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Apparently Title Ideas Have Left Me For GoodMarch 16, 2005

This is a very weird sickness. Off and on, in a matter of minutes sometimes. I feel fine! Whee! Up to make a cup of tea! And whump. Ick again. Quite, quite annoying. But I'm resting. Really, I am.

I just have to say quickly: There's a certain type of motorbike, and I'm not sure which kind, that makes a noise when it's alone on the freeway in the middle of the night that sound JUST like the disaster sirens that are placed throughout the city. At four in the morning, I woke last night, listening to the long whoop and fall of what I thought was the siren and thought, oh, hell. What a disheartening sound. Nuclear attack? Biohazard spill? The end of the world as we know it? Nope, a motorcycle. The relief is great. But the heartbeat is not easily slowed. And I'm not even a very Worried Person.

Now, a bath. I'm having the laziest vacation in the history of the world. (Then I have get up and go to a union meeting/salary vote at work -- that bites, does it not? A raise is a good idea, but today? Sheesh. But at least I don't have to wear a uniform. I don't even know where my uniform is, for that matter.)

But I'm watching Miyazaki tonight (my first) at Lala's brother's house (he's married to the sweetest nicest girl that has ever lived, by the way. Seriously. You have no idea.) And knitting. Lots of knitting. (I just typed lot's of knitting. The horror!)


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I hope you feel better!
And I really hope you get a raise - we all know what that would mean...MORE YARN! :)

Oy, Cripes. Its the beginning of the end, I tell ya, and I speak from experience. "Lot's of knitting." I wonder if its the blogging or something, because after a working lifetime of being Miss Anal Typing, Court Reporting, and Grammer Perfection, I'm caching myself doing that all the dam fricken time. Oop's. Seariously. Its a pain in the ass. ;-D

Miyazaki, ooh, which one? I have to admit I am a Miyazaki virgin myself--AND I live in Japan. Oh wait, Totoro is Miyazaki, right? I guess I've seen one. If you're not watching Totoro, you should put that next on the list, it's so great!

I hope you're watching Spirited Away, that one is my favorite Miyazaki movie of the ones I've seen. I wanted to love Princess Monoke, but I just couldn't.

Miyazaki is HIGH on my list of faves. Spirited Away is amazing in a lot of ways, but for sheer charm and sweetness, you can't beat Totoro or Kiki's Delivery Service. LOVE THEM.

Your vacation is sounding soooo very lovely! I was recently unemployed (Dec to Feb) and I knit A LOT! But I didn't really relax and do nothing....or stay in my PJs all day....or take a bath...that sounds so nice! Anyway, I've only been back to work for a week and I'm already jealous of your laid back vacation. Of course, being sick is not the best way to spend your vacation. But you definitely need to relax while you're under the weather.

Extra RAISE for Rachael vibes have been sent into the Universe, along with prayers for a motorcycle muffler.....sigh.
Enjoy the movie night....they are ALL lush and gorgeous movies!

Wow, I've been afraid to admit that I couldn't get into Princess Mononoke, but someone else has! Spirited Away is just incredible, and I loved Kiki's Delivery Service, too.

I'm changing my mantra to "Give Rachael a Raise."

Your lazy vacation sounds divine. I hope you get that raise. Rachael needs more yarn :)

I now have this picture in my head of all your title ideas cruising the freeway at 4am on a motorcycle with a bad mufffler, laughing their asses off. Oh, and wearing your uniform.

Lazing around is the PERFECT vacation.
I'm rooting for you to win, win, win...against the flu and for the raise!

Mo money
Mo money
Mo money...

I loved Spirited Away, made me look at animation in a new way. Enjoy.

Hee, mo money. Hope ya get a big ole fat raise.

And oh, the misused apostrophe - he is my enemy. At least you recognize him when he appears.

very dear Rachael: your paragraph on the motorbike is beautifully written---I was there with you, heart pounding. I hope you'll use that 'graph in the novel or in a short story. It's lovely. Snap! and Woofs!

Oh! And feel better 100%, like, now! :-)

If you like the Miyazaki, do yourself a favour and watch them all; they're all great.

I don't think I've ever posted on your blog, so I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Nadia and if you ever need to run away to Canada you can sleep on my couch because you are the cutest knitblogger in the whole blogsphere.

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