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Kakapo!March 27, 2005

This makes me happy. Thanks to Quantum Tea for the link.


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the kakapo was one of my favorite things about this great PBS birds miniseries from years ago. they followed this male up the mountain where he would do his mating call, and it was so sad that they were so endangered that it was pretty much for nought. i never forgot the gorgeous mossy-green parrot guy with his tragic tale. so it's nice to see things work out for them once in a while.

Have you read Douglas Adams and Mike Cowardine's _Last Chance to See_? Very fun, and while a bit old now, sadly not dated. Many of the endangered animals in the book are still in peril, like the windsreen-wiper ripping kakapo. Beautiful birds. I love that they describe them as "musty" smelling as it is a scent I associate with the comic-book kids of my (high school) youth. I see this fat little green parrot waddling around with a mint Green Lantern tucked under his wing, too clueless to figure out the ins-and-outs of the mating dance.
Nerd birds.

ooooh - makes me happy, too! thanks for sharing! :)

As a green-wearing, non-musty smelling nocturnal human which cannot fly but which can climb trees, I enjoyed reading that article. I know where the parrots are coming from: I believe I too would go a little crazy trying to fight off parasites, should such a situation arise.

"fat, green, musty-smelling nocturnal parrots, which cannot fly but which can climb trees..." Good lord, we can't let *those* die out! LOL.

Makes me happy too. Thanks for this good news from home.

on the spinning, do you have patty z's beginning spinning video? very helpful :-)

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