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Monday, Still on VacationMarch 14, 2005

The cats are romping and sounding like a million cats instead of just the two that they are. Digit still sleeps on the top cabinet in the kitchen while the dogs are here, so he's happy to get down and run around when they're gone. He clobbers Adah with a polydactyl backhand, and she comes back for more, so I let 'em. It's a companionable house-trashing noise.

The whole magic of Dogs On The Bed keeping away the most annoying cat in the whole world (Adah) has worn off, however. Even people who love that cat admit that she is, in fact, the most annoying. She's a rescue, and very literally neurotic about being petted. She must be touched, at ALL times, including the middle of the night, and will pat your nose (with claws out sometimes) over and over and over, no matter how many times you fling her off the bed, hoping that you might pet her little head just a bit.

For a while the dogs were a godsend. She slept in the living room and all was peace. But now, she lets herself in* and gets up on the bed. You'll see that she's not scared of dogs anymore.


Damn it.

Ah well.

I'm feeling better, I think. I go through stages where I just feel like utter crap, and then I'm fine again after a couple of ibuprofen. I feel like I'm fighting and winning, so THERE. Poor Christy is STILL sick and miserable. This one just knocked her out, but it could have been the jetlag from the Paris trip with Mom....

Last night I had a house full of people watching the L Word and knitting. I tell you what, there's nothing like entertaining on a small scale, in a small house, to make you feel good. And Lala learned how to cable in between programs. It was great to watch her move from disbelief to faith. Cabling is just one of those things: no matter how many times you tell someone, "No, I'm serious, it's SO easy. You can't believe how easy it is," she still looks at you with that "You've made a bajillion sweaters so of course YOU think it's easy but just shut up and show me how EASY this little trick is, you crazy knitter" look. And then you show her how to do it, in one sentence and one demo, and she says, "That's IT?" Oh, yeah. It's magic, baby. (I'll let her tell you what she's making. Tres cute.)

And a gratuitous yarn shot:


* There isn't a door in the house that Adah can't open except for the outside doors, and I've caught her hanging from those, her paws wrapped around the knob, swinging back and forth. She'll get it someday.


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Go, Rachael, GO! Gimme an R! Gimme an A! etc. etc. (In case it's not immediately obvious what I'm doing, I'm rooting for you against the flu.)

There is nothing like a kitty wanting to be loved even when they request the love at claw point! And is that Kureyon and Manos I spy in the yarn shot? I love that stuff.

Came to see if you're feeling better and glad to hear you are winning (so far).

i used to let my former kitty sleep on my head - over my ears and half over my face - because I knew if I moved my hands to shove her off, she would know that i was awake, and hours of petting would ensue. It was extra fun because she was a VERY long haired kitty. There's probably still moofie-fur in my lungs... :)

enjoy your vacation! :)

I taught Elliot (my 14 year old) to cable last night! It was just as you describe. I drew six little boxes then numbered them and said "You knit stiches 4, 5, and 6 first, then you knit 1, 2, and 3. Here's how." He watched, hollered "That's SO COOL!" and was off to the races.

I can remember being vaguely disappointed at how easy it is -- like, "THIS is what I had to get up my nerve to try?"

Glad you're better, at least some of the time!

I think Adah and my cat may be tied for most annoying. Mine wants to be pet at all times, pawing me in the nose or mouth at night (with claws) and shouting her annoying meow which is mmm-COW! Sometimes she does that in the echoing hallway until I wake up...annoying.

And then while I'm knitting, she tries to rub her chin on my needles until she hurts herself and tries to bite me. But she is cute, so I guess that makes up for it, right?

Aw...I had my first L Word experience last night...I was sitting around with a buncha women who were watching it too, but they were eating and heckling instead of knitting. It was kinda confusing as some of the women on that show have the exact same hair color and style and they're all waif thin...with the exception of Pam Grier. OOooOoO that wig! B-A-D!!! Even those ladies I was watching it with were even confused...and they watch every week! Oh well...

Oh those annoying kitties. How we love them. Alice is particularly fond of annoying bathroom moments. Never fails, the minute I get into the tub she needs to be loved NOW. She teeters along the side of the bathtub floofing her tail all around, inevitably drags it in the water and then whips me in the face with it. Sometimes she falls in and then it's like a jacuzzi tub as she scrambles to get out. Crazy damn cat.

And I thought Peony was the most annoying cat. I was wrong.

Feel better!

Two things that never cease to amaze me in knitting are cables and stripes. It may sound stupid, but each time I knit a stripe I still can't believe it is straight. I always expect it to look hand-drawn or tacked-on or something :-).

I love that with teaching cables! I had a friend block out an evening for me to teach her, and I kept telling her,"we only need ten minutes." She didn't believe me--then looked totally flummoxed when she realized I really did only have to show her once.

I showed a number of people at my LYS while I was working on my recent cabled sweater. I know exactly what you're talking about. And I am starting to go into cable withdrawal now that it's done! Uh oh!

I wish we got the L Word but alas we have crappy cable. Speaking of CABLE I am a wanna be cabler and my sis says the same thing, "It is Easy!" We'll see.. Glad to hear you are not flat on your back with the flu, just NOT fair to get sick on a vacation dammit!

I love how cables are so easy, yet so beautiful and impressive. I made your hot water bottle cozy and it impressed the hell outa me. I didn't have the right size circular needle so made it on some dpns and it worked out just fine. Thank you, thank you for that pattern.

Please, whatever you do, don't let Adah talk to Lucy. That's all I need. Lucy opening doors.

Our kitten has a thing with toilets....she nudges the door open while you're in there and then waits ....she walks around the seat as the water goes wherever it goes...THAT'S annoying!

Have I mentioned here that my first cable project was your Good Ole Cabled Scarf? I was amazed at how simple cabling really was, and my boy now wears the finished product regularly.

My Widget is trying to teach himself to open doors, but hasn't quite gotten the knack...yet.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation, write, write, write.

Our first cat Salvador used to spend... well, not hours, but long periods of time jumping at the dead bolt on our apartment door. He seemed to have missed the significance of the knob, but he got that the bolt was part of the trick...
I'm glad you're feeling better!! :)

Cable magic! The other one I enjoy is double-knitting. Hope the flu leaves and stays gone. I've rescued a couple of chatty claustrophobes, but never a nose-patting door-opening cat. Fascinating!

So fill me in - what do you think about the second season of the L?

oh, DO hope you're feeling all better, dear!

Aaaaw! I love the kitty (annoying though she may be) sprawled amidst the yarn & roving!

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