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AlsoApril 13, 2005

And hey, it's National Dispatcher Appreciation Week! It's got a longer name than that, but that's what I think of it as.

We're having a meeting tomorrow at work, and I think they're going to give us gifts and tell us they appreciate us! We never get to hear it; only hear what we do wrong. It's hard not to get discouraged when you try to be courteous and professional and kind and try to make a difference, only to hear criticism ALL the time, and it's going to feel great to hear it from them.

So why don'tcha call a dispatcher (but don't call 911 for the love of god, unless you want the nice officer to see your unmopped floor) and tell her/him that you appreciate 'em. Even if she sounds rushed, and you can hear the phones ringing off the hook in the background, that dispatcher will feel happy for a moment. You'll make her night, and she probably needs it made. Thanks, y'all.


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I'm first, really?

Rachael, I appreciate you beyond belief!


Aww. We all appreciate you. A lot.

I think we should all celebrate by doing the Rachael.

Happy National Dispatcher Appreciation Week, Rachael! I think this should be one of those daily holidays, don't you? =)

I've been lurking for quite awhile now, and I can certainly say that you are appreciated! My day isn't complete without stopping in see what you're up to.

So, thanks.

Consider yourself vastly appreciated. I hope your meeting is full of gifts and choruses of "Job well done."


Hope you feel well-appreciated this week!

I appreciate you!

YAY for Dispatchers! And Yay for you Rach!!

Rachael, I can say without question that you are my favorite emergency services dispatcher ;)

I'm also coming out of hiding :) 911 dispatchers are amongst the most unappreciated job, but without them it would be chaos out there. Get on with your dispatchin' self!

Also, dispatchers are HOT. At least in these parts they are.

While I've never had to call a dispatcher, based on your blog, I hope if I do call I get someone with your humor and dedication. I appreciate what you do and your guidelines for when to/not call.

Happy Dispatcher's Week!

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