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VacayMarch 4, 2005


That's a happy sound, iffen you didn't know it. This is also a happy sound, said quickly and low: Wocka.

Know why I'm happy? Because I'm on VACATION! For seventeen days! Hoo boy! It's actually a week off using both overtime and a lot of help from my coworkers, and then a week on vacay, but it adds up to a glorious carefree seventeen days OFF.

Did I mention off? Like, no work? I did? Oh. Okay.

So posting might be sparse 'round these here parts (Deadwood starts on Sunday, don't forget -- ooooh -- I loved what the New Yorker said about the writer David Milch, how he shows a hell of a lot of darkness, knowing that just being able to see is the joy. Milch also sounds a little crazy, writing without ever touching a keyboard, hiring others to do that for him).

I'm going down south to Arroyo Grande this weekend for a wedding, taking m'girl and her dogs -- we're going to look at the ocean that runs along my hometown. And eat clam chowder. Sigh. Happy about that. After that, I really have no plans. I don't have the money to go anywhere else, even though I spent a little time online researching Last Minute Deals To Italy. It is not to be. Perhaps I'll just cook Italian. Or even better, I'll just drink some Italian wine. And listen to Italian pop. Er somethin'.

Okay, I'll admit, I do have one plan. And I'll tell you about it, so perhaps I'll shame myself into actually following through on it: I'm going to write. A lot. That's all I'll say. But I'm going to chain myself to a chair for a while. I will also catch up on my TiVo stash, while hopefully burning through some other stash at the same time (a retro-prep is almost done, and I'm hoping to perhaps design an aran cardie next). But I WILL write.

This is for our Cari: urban poppies on a city median, shot yesterday morning while I was stopped at a light at 7am, headed home, holding the cell phone/camera out the car window.


Look, they hadn't even woken up all the way yet.... I love them when they're like that.

Okey doke. I'm going to celebrate sloth. And write, yeah, yeah, whatever. But Laziness is the order of the day.

(Vacation) MWAH!


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Have a fabulous, glorious 17 days!!

Rachael, have a fantastic vacation. I imagine you lounging among beautiful fiber, eating bonbons with your girl, watching hours of television, your face blissful and serene. Enjoy your time!

Yay! vacation! have a great 17 days!
The poppies are gorgeous. Those and Ice plant are what I used to love to see driving around town.

Have a lovely, restful, happy vacation. And once you glue your bum to the chair, the writing will happen and will be great. And thanks for the shot of spring--it's rather white and cold here.

Yay for vacations, especially LONG ones! Intrigued, I said "Wocka" quickly and low, and sure enough, it made me grin a silly grin.

you know, for a moment there i thought i was seeing George! (that is the name of the massive aloe plant, right? i'm not just... imagining things?) enjoy the vacation!!

Have a wonderful lazy vacation Rachael!

OK, it falls to me, then...

Poppies, poppies...poppies will help them to sleeeeeeep...sleeeeeeeeep.


Yay! You're on vacation!! Oh, how I wish you had the $$ to take yourself to the East Coast, but I suppose you also need to chain yourself to a chair and write. But you could write here, you know. I'd let you.

Happy Vacay, darlin'! What fun to go road-trippin' with your girl and the pups. Take lots of pictures, 'k?

Have a wonderful time wiggling your toes in a glorious rest!

Enjoy your vacation! And the wocka? Always makes me think of Fozzie Bear - Wocka wocka wocka! Can't wiggle my ears like him though!

I was testing out how it would sound to say "Wocka" quickly and low, so I said it like 5 times in a row, with like different intonations, and my roommate was like what the hell are you doing? Heh heh...

And, Gina, I thought of Fozzie Bear too!

Have a supe-duper wonderful time doing just what YOU want!

Thanks for the poppies :)

(Now get to that writing desk, Missy!)

(vacation) MWAH!

Oh vacation, what a glorious word!

Happy vacation to you! And to Fozzie the Bear, too, wocka wocka wocka!

Vacay...lucky girl...I'm insanely jealous...until the 21st when my week of vacay starts. I'll just live vicariously though you until then.
Did you really like Deadwood that much? I didn't know anyone could/would/should work the word 'c*cks*ck*r" so much into a script. Whenever Dani and I talk about that show, we usually work 'I apologize' into conversation. Then again we sometimes just say it for fun [hopefully you remember that from one of the episodes, if not it's a moot point]. Regardless, we'll be watching it with ya!

Mmm, sloth. I love sloth. Enjoy it.

Vacation rocks! But who will fill the dispatcher void left by you??

Jacob and I are so pumped that Deadwood is starting again. We *heart* it.

Enjoy taking your girl home - that's so exciting!

totally jealous over here!!

be extra lazy for the rest of us will ya?

have a great vacay. write lots and take lots of pics of your hometown to show us. where is arroyo grande anyway????

You're finally getting a vacation - about time too! I'm happy for you and Lala and the doggies -- enjoy the ocean, and have lots of clam chowder, and don't forget to drop by Duarte's. Oh yeah, and write, write, write away.

Hurrah for sloth! Enjoy your lazy vacation!!

17 days off sounds like heaven to me! Enjoy!

Seventeen days! Dude, you could drive up here and back and STILL have time to catch up on your Tivo and write! I'll make up the guest bed...

Put the top down and SING
to that ocean of mine...k?

Didn't realize you were a Deadwood fan-thought you might think it was fun to know that Robin Weigert, the chick who plays Calamity Jane, is a big ol' muffdiver. Though she's not as butch in real life as she is on the show. Happy viewing.

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