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BonjourMarch 1, 2005

Not much bloggin' going on here  -- the little mama's in town! She and Christy arrived last night from Paris (I'd say it in French, just for fun, but I cain't even fake that French accent, not even in typing). Look, she just showed me her transit card that she got while there:


She says she looks startled, but I think she just looks tres Parisienne. (She did say that she lost count of the times that people asked her for directions, and she actually speaks enough French to fake it, or at least explain that she wasn't from the area.)

And today we're shopping because she's the matron of honor in her best friend's wedding on Saturday, so I much splash into the bath now while Mom catches up on TiVoed Oscars (bah). Adah would like you to know that she's still annoying. And Digit would like you to know that he's still fat.


And Lala would like you to know that Spam comes in many flavors.



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Oh Jeez, Digit is NOT fat. I should send you a picture of mine--remember Marge the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock? Imagine it in black and white shorthair. I swear she must weigh close to 20 pounds.

Huh. I had no idea there was anything other than plain spam. Thanks, Lala, for opening my ignorant eyes.

Yep, that's one of the reasons I keep comin' back here......little tidbits like "spam comes in flavors." I think, just because it's March-comin'-in-like-a-Lion Day here in my neck o' the woods, I'm going to go out to the grocery store and get some flavored Spam and some Jell-o and some Kool-Aid and some Spaghettios and whatever other throwback thing I can find to my '60s upbringing (Dinte Moore Beef Stew and a Betty Crocker cake)and have a Good Ole Comfort Party tonight. (ICK, P-U, no...I really can't do it....!)

Dude, I'm totally going over to Norma's.

That is the best cat photo ever.

I am really grossed out by the idea of Spam with Cheese.

I didn't like MDB either, but I LOVE Digit!!! And Adah, your little mama, Lala, and you, but not Spam.

Heehee! I had no idea Spam came cheese-flavored now. I do, however, have a can of BBQ Flavored Spam in my pantry, never-been-opened, as something to smile over whenever I come across it. Apparently, some people like their Spam Spice-ehhhhh! Being half-Filipino, I grew up eating Spam in my fried rice, but that was about it. (Spam's pretty big in cultures where pork's a staple meat, y'know.) :P Haven't had it in years, though.

And now for something completely different: Apparently, my blog-world is a lot smaller than I had ever anticipated, either that, or I just like funny conicidences. I was reading one of my fave feminist blogs, which had a link to:
this entry about "Drive-By-Mommying", where women will make evil, snarky comments to other moms about their mom-ing. 300+ comments ensue, relating just how nasty some moms can be to others. Anyway, I caught this one entry by "Rachael Yellow", who mentioned how people infer she's a bad mom 'cos she's in an all-mom band that just happens to *GASP!* SWEAR IN THEIR LYRICS!

Thinking to myself, "Dude, she sounds really kick-ass," I clicked on over to her website, which was for her band Placenta. In the band bio, it mentions that Rachael Yellow is " in as many bands as humanly possible, including "The Whoreshoes" and "Iraqui Liberation Front". I was all, "The Whoreshoes?! WAIT! Lala's in that band! Neat!!"

And thus the cyclical nature of my life reveals itself in yet another small, strange way. :) It really did make me all happy and smile-y, though. :D

Who knew SPAM came in other flavors than gross?(-:

maybe digit is so fat BECAUSE spam comes in flavors. is the grocery-delivery truck often parked outside your house? (cats can, and do, learn things like "the internet" and "credit card numbers")! ;)

i think i'm going to try spam one day. soon.

and your mom kind of looks like my mom. well she does in that picture.

I think I know why Digit says he is fat. He ate that whole can of cheese Spam that Lala was holding. See, he is hte reason you have no money. You might want to check your bank statements a for those mysterious withdrawals. See not only has he leanred our pin number, he has your credit card numbers memorized and he is ordering Spa and other goodies off the internet while you are either at wirk or sleeping. See how sneaky cats are?

that's about as gross at the hot dogs with cheese in the middle. member those??? or when pizza hut started putting cheese in the crust?? what is it with people tryin' to stuff everything with cheese??? are there not any places that people won't try to put cheese??? ok, maybe we shouldn't go there.

your moms is adorable!!!!

I don't like Spam, but I did like Spamalot.

Dude. I loved the hot dogs with cheese in the middle. I think they should make tofu dogs (all the flavor, none of the fear!) with cheese in the middle.

Monica, cheese makes *everything* better! :) (Now why did I go and marry someone who can't stand the stuff?)

I have a can of "Golden Honey Grail Spam" that I bought while SPAMALOT the musical was in town . . . it has the cartoon drawing of the Monty Python characters from Holy Grail on it. I have no intentions of ever eating this potted meat product, as I am a vegetarian, but I just couldn't resist . . .

Maryse: Take one container leftover white rice from your next Chinese-Take-Out, OR 3-4 cups of leftover white rice from your next meal involving white rice. Preferably not minute rice.

Plus: (and you can add all of these or just -some-, it's up to you)

Carrots, onions, garlic, celery, all diced up REALLY SMALL


Canned Pineapple, diced up REALLY SMALL (reserve the juice in the can)

One can Spam, again d.u.R.S

Then take two or three eggs, beat 'em slightly, and fry 'em real thin in a frying pan. Kinda like an omelette, but you don't fill it with cheese an' fold it. So kinda like an empty omelette pre-cheese-and-folding. Dice that up into nickel-sized pieces. Set aside.

Oh, also -- the juice of one lemon, some soy sauce, and 1 teaspoon (or thereabouts) fresh minced ginger.

Take a wok, heat up a bit of oil in it. Throw in the rice, veggies, raisins, pineapple, and Spam. Toss it around 'til the veg gets a little tender with some crunch left in it, and the onions are going translucent. Then add the lemon, ginger, and pineapple juice, and keep that rice stirring and moving! The pineapple juice should evaporate pretty quickly, and the fried rice will be moist and tasty. Add soy sauce to taste, and finally, throw in the egg bits, toss again, and serve.

Filipino-style fried rice the way my momma taught me. BEST WAY EVER to try Spam for the first time.

Other optional ingredients: Chinese Dried Sausage (Lap Cheong) cut into 1/4" wide "coin" shapes, thrown in with the veg and spam and all.
(Scroll down 'til you see the Lap Cheong)

Also, Sweet Thai Chili Sauce (about 1 or 2 tablespoons, depending on how much rice you're cooking) thrown in with the lemon/ginger/soy/pineapple for an extra sweet/spicy kick. I'm very partial to the Mae Ploy brand, myself.



Must go to Hawaiian Barbecue on E14th at Dutton in San Leandro. They can do things with spam than are divine. (and chicken, and beef, and mahi mahi)... Uhmmmm. And, it's very cheap, as in tommorow's lunch is already made when you leave. Yes, I do think about things other than food. I also think about knitting.

In that photo, Digit looks like one of those bean bag chairs with an animal head on top. Funny. My former cat used to sit that way too. The blubber seems to invite it. No flavoured spam for you, Digit.

Ew. That Spam reminds me of hot dogs with bits of cheese that would explode like tumors when you microwaved them. Gross.

I come from a town 20 miles from the Hometown of Spam. Spam scares me - and I didn't even realize it comes in multiple flavors.

I also have a can of Spam encased in Lucite on my desk at work. (Yes there's a reason. Its too long to get into here)

ahh, he is not fat, he's healthy! :) And cute Lala-smile!

Spam with cheese. Nasty.

"much splash into the bath" -- boy howdy, do I know THAT routine. I've thought about getting "Caution - Wet Floor" cones for apres the kid's baths...

Also, since you're bringing out the Spam trivia in all of us, we here in little town have a Spam festival every year, and no, I do not know why. But co-worker was relating a story to me about his wedding day, when he was unfamiliar with the area, and his hotel was on one side of the Spam fest, and the church was on the other side. In between were cordoned off streets. He made it, on time, but not without anguish. My comment was something like, "yeah, good thing; there are some events where NO excuse is good enough for being late"...

OMG! Spam...flavors...too much info...ewww.

Digit is a bit on the "large boned" side, no?

...and for the Spam-lover who is watching her weight, Spam light! My friend won this in a gag raffle this weekend. I got Toblerone :)

Please tell La to put the Spam back on the shelf and back away slowly. It's for her own good.

Dear Digit, please beware. My woman has put me on a diet. Hold your stomach in or you might have to go on a diet too. No amount of whining and scratching will induce her to give me the decent biscuits - I am stuck with the hi-fibre variety. I spit on them! Well, actually, when she's not looking I do eat them. It's that or nothing.

At my knitting group last night, someone began talking about a new sport that her son was learning. It's called Cup Stacking...where you stack cups really fast. I checked out the web site this morning, and here it is: http://www.speedstacks.com/home.htm
Check out the video of Emily, the world champion cup stacker.
I thought this might appeal to your many flavors of spam sense of humor.:)

Dear Digit,

Beware! My woman has put me on a diet too -- she says I'm built just like a pajama bag and she's tired of being scolded by my health care provider. Sometimes my man and my child fall for 'the hungry act' and sneak me a few morsels of my old food but I think I heard her scolding them last night. Love, Ramona

PS Tell Adah she's purrty.

Spam! Wonderful spam! I don't eat it, but I have been to the Spam Museum. It's a great museum, complete with Monty Python skits and mock spam canning competitions.

Umm, has Digit been eating Spam?

Yes, your mom totally looks like a French lady. And lucky for her to be there long enough to need a fast pass!

Now that Digit-belly is just *begging* for a kiss. I trust you gave it to him. No Spam, though. Kisses good for cats; Spam bad. Baaaad.

Ooo-la-laaaa, even the bus passes in France are tres chic.
Spam in different flavors: as long as none of the flavors are grape I think you're safe.

Completely off-topic but I must tell you I drove all the way from the peninsula to Alameda on Saturday just to go to 'The New Zealander' thanks to your recommendation! I'm kind of a Kiwi (born there, cheer for the All Blacks), my friend is a Kiwi and we had a wonderful time! Food was wonderful and the pavlova even better. Thanks for letting us know about it! And thanks for writing! I lurk often.

Also completely OT, but I ran my marathon on Sunday!!

It was great! But hard as hell. I wanted you to know that reading about your experience helped me get through the training.

See if you can't get to my blog, as I'll have a longer description there.


Your posts are so funny Rachael - you always make my day when I get to visit your blog. I love Digit! What a house God! The pose of him sitting doing his ablutions makes me giggle. The simple joy of knitting you bring to so many people through your blog is wonderful. "I vote for Rachael for president" :¬) (but then I can't vote I live in Amsterdam!) LOL - Great Stuff - honestly may your blog live forever!

It took me longer than it should have to realize that the orangish ball in front of Digit was not Adah but his belly. That pose is amazing.

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