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March 15, 2005

I was just watching Four Weddings and a Funeral -- don't laugh too hard. Everyone knows Andie McDowell can't act her way out of a speeding ticket. But I wanted something sappy to play in the background while I wove in ends on the cotton sweater I'm making. (Dude, Sugar'n'Cream in red, buck fifty a skein, and I'm doing a top-down cardie -- just finished the sleeves, and I've miles of stockinette to go to get to the bottom. Good, brainless knitting. But I do like to weave ends in when I attach the sleeves, so that the final finish is a triumphant WOOT! and not an ohshit NOW I've got a lot to do.)

That was a long aside. What I meant to say was this: I'd forgotten how good that movie was in terms of showing gay marriage without sermons or moral judgments, without an agenda. Simon Callow and John Hannah are the only truly happily married people in the movie, and it's never addressed directly because it didn't need to be. They were just together. It was refreshing and sweet and lovely.

And we've gone backwards since 1994, haven't we? In November, 11 states declined to think of people like me as people who deserve the same right as all Americans.  But a judge in California has the right idea. A proud moment for us. But it's kind of exhausting, isn't it? It's still going to be such a battle, and the fight is ON in the city, people yelling and waving signs for both sides, and nothing will be truly decided for years and years. But one can hope.

And one can make some noise. Or at least a statement. I don't know where y'all live out there, but I know you live a lot of different places, and you live near people with a lot of different ideas. Say something, will you? The next time you hear that guy talk about fags like that, shoot him a look. The kid behind you in the grocery store who calls his friend gay for dropping the gum on the floor -- say something. Shake 'em up.

And those friends of yours who are all about saving the country money? The Congressional Budget Office predicted last year that allowing gay marriage would save the federal government almost one BILLION dollars a year. Don't the right-wingers want that? Isn't that enticing? That would totally be way more money to throw at the Don't Ask Don't Tell program that the government has spent 200 million on in the last ten years.

Anywho. I found some cool bumper stickers. (Why is iTunes skipping? I hate that.)  I liked this one and this one, and this one is wrong, but it's hella funny.

Enough rant. I feel sick and tired, and it's not just politically motivated. Still fighting the sick fight -- still haven't succumbed, but I feel myself weakening. Bah. I want to go to Lala's when she calls after band practice, but I have those hot eyes, and they're not the good ones. You know the ones. A little feverish. Just a little. A REAL little. Take THAT, flu. Put 'em up. I'm going to go read a book in the tub. That cures all. Mwah.


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It's so true...Britney [God help her WT ways] and Fox [Married by America, Please Marry My Baby's Daddy] are the ones undermining the institution of marriage. I'll get off my soapbox now before this gets too long. I will say that I'm no longer embarrassed to be from and live in California. Ugh...is Arnie still our Governor? Ugh...

Damn...I forgot the other thing I was going to say...the gay relationship was so subtle my girlfriend didn't even realize they were together until I pointed it out the her...DUH!!! I loved them!

I love the last bumper sticker! Four Weddings & a Funeral is one of my "guilty pleasures" movies -- I own it on DVD and pop it in every few months. I can't stand Andie McDowell, but the rest of it is so fun.

Feel better. That's an order, Herron!

(The proper response to that is: "Sir! Yes, SIR!")

Feel better! I'm a firm believer that germs can't stand a nice hot bath, especially if you stay in for too long because you are at a really good part of your book and don't want to put it down long enough to get out and dry off. ;)

Those bumper stickers ROCK. Lovin' the Britney one. And it is totally exhausting, but it's people like you -- who encourage others to speak up -- that make changes happen. GO RACH. :)

Poor sick schmoo...hope the bath made ya feel better.

It's true--Simon Callow and John Hannah are the best thing about that movie--though the rest of the cast is pretty good, too, and I gotta say it--the script is damn good. One bad actress can't spoil the movie. But I'd watch John Hannah in ANYTHING.

Thanks for the $$ info--that will really help my arguments (when I need to make them).

And now: get that bod to healin', missy!

I'm still frustrated by the outcome of same sex marrige bill here in Oregon. We were the only state where anyone thoght it might have a chance to pass and sadly, it didn't. I don't understand how people who don't want to be discriminated against themselves can turn around and openly discriminate against other people. Discrimination doesn't belong in MY constitution.

Yeah. It made me so disappointed that my state passed Ammendment no. 3. I cheered outloud when I heard the radio the other day about the ruling in California. And I have been taking every opportunity to tell people my logic and where I stand when they bring the subject up. Go you! And best of luck with the political situation and the flu. *hug*


I'm in the same State as Mim. Everything here that doesn't have to do with religion (THE religion) is a fight. But we do it everyday!
Don't forget the dark chocolate...it might just push that flu over the edge and out the door:)

Yeah, it's exhausting, and it will continue to be exhausting for a while. But it's so worth it!

This morning at a news conference the W said something about how the issue of gay marriage needs to be addressed in a way that's sensitive to a lot of people's feelings. I just can't believe that guy's nerve.

Just keep it up. One of these days, probably after I'm gone, it will happen. We all deserve it. And you get well this very minute!

Amen, Rach! I know it's a hard fight, but it's so necessary and will be so worth it when the right for people to love and commit to each other is granted without regard to sexual preference. We all need to be as committed to making that happen. And sometimes, when it's all too much the right thing to do is head to the tub with a good book (my current bathtub reading is "The Honest Courtesan" by Margaret Rosenthal.)

ANd the arguments against it are so dumb. Yep, we straight folk are all going to divorce our husbands and marry our best friend. Or, it will turn kids gay- yea, and hetero marriages turn kids straight. How can two people loving each other erode a loving institution?? And it isn't like there are only so many marriages allowed a year, and the gays are takin' 'em from us straight folk. All I can say is idiots abound! But I think the Ca ruling is fabulous. I got married in 1997, and wrote my own vows, and referred to gay marriage in them, subltely, but for a friend of mine. Sometimes quiet protest works.

AS for Andie..but she's so pretttttyyy.

oh, it's nice to read about someone else using the sugar 'n' cream yarns for things other than dishclothes and towels. i've been reluctant to do anything with the stash i have, but you've helped!!!

Love IS the answer.

Ahhh, Four Weddings & A Funeral! My guilty pleasure is movies set in England about wealthy, young and good looking people. (What is all that about, anyway?) And the funeral scene, oh my gosh. That's where those red eyes come from, don't try to kid US!
And I'm with the crowd that says the crap I see on TV threatens marriage and family, the inexorable push to remove workers' rights threatens marriage and family, tying health insurance to employment threatens marriage and family, cutting access to good educational opportunities threatens marriage and family. Just 10 minutes of Maury Povich (oops, did I just admit in public that I've seen 10 minutes of Maury Povich?) is much more threatening to the moral fabric of this society than anything short of sex trafficking.
Woah there, girl. Talk me down, someone!

i was thrilled at the ruling this week!!!! doesn't mean we're in the clear, but at least the argument has reached the judicial appeal level, and it's not going away. it still baffles me to think that just three years shy of my birth, my right to vote had just been secured by the government (ya know, the black thang??) and just four years before my birth, 16 states still outlawed interracial marriage and prosecuted offenders by forcing them to leave their home states. that was less than 40 years ago!!!! shutter to think, but someday we'll be saying the same thing about gay marriage and what a ridiculous time we lived in. and just when you'd think we've come so far, i'm blasting someone in knitting blog world just the other week for using the "n" word (unbelievable, i know). i tell you they're everyewhere, and it's exhausting to have to scream and yell for the dignity you want and deserve as a HUMAN BEING. who wants to argue all the time??? but if we don't nobody will. sing it with me, girl "we shall overcome someday".........


be nice to andie!!!!!

Wasn't there a survey of "young people" and it found that the overwhelming majority favored gay marriage and they couldn't even figure out what the fuss was about? Am I smoking the fleece...So have faith, all things change.

As for the sickness, don't forget the Airborne. It fizzes in the glass and really doesn't taste bad. I get it at Longs, so much fun to be had there...

Have you seen this one: http://www.cafepress.com/marriageis4fags.18533829?
Although boy-centric, I appreciate the slightly transgressive, slightly po-mo humor.

Don't worry, it's from a gay guy in SF (www.ggreg.com).

Keep keepin' up the good fight. I believe it's important to be heard in the streets, but we also need to remember to be heard at home too. One way I keep up the fight for equal rights for EVERYONE is to teach our children that everyone was created equal and reinforce it every chance you get.

The other thing I really like about Four Weddings, apart from showing gay relationships without comment, is that it also shows people with disabilities without comment. Charles's brother is deaf; usually you don't see a deaf / disabled person unless the movie is in some way ABOUT that disability. Here's it's just incidental. The director did the same thing in Notting Hill - one of the characters is in a wheelchair. It should happen more often.

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