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EggedMarch 29, 2005

I'm having a hard time getting and staying online lately, something to do with my phone service. Normal people call the phone company when this happens, I suppose. Me? I was glad to have the time to spin. (Yes, I will write. But right NOW is for spinning.)

Seriously, it's getting to be addictive. I slept three hours in a total of sixty over the weekend, mostly because the four hour slot I was supposed to sleep on Saturday night (extra shift on Easter) was used up with fiber insomnia. What if I hold the wool like this? What if I adjusted the band just this way? What would it be like to spin alpaca? The question was raised why I just didn't get up and spin a little while, and the answer was: I was too MAD about being awake. So I just kept my eyes squinched shut, willing myself to sleep, watching the wheel spin 'round in my head.

Is this how crazy starts? It might be.

Now, when I think of MDSW, I'm thinking about roving and combed top, not yarn and cute little sheepdogs (yes, we're going! Woot!). (Also: When I think of MDSW, I think of what my friend Monica heard when I said it out loud: "Maryland Sheep and Wolf Festival." She was horrified. Let's all call it that, shall we?)

And before I run back to the wheel (o lovely lovely wool), I must show you what I got over the weekend, in addition to the best homemade enchiladas ever.

I got some Cadbury Creme Eggs.


Forty-eight, to be exact. (Lala bought fifty-two, actually, but her brother got some along the way, as is right and good.) She just kept pulling them out of bags, and then more bags. Boxes and boxes of happiness. Sheer chocolate goodness. Come on over. I have plenty.

And in fact, I have the Last Egg in Oakland. We hit the stores yesterday, looking for sales, but all we could find was this one, which Lala found abandoned at the bottom of a cart full of scary sugary baskets.


Yes, that's Koigu. No, I didn't set up the purse to highlight the wool -- if I had, I now realize it would have been good form to have moved the pad. Oh, wells.

Now. Back to spinning and eggs and the imminent but welcome sugar crash.


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Um, Rach? Don't mean to be pushy, but I think that you're supposed to sleep for more than three hours...

You had better use up your sugar rush from those creme eggs for spinning. 48!?!?! Good god, woman. Why is it when I was looking for Reese's, Snickers and Dove Eggs, I found a buncha Creme Eggs? Thank god I don't like them! We can be Easter friends...we'll never fight over candy!

I guess your fiber insomnia is one reason that I can't consider spinning! My girlfriend is already about to kill me with all the yarn everywhere! Can you imagine?

ah screw good form, we all know you're a girl anyway :-) I too have fiber insomnia, but for me it's figuring out the new knitting machine I got last week. I'm afraid to try spinning - I will need more than one craft room if I get yet another hobby...

A little bit obsessed, are we?


Onwards to Sheep and Wolf!

Uh, Rach? Did you STEAL the Last Egg? 'Cause it kinda looks like you dropped it in your purse and walked out with it. Usually, when one pays for ones purchases, they give you a little bag....

Whoo hoo! You're coming to the MD Sheep & Wolf Festival! (and what a great name for it!)
I can't wait...it's going to rock! (I said this at work and got the oddest looks ...simpletons!)


My latest 'fiber insomnia' inducer is actually quilting, but my wheel and spindles have been calling me rather loudly. May have to get a spinning session in soon. Very soon.

Mmm, bet you aren't brave enough to empty that bag out and catalogue the contents...it only took six months and 10 female body builders to remove the contents Judge but it was the fatal sugar rush of the last cadbury cream egg that tipped her into spindle madness. SENTENCE HER TO 8 hours sleep on five consecutive nights(days) with two day of hard lounging and TV watching. Do take care love, even if you do wear your knickers outside your tights and throw a mean rope...breaking it gently here you are not Wonder Woman even if you are a wonderful woman TAKE CARE

oooh easter candy... I'm finishing off the rest of the cadbury mini eggs right now; and had to buy MORE of the malted chocolate eggs, because the first bag didn't last until easter, even though I locked it in the closet

Who the hell needs sleep when you've got 48 Cadbury eggs to eat! Spinning and eating sugar. Heaven. Can you bring your wheel to work and spin when there are no emergencies? Ask the shop steward.

Yeah! They're going to the Sheep and Wolf!

I'm personally a fan of the caramel ones. Mmmm...caramel. Anyway, on an idle curiousity sparked by you, I wanted to see if tons of people were selling post-easter Cadbury eggs on Ebay. Lookie what I found.


Holy crap, that's a lot of eggs! Are you rationing them, or are they all gone by now? (Yes, I know it's only been a day.)

All your cute litte egg friends need sweaters. Seriously, go see!


Oh it definitely sounds like you're hooked. It only took one trip to Rhinebeck to get me hooked on spinning. It's a disease I'm telling you!

Spinning and sugar. Better nip the insomina or you'll be trying to spin sugar! See you at the Sheep and Wolf Fest!

Woo hoooo, Sheep & Wolf! I'm so excited (as Wee C would say)! She got some Cadburys in the basket, BTW, and didn't love 'em as much as the malted milk eggs. Me, I can't quite do all the creme, but the choc rocks ~

I can't wait for Sheep and Wolf either! It will be my first fibery festival...oh boy oh boy. And it sounds like the blogger sightings will be fun too. :)

I'm afraid to start spinning because I fear it will take over my life...but I'm living vicariously through you!

They sell the little mini ones now, too! I've gotta say, just thinking about them makes me feel a little sick, imagining that sugar tummy ache. But the Easter candy finally went on sale, and I bought 44 oz. of mini eggs and a hollow chocolate bunny, so who am I to talk?

All that sugar is giving me a headache. Wish I could get the hang of spinning...it will come.

This isn't how crazy starts, its how spinning starts. I distinctly remember not sleeping for several days when I first figured out how to make yarn with a spindle.

Then again, maybe it is how crazy starts.

OH MY GOD. you don't know me but I missed out on all of the Cadbury Creme Eggs and I would LOVE you for life if you be a dear and share.

yes, I am being ghetto and asking for two creme eggs via mail. If you are in a sharing mood.

Again, my name is Erika (nice to meet you) and this girl would love ya for life. Serious.

Creme eggs, koigu, pads.... what else does a girl need?

So you are coming to visit us at the wolf festival? I think there is a law or something in Maryland about eggs. You can't stay on the sugar rush too long. You have to crash at some point. But use that rush to spin plenty. I need to catch up to you. Are you using a wheel or a spindle?

you're going to MD Sheep and Wool? We'll be there. we'd be happy to walk around with you and force you to buy lots of fiber. mwaahaahaa. In fact 2 are looking for new wheels and I'm wanting more spindles.

The crazy you are going through right now with the spinning addiction is normal. You should have been warned. The addiction rarely fades. Sorry hon, you're hooked (or crazy, whatever you want to call it).

This will be my first year at the MS&WF
which is a crime considering I live less than an hour away....
BUT it is my bday weekend and my DH is taking me!!! dance dance snoopy dance

psst! Check out my recent yarns! I too am addicted!! http://www.livejournal.com/users/reenieart/

I TOO AM HAVING TROUBLE SLEEPING!!! What is that all about??? Spinning fairies or gremlins????
xo reenie

Sheep and Wolf! WOOOT!

Can't wait to see you there!

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