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A Little of This and ThatMarch 8, 2005

I have just discovered the most amazing thing! Did you know your computer has a headphone jack? Really. There's a good chance that it does. Of course, you, like everyone else, probably already knew that. I didn't. But did you know that your iPod Shuffle's earbud thingies fit into it? So that you can Party Shuffle yourself right off to Buffalo. Dude. This is great.

Had a good weekend doing the Travel Thing with Lala and the dogs. You think having a five pound dog attracts attention? Try carrying one that's wearing an E-collar. One lady yesterday almost passed out, she was laughing so hard. Another woman came up and asked, "What happened?" I wanted to say defensively, "She's just SMALL," before I realized she was referencing the collar, which I'd forgotten about.

Also: Lala brought her banjo, thinking she'd have some time to play with my dad, but instead the only real playing she did was at the wedding we attended. Gaynelle and Don had a bluegrass band and Dad encouraged her to come up and help. There they are in the back row:


Tell me I wasn't all dang proud and all.

Man. I'm all distracted, listening to music.

I wrote twenty pages today! I'm exhausted. But good, brain-dead exhaustion.

There. I had to turn the music off. My brain has been too busy today, and listening to Hawksley Workman and blogging at the same time was confusing me.

New duds Tuesday!

Here's a little something I made out of Wool-Ease, can you believe it? Like twenty bucks for the whole thing.


Pardon the hair, we've just cleaned the house. I added some hearts to the sleeve, since that's where I've been wearing mine lately:


Ooh, almost forgot:
Pattern: Retro Prep, Interweave Knits, Fall 2002
Yarn: Wool-Ease, pink and some kind of tan/gray, 3 skeins each (with some left over)
Needles: 5US, to gauge

And I wanted to show you my new shirt, from the Y(e)arn Store.


What, you think it's tacky to wear a black bra with a white tank? Okay. It is. But you can rock it if you try. Oh, yeah.

(relaxing) Mwah!


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how very very cool and fun and wonderful and awesome and lovely and so many other good words. Such a joy to see your joy!!
loving thoughts your way!

Dang! Nice rack in that there $20 sweater. (sorry, it was just dyin' to be said) Looks like your girl fits right into the family. It must be right. sigh... it's all so romantic.

Woot! It's a bluegrassy y(e)arn convergence all over the place! Tell Lala I am quite jealous of her banjo-fu - I had to play bluegrass on my poor l'il guitar and couldn't hear a thing. ;)

It's not tacky -- it's funky. It goes nicely with the stark black print on the tank.

I love the hearts, all nice and understated and one-sleeve-like.

Hope you're enjoying the vacation!

Bluegrass fun! That is so cool! I wanna learn to play banjo :)

Your pullover is great. I have some WoolEase in ye olde stash... perhaps this is the perfect remedy. Thanks for the inspiration!

Take care!

lovely sweater, rachael. i like the color combo lots. amazing how few skeins it takes to knit.

ooooh, girlie, that retro prep looks almost as good on you as adah does on it... and, ahem, from prior pics, gotta say Lala-lady looks pretty good on you, too! how about you design some Banjo-Girl shirts for the cafe press shop? You were all coy about introducing her on the blog and i just loved your puppylove name for her...
hugs, chica(s)!

how sweet that lala got to play with your dad!!! sweater is adorable. love the color combo you chose. i'm all for black bras under anything. and straps showing isn't as taboo as it used to be.come to think of it, i don't have anymore nude colored bras. it's al about black, and it's ok if it shows. 20 pages. wooooo hoooooo!!!!

OOoooOOoOooo...I love the 'Heart on My Sleeve' Sweater! That is such a super cutie touch...it adds personality!

BTW: Madonna made it okay to enbrace our trashyness and wear black unmetionables under our white outerwear. Trashy, yet sexy...devilish combo...rock it girl!

i can't believe i misspelled my own name......

I *love* the hearts on the sleeve! I'm always a complete sucker for visual puns - hope you don't mind if I copy that idea!

I love the sweater! How clever to put the hearts on the sleeve, I love the imbalance. :)

Way. damn. cute. All of yous.

I have to ask.. what is an e-collar?? (might have to get my mini mutt one ;) Love the sweater, great job as always Rachael.
Hawksley Workman, my hubby just bought their CD, will have to have a listen...
Uhmm.. I too only realized my computer had headphone technology when a high tech friend decided I needed to come out of the dark ages and sent me some headphones for mine. Kind of a mixed blessing actually as now I have to fight for my puter with before-said husband who loves to listen to music off the net.

I ramble. Hope you are enjoying your holidays :)

I cannot tell you how personally motivating it is to see you finish all these amazing knitting projects. I practically had to pry myself out of the yarn isle at Michael's today. I can crochet mildly, but not knit. I was talking to a wonderful Grandma lady today who was telling me all about how to read patterns and pick yarn. She told me she'd smack me for buying yarn there, that I should get some nice stuff. I thought to myself, but Rachel got yarn at Michaels !!

I love the Retro Prep. The sleeve detailing is SSOOO cute.

Bra-rockin' is always cool. And Retro-prep is the best pattern ever.

And that is all.

I have to say that I find black bras and white shirts very sexy. It says to me "I am not embarrassed to be wearing a bra and I am so not embarrassed to be wearing one that I'm wearing a black one and you can see it!"

You knit too fast. By which I mean, I am so dang jealous of how fast you knit. Every time I look around, whoop, there's a new sweater (and of course they're all perfect, too). And here's me, proud of having finished two things this year. I gotta improve my pace. What's the secret?

Too damn cute. The hearts on the sleeve, too good! You should TM it!

That sweater? Friggin' -adorable-. And I only -wish- I could rock the horizontal stripes as well as you do. :D As for the hearts on the sleeve? Cute, funny, and subtle! Love it.

My personal choice with non-opaque white tanks is a hot pink bra. Might as well add a little color to the outfit, right?

LOVE the heart detail. I'm so copying you.

great sweater, i am going to have to try and make one sometime. yeah, right, like i really have time to fit another project in. but maybe i could do it for one of my bratlings. i really love the heart detail though, it rocks!

lovin the hearts-on-sleeve. such a creative one you are. ;)

Love your new sweater but you look very sexy in that new T.

Cute new sweater and Love Lala playing with your dad at the wedding. So cool!

black bra & white tank? Sure. White bra & black tank/ tacky!

wearing hearts on your sleeve? i LOVE it. i may have to shamelessly copy. assuming, of course, that i ever manage to actually finish a sweater.

and music isn't nearly as distracting as free wireless in a kick-ass cafe in new mexico with fantastic refillable iced tea - especially when you're supposed to write something terribly long and boring. in fact, i brought my ipod just to try and focus! :)

Love the Retro Prep, heart on your sleeve, and of course, your Girl. Cute Cute cute! Can you believe how much mileage you get out of one ball of Wool-Ease? Call me cheap, but I love that stuff. :)

I really like the hearts on the sleeve. What is an e-collar?

love your sweater! great design addition. your lala looks like a natural in the band. i'm so impressed with your dedication to 20pgs. YAY!

okay, so NOW I feel So Much Better...

20 pages!

Nice sweater!!

Gotta love those fun, cheap sweaters! Yours looks amazing, I feel like they hide the fun colors from those of us in the flyover regions. You're just crankin out the lovelies this year.

Hope your vacation continues to be wonderful- just think, you could have a creme egg omelet for breakfast!

what # retroprep is that for you? 7? 8? :) i think it looks lovely, great color choices (great pink/purple for you!) and love the hearts. very sweet. you are so relentlessly happy. :)

Um, all I can really think of to say is Nice Rack!

And of course Cute Sweater! And also Yay Lala! Oh, and Black Bras All the Way.

(Did you dye your hair red?)

As soon as I saw your sweater, I immediately went to Ebay to see what the cover of IK Fall'02 looks like to see if I have that issue because now I want one too!!! [And I do! I do! I do have that issue... hmmmm, maybe grey and sage green...]

And about the black bra?!?!?! I never would have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. Wear it in good health.

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