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AndMarch 21, 2005

And you know who's laughing hardest at me, finally giving in to the SpinBug? Claudia, over at her new house. Go and wish her happy new blog plot, and if you get close enough, steal her Sheepy Sweater for me. I really, really, really want it. Really.


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At least I'm not the only one! We should start an underground Knock Off Claudia Along.

I really really really want it too! Yay for you on spinning! I've watched other people do it many many times and haven't succumbed yet.

Nadia, I would be honored.

Yup, laughing my ass off over here. Thigh slapping laughing. Excuse me, but a need to take a minute to compose myself.

OK, I'm back.

I think your yarn looks fabulous. People pay megadollars for yarn JUST LIKE THIS. Love the yarn, OK?

Re: a Traveller. Many people buy them as their first wheel. Almost all sell them quickly as they fast outgrow them. For portability, try out an Ashford Joy or a Lendrum (my wheel).

Of course, every wheel made will be on display at Maryland.

/insert more evil cackling/

oh, and THIS year there will be NO excuse to waltz quickly by the fleece and roving and wheels, nosireeRACH!
I am not the least bit surprized that your first attempts at yarn are ART.
You just never cease to amaze and delight us.....

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