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Y(e)arn for Yarn?February 19, 2005


So. I want things. You know how sometimes you feel selfish for wanting something? I do, a little bit. But I'll tell you what I want.

I want to take my girl to Maryland Sheep and Wool. But I'm house-poor. After the mortgage payment and reg'lar bills, I've got nothin' left at the tail end of the paycheck. So I need a plan.

World? Meet the plan. A new Cafepress Store! All proceeds go (totally selfishly) to getting me'n'La to the barns.




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Good plan! I'm working on a plan of my own to get to Maryland too.
Your sweater from yesterday is awesome.

I won't tell you how long it took me to figure out the Y(e)arn for Yarn slogan. Drrrrrrr.

Your new sweaters and long hair look great!

Good plan! I've been wondering if I might find a way to wing my way there as well. Sigh...

Okay, I'm not pouting. No, really, I'm not.

(You are ever resourceful, m'dear.)

Oh, cheeky illustration. Clever wordplay, too. Sigh. Only Rachael! :-)

I'm only an hour away from MS&W - you two can stay here! ;o)

C'mon over to the East coast! We'll take good care of you and we'll all ogle the sheep & wool.
I'm all riled up for the sheep to shawl contest...watching it at least.

How about a telethon? hee hee

oh, you guys SO have to come! If you need a place to stay, let me know - we have a huge living room and a queen sized aerobed! :)

You are shameless! And Mariko took the words out of my mouth: Your new sweaters and long hair look great!

Ok...I'll buy a shirt ONLY if you and Lala will come up the coast to Nantucket~!

You are such a CLEVVAgrrl! I just went and got that ringer model in - woot! - Mint/Avacado GREEN! So spring; so chic!

I can't make it to the MDS&W this year so I am vicariously going WITH YOU!

I adore your new sweater design - well done! I vote for you naming it - it's so saucy and flirty! Billet-doux; Charming; Coquette; Darling; Embrace; Fair; Hug; etc...

Cute! What a great idea :-)

Rachel, check out Independence Air for some cheap air fares. They start service from San Jose and San Francisco May 1. On thier website,, it looks like you can get round trip for around $250 per person. And that is leaving the Thursday before the festival and coming back on Monday. It might be worth a check. And I will do my best to help you get here.

Great design--hope to see you at Sheep & Wool! It is a few miles from my place!

Great new shirt! I just read your 100 things and was very happy to find another contra-dancing, bluegrass loving knitter. Yay us.

Hey! Why don't you guys hit the Estes Park Wool Market instead? Rocky Mountains? Drivability? Cool workshops?

Do the proceeds from your other Cafe Press shop go to this as well?

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