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March 11, 2005

Ain't nothing like complaining about the diamonds on the soles of your shoes, but it's hot. Really. Hot. Okay, it's only 78 degrees, but it's almost 6pm. This is not why I live in Oakland. I like Oakland to be foggy and cool.

I'm also fighting HARD against a particularly nasty strain of flu that had sister Bethany down for two weeks, and sister Christy's nurse told her it was a good three-weeker. I'm going to win, by the way. I will NOT be sick during my vacation. But I feel crappy and sweaty and gross and feverish and uncomfortable. I'm actually drinking iced water and wearing a wet tee-shirt AND lying under my fan to try to cool off.

Cry me a river. I know y'all are getting snow'n'stuff. Would you consider a house-swap, perhaps? Please don't mind the germs.

Stay warm (and cool) and knit (or don't), but love someone up on the weekend, okay?


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Ugh. I'll admit I'm becoming a little sick of this snow and cold, but I HATE that kind of heat even more. In the cold, you can always crank up the furnace and blast the electric heater on your feet, but in the heat all you can do is lie there and wish for it to be over.

Or at least that's what I keep telling myself, especially when you people insist on showing us what's growing in your gardens. That's extraordinarily cruel, you know.

Come on over! It's supposed to snow on and off for the next week or so! (Please bring the sun with you when you come.)

I just got over something that sounds like what you've got. It just would not go away, damn germs.

I can commiserate with you re: the possible illness (sneezing 'n' snifflin' here), but the heat...? Sorry. It snowed here again today. :-( And it's not even so much the snow this winter, it's the unrelenting GRAYness.
On the bright side, I guess we can all look forward to May and the MS&WFestival, right? My first, too. See you there? (Hope your vacation turns out better than it's looking tonight.)

Get some Vitamin C and some Zinc and some chicken soup and some rest.
I hope you feel better soon!

Well, if you need cool, it's about 20 degrees here in Boston and we're expecting about 6" of snow before the weekend is over.

Would that work?

I've never made chicken soup, but I'm sure I could figure it out. :)

*You will NOT get sick on your vacation*

You CANNOT get sick on your holiday. Cannot.

hmmm isn't this how we "met?" with you going on and on about how warm the weather was in california when i was freezing my ass off? has it been a year already? enjoy the rest of your vacation. stay well.

hope you feel better and avoid the "death flu!" :)

You're on for the house swap. It's been unseasonably snowy and cold here and I'm tired of it.

While you're here, and if you're not feeling too bad, could you pack up some boxes for me too, I'll clean your place or leave some yarn in exchange ;)

"She's a rich girl, she don't try to hide it; diamonds on the soles of her shoes...he's a poor boy, empty as a pocket, empty as a pocket with nothin' to lose...." Man, I love that song.

Feel free to swap homes with me for a few days, Rach. ;) I've got a hearty immune system, so I can handle the germs. Here, you'd be in -gorgeous- Dover, NH, where there's tons of snow, and a downtown with all kinds of little shops, many of which are located in the hundred-plus-year-old brick mill buildings. This house is also a little over 100yrs old, and it's full of yarn and books, and over 3,000 mp3s, plus my huge vinyl collection. You'd have to endure the Min-Pin, though. Oh! And feel free to enjoy the organic free-trade coffee, I'm a total coffee snob. ;) Curl up on the World's Comfiest Couch here, and I'll run around Oakland looking every bit the tourist in shorts and a T-shirt, because your winter weather is like our late spring! :D *laughs*

Oh, not you too? I'm sick, hubby's sick, folks at work at sick, and I totally agree that being sick in this weather is a pain. Well, at least I can keep knitting. Just think -- maybe we'll get better just as the weather gets nice and cool again.

Hope you are able to enjoy the time off cuz ain't no real vacation if you're sick. I'm not a hot weather person either. I live 6 short blocks from Ocean Beach and finally cooled down a few hrs ago. Gawd it's hard to knit with sweaty fingers...(ps-wash, wash, wash them hands, heard it's one of the best ways to beat bugs.)

i'd swap with ya for a few weeks! i don't know if it'd be fair though. you'd have to shovel the snow and install drywall, and i'd get leisurely soaks in the tub :)

feel better!

My poor Rachael! Being sick sucks--being sick when it's warm outside sucks even more. Take good care of yourself, y'hear?

You are getting a lot of sympathetic comments here, which do not appear to be working. So, G.I. Janine style, here goes:

Get up!!! Right now!!! Knit something!!! Dress in your coolest I'm Italian outfit. Go to a funky urban restaurant with Lala.
Pretend that the shaking and the sweating are caused by love and good music.

That better, sweetie?

Aaaaw. Sending healing thoughts your way, sweetie. Have some sorbet, maybe?

I'm laughing out loud at the girl who admits to feeling crappy, feverish, sweaty, gross, and uncomfortable, but in the same breath announces that she will NOT be sick.

Rachael, sweetie? I'm sorry, but ... you're sick. I am also sorry THAT you're sick, though. I hope you take a lot less than weeks to get better.

XOXOXO from Richmond, which has cool and windy to spare if you could come pick it up!

Sick on your vacation absolutely SUCKS! Moan and groan away! And feel better very soon. Hugs.

Actually, I love the warm weather! I only wish I had time to sit out...and a backyard to sit out in! You kick that flu in the butt! I had no idea that there is something nasty going around. I better be careful...it would suck to be sick AND can't knit!

My man has been down with the nasty bug for what seems like months now.

Am I the only one thinking "Tee hee, wet t-shirt!"?

Get better!!!

I hope your feeling better and your sweetie is making sure you have plenty of soup.

Of course I had to go out of town just in time to miss the warmest weather we've had yet. Glad you enjoyed it -- isn't reading outside the best?

Totally have to agree. I'm in SF, and I'd call this a total heat wave. I, too, am much more into fog and cold. I hope it comes back soon! Feel better.

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