As for the photo -- HOT! That's all I have to say on the matter :)

Err... nice sweater.

YIKES! But, you make me laugh! Hey, it takes guts to post a picture like that!
Good luck with the yarn recycling. If you have a niddy-noddy (you aspiring spinner you!) you could wrap it on there, and then make an estimate of how many yards you have, and then, you would not run out of yarn!

I am.....speachless...

you two must really turn heads!

Cool...you can cross your eyes.
Nice sweater!] ;)

I haven't stopped humming' they call the wind ma-ri-ah....' this is all your fault. i'm on stash reduction mode, too, (which is my own fault for actin the fool at Stitches) I wonder if mariah could be the thing. Without, of course, the hood.

LOL! What a great shot :)

You two prove that you can be hot and adorable all at the same time.

Come, join us in Mariah-land. You know you want to.

I second (third? fourth?) the hoodless hoodie suggestion for conserving yarn. I also shortened the sleeves - the original sleeves are quite long, and I have short little arms.

And you two are just so darn cute.

I guess I'm going to have my Musical Lovers' membership card revoked because the first thing I think of whenever someone mentions Mariah is Carey. Of course, that sweater would be too much coverage for her.


That cracked me up! But, really - what's hotter than two lovebirds that can be goofy together?

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