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March 22, 2005

Happy Birthday, darling Em! Whew. Almost missed getting a post in on your birthday. (Of course, I called her last WEEK and sang to her, one of my goofy songs, "Oh, baybeeee, it's your BIRTHDAY, and you're so great, and you look good too, and we all LOOOOVVVVEEE you, happy birthdaaaayyyyy......" She called me back and said, "Thanks, babe. It's next Tuesday." Whoops. But at least I got to talk to her, which was Divine.

And damn, go look at what Lala made with those cables that she never believed would be so easy....


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I just love to be FIRST,
you know!

I still have that message saved, you know.


Cripes, not only did she learn to make cables she make a killer sweater for her little one. Hmmph, might just be the inspiration I need to take the cable plunge darn it.

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