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WhingeFebruary 23, 2005

It's one of those late afternoons where I can't get off the couch. I thought about running, but I'm just too tired. I'll go tomorrow morning, after work. I got stuck working a 14 hour shift until 9am this morning, on my Monday, which means when I went to bed this morning I'd been up for something like 26 hours. I wanted to get an eight-hour sleep and sleep till 6pm, but instead Adah started jumping on my head at 4pm. I got up, but I got up surly.

I hate getting up surly like that. (She hates it, too.... wink, nudge.) I growled my way to feeding them, growled my way to making coffee.  I rubbed my eyes after petting the cats (I'm allergic), and while I was running my eyes under water, I bumped my forehead on the faucet and then stuck myself in the eyeball with the allergy eye-drops.

Oh, and I'm nursing a grand bruise on my left forearm -- it's where I caught the weight of my body as I fell going up the front stairs yesterday. I suppose falling going up stairs beats falling while going down them, but it still sucks. (My most spectacular fall up stairs was when I tripped while holding beer bottles. They broke on the concrete stairs right before I landed on them, cutting my stomach in fine little stripes. Nothing serious, but annoying and highly embarrassing. Plus I had to buy more beer. I was a little late to the party.)

And my eyelashes hurt.

Grumble. I only grumble like this when I'm this tired. Or when I'm out of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Which I'm not, so I should just eat one and shut up. Right? Right.

Digit would like you to know that he is not grumpy for once in his life. Transference, you know.


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Sounds like me today.. so tired after being up with a sick kid but thought me and sick kid could sleep after getting the two others off to school. Jump into bed. Dog snores, I shove, dog snores, I shove... for half an hour. Dog carried to couch, door closed firmly. Daughter says she is not tired, repeatedly (TOO BAD!) Rub her back for half hour hoping she will fall asleep and myself too. Phone rings, ignore it. Phone rings again. I answer, daughter #2 sick at school can I please come get her. First words out of her mouth, I am not tired but I am sick mom.

So I have been GRUMPY... really grumpy today. This is another gal who NEEDS her sleep. (Try emailing friends and using lots of swear words that you would love to say out loud but not very cool when you have kids.. works for me ;)

Poor thing!
I feel for you, but at least you didn't vomit huh? ;)
About falling in stairs I just have to tell you that when I was a kid my grandparents lived in a house with rather steep stairs both up to the attic and down to the basement, som whenever you tried to move anywhere in their house some of the grownups would always yell "Careful in the stairs!" (but in Swedish) to the point where both me and my cousins were actually a bit afraid of all stairs, even though none of us ever fell... Funny thing, I still look at the wall or the railing mostly when I walk down stairs...

Man or man can I sympathize with that kind of day -- I had a few of those myself this week. I can also totally relate to falling up stairs... being on the klutz side I've done that on too many occasions to count.

I hope those Cadbury eggs helped take the edge off!

Yes, do go have a whole bunch of Cadbury eggs, because clearly you need them! And look at it this way--you're getting it all over with in one lump, rather than spreading out the annoyances over days. So look forward to weeks of annoyance-free living.

There must be some kind of grump going around -- I've got it too. Only mine includes a monster canker sore that's making my lower lip look as if someone beat me, so I can't use chocolate to medicate (the acid in the chocolate, the canker sore, bad combo).

Hope you're feeling better soon...

I *totally* fall UP the stairs much more than I fall down them. The dumbest falls are always when you're supposedly safe, right? On family ski trips, we'd always tease each other about falling in the lift line or while we were just standing there on the mountain. And sure enough, my dad injured himself pretty badly when, for no apparent reason, he just fell-down-went-boom, right there in the lift line. It would have been hilarious if he didn't actually hurt himself. Hope the Cadbury eggs help take the edge off.

At least one of you wasn't grumpy whenyou got up. And I am sure that Adah just wants you to feed her. And I too would rather fall up the stairs.

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