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March 9, 2005

At the risk of becoming too personal (hey, it's my blog, right?), I'll tell you that being a woman can be a pain in the ass. Let's put it this way: I ain't pregnant (oh, god! Not that I was trying! I'm just being cute! I should erase this paragraph. I have cramps, that's all). Erg. Quite miserable, but made happier by reading out on the porch, something I actually hadn't done since I moved here. It's really damn loud out there, with the freeway right in front of it, and I wasn't sure how it would work. Then I realized that it doesn't really need to be quiet in order to read. Dur. I planted some flowers (in pots) a couple of weeks ago, and I went out to keep the tomatoes and jasmine company. Oh, heaven. It's sunny but not too hot (sorry, Claudia), and I read myself into a state of bliss. Still rather sun-struck.

Now I'm in the house, listening to iTunes Party Shuffle on my new speakers, running through my new external hard drive. (With PMS comes that frantic Must Scrub Behind The Toilet Oh Must Go To CompUSA NOW manic thing. Do you get that?) I hadn't realized how nervous I'd been about keeping all my photos and writing and music on my laptop until I dumped it all into an 80gig metal box and breathed a deep sigh of relief. I do keep my writing in online storage, also, and I have the important photos on CD backup. But otherwise, I'm terrible at backing things up, and I'd HATE to lose all my music. I only have two days worth on my iTunes, but it's good stuff, man.

Short attention span today. Have you been to Iris's blog recently? Her Moscow posts have been awesome.

And to Greta's new pose to match her fabby new sweater, The Greta. I'm so going to do this on the next sweater. Remind me, okay?


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OMG, I totally get that OCD thing . . . it used to manifest itself in an overwhelming urge to rearrange furniture. Now it just means lots and lots of organizing.

OK, here's how it is: it's not a freeway, it's a river. A river of cars, perhaps, but still, a river. Just little particle bit things running down the path of least resistance, mostly towards the sea. This perspective from the time I spent living about 10 feet from the freeway (I-25/ us 36 interchange, for those of you who know Denver). Plant flowers in pot, don't make eye contact with the comuters, and just let it rush on by. Front porch nirvana.

Oh god, the cleaning! The scrubbing! The organizing! All of it, for like 2, days, and then the rest of the month it's totally dormant, as evidenced by the state of our kitchen table. I think what makes me snap for those few days, I'm terribly clumsy and run into and trip over *everything* and that's my body's way of protecting my extremities. Heh.

You planted tomatoes? Already? Man. Spring can't get here soon enough.

That cramp thing, oh how I hated it! What relieved me of it for GOOD is using a tiny tiny bit of progesterone cream once a day for the second half of cycle. Now I feel, well, nothing :) Keeps the mood up too. Can get it at any pharmacy who has a bit of natural eco touch.

I love Laura's river analogy. It would make the freeway easier to take. And I just loved the "Greta" pose, too. Amazing for both of you. I wish our spring came as early as yours.

Hey, at least your hormones make you productive! Mine make me curl up into a little ball and go to sleep for a day. Ugh.

okay, I will be quiet about the cramp thing. See I have never had them. Yeah, I am one of those few. But at least you are cleaning. And just chill.

Can't wait to see you doing that handstand next time you finish a sweater!

And yes, cramps suck. But take this for consolation - its SNOWING in the Chicago area while you're sitting out on your porch in the sunbeams with your tomato plants!! Sigh. Winter is definitely overstaying it's welcome!

I really like the river concept. It's quiet on the other side of the bay today, sunny but not too hot, and the background noise is a mix of song and sea birds, the occasional orking of a sea lion. The scent of flowers is drowning out the herring.

Love the hearts on your sweater sleeve. Great fit, too!

Three non-profane words for you.

More. Snow. Tomorrow.

Yes, well, man-parts can get caught in zippers.

i was doing that manic thing earlier this week, and i couldnt figure it out... until i did the math and realized OHHH... its that time.

i wish i had your porch... i could really use somewhere to curl up and ignore the world these days.

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