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February 10, 2005

Why haven't I ever crocheted sweaters together instead of sewing? I hate sewing! I like crochet! And it looks good, too, a bonus. I'm so excited about this new knowledge.

I still can't decide on Stitches. I was thinking about going with La on Sunday, but I'm not sure now. I'm kinda broke. Read that: really broke. And I have enough yarn. But what if there's something there that I have to have? See, whatever I would "have" to buy would probably be a kit, since I don't need any more stash yarn, and kits are 'spensive. I can't afford a wheel yet, and I know where I want to go to get one when I can, anyway. I have no special projects. I don't want to take any classes (not that I could anyway -- everything but Seaming An Afghan With Embroidery Floss In a Very Dark Room is full). We shall see. The weekend is pretty booked anyway, and it might be good to have some down time....

Tomorrow I have a training class way down in Redwood City, wherever that is, so I'll be offline. Please have a great weekend y'all, with or without yarn purchases. MWAH!


Isn't Redwood City south of San Mateo near Palo Alto? My husband went to grad school at Stanford (many, many moons ago!!) and we lived on campus. When my oldest son was in morning kindergarten I vaguely remember RC as somewhere I could go to run a quick errand and be back before he got out of school at lunchtime, and I think we also passed it on the way to the bridge (84?) we crossed to visit friends in Newark. Of course my son is almost 23 now and we haven't lived in CA since '89 so I may be way off. Hey, it's an adventure. Have fun.

Hey, when you do want to buy a wheel put the word out to local guilds, on your blog or whatever. I got a $900 Majacraft Susie for $300 bucks a few years ago, score!

I have been having the same debate about Stitches for months now. I am going to resist in hopes that being good means I will have a ton of money (and room in my stash) for next year. Good luck with your decision.

Save your money and come to MDS&W . . . MDS&W . . . MDS&W . . .

Whoops. That afghan class is now closed.

You could always get the interaction of going to Stitches by hanging out at Jen & La's Dinner Along at Bennigans. Then you could drool over everyone else's Marketplace purchases, but not break the bank.

Good luck resisting. Resistance is futile.


Another thing I like about crochet seams (I've done them on things I've knit for the kid): SOOOO easy to rip out if you want to reuse the yarn or redo the seam.

Have a good weekend, Miss R. You definitely deserve it!

Stitches is C-R-O-W-D-E-D. Today was a zooooooo. If you're having doubts and you don't need anything then it might not be worth it, although I did grab some good bargains but now I'm exhausted. Have a good weekend!

I went over to check it out today and I didn't buy a thing except some antique buttons. Don't go just for the yarns-- most of them are no cheaper than in area stores ($17 a skein for Rowan Kidsilk Haze??? Is that A,erican dollars??).
I drooled a bit over Cheryl Oberle's stall but the thought of all the yarn I already have kept me in check. I will be back tomorrow for a class, though, so I might break down.
And ok, I admit it was fun to pet all the Habu and Blue Heron yarns I had never seen in person before. Ok, maybe you should go after all!

It's not worth going on Sunday - everything'll be sold out by then. Save your money for next year, and go on the Friday.

I know it's already kinda late on Friday night and you may very well not see this in time, but I'm going to Stitches tomorrow, not too early -- if you want to drive down with me give me a ring. I'm not planning on buying much of anything either, I just like to look (at the yarns for ideas, and at the sweaters for the tackiness and entertainment value). Except for patterns, which are a good way to spend very little money but get lots of inspiration, and I always find patterns there that I haven't come across before. And for added incentive, I'm supposed to meet up with Nathania at some point, as well as a bunch of other bloggers...

I've gotten pretty blase about Stitches Market--every year I say something like, Oh, I'm not going to go this year--I have enough yarn and the local shops have everything and more I could possibly need. And then, well, I go! This year I was signed up to assist in a vendor's booth (Deep Color)--handspun, plant dyed yarn, spinning fibers, felting stuff--and had super fun. Bought only 2 things--Wild Fiber Magazine and a Lucy Neatby pattern--but enjoyed walking the floor for an hour. SO I'll admit it: Stitches Market is fun, even if you don't spend money. I learned that I will want to make a hemp sweater someday; I got to compliment Cheryl Oberle in person; I learned that one of my favorite yarns, Black Water Abbey, has some new shades. It's all good, except the 2.25 hour drive 44 miles home...

It took me a few years to learn this: the best part of Stitches is the classes. If you can sign up early enough,say,in December, you can pretty much have your pick of classes,and the majority of classes are very good. The second best thing(s) are the gorgeous sweaters worn by your fellow students. That too me is more inspiring than the market and definitely more value to my knitting $$.

Hey, thanks for posting the cat photos. Why is it always the gray tabbies that put on weight? Ah heck, they're so cute anyway you can't help but love 'em.
Good deal on the yarn at Michael's! And it's machine washable too, I do believe.

Hi! that is so funny about Redwood City, that is where i come when i visit the west coast.. my bestess friends live there with their two great daughters! that older daughter is trying to emulate me with knitting.. but i am just not there often enough to help.. ugh.. wish i couldmake it out more often than once every 5 years or so! ugh.. ok hugs karola

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