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ApologyApril 5, 2005

Even before I check email and comments from the weekend (I've been very offline), I need to make a very large, very loud public apology to Sylvia and Janine. We were supposed to meet today to spin. Sylvia, by all accounts (and I've heard from the East Coast on this one) is a master spinner, and I was thrilled to get a chance to learn at her knee. I was going to pick up sandwiches, then pick up Janine, then cruise out to Marin to spend a lovely day.

Instead, this is what I did. At Lala's, I woke up early. I had a little sore throat and some major allergies going on. I thought, stretching, oh, what a lovely day to have a lie-in, since I have to go back to work tonight. I'll sleep late. So I slept a few more hours, and woke up, came home, made coffee, turned on my email, ANSWERED AN EMAIL FROM JANINE, wondered idly what day it was and how soon Tuesday was going to roll around so we could spin together, and then I started saying, "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK."

No excuse. None. Just forgot and went back to sleep. When I called, Sylvia was grace personified, just glad I wasn't dead on the highway. I called Janine's house, and her daughter answered hopefully, "Rachael?" Gah! She was out shopping (thank god she had reclaimed some part of her day), and will call me back and will hopefully still want to be the friend of a sleep-deprived wanna-be spinner.

What I hate the most is that I made them wait, made them give up their day for NOTHING. I know nothing irks me more than someone being late without excuse, but I can only think of one time someone just didn't show up, and I didn't take it well.

I'm sorry, ladies. I'll try to make it up to you. Please forgive me for being a forgetful, sleepy jerk.

(Aside: I did have a dream in all that catch-up sleep that I was housesitting for my friend Monica who lives in Marin, watching her three-year old and her newborn, and that I was arriving at her house after work, realizing that I hadn't been at the house all weekend, and that baby Luna had been lying in the crib with no food and water for days. I had forgotten to take care of them. I guess my brain knew I had forgotten something in  Marin, just wasn't sure what. Aargh.)

**later: Janine called and was wonderful. I feel better. Still chagrined, but better.


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You see? That Daylight Saving Time is EVIL. Evil, I tell ya. This is the type of thing I've been doing for 72 hours. So it's not your fault. It's the evil time change. It's not natural.

I'm with Norma. Very, very evil.

I'm with the others...Daylight Savings is the work of the Devil!

Hmmm......I'm not so sure you shouldn't be punished. Perhaps Lala can dole out some "correction" in one form or another......:)

I'm with everyone else about Daylight Savings Time. I stayed in my pajamas until 4pm on Sunday. Just couldn't get moving. Today I overslept and almost wasn't ready when the dogwalker came to pick up Frankie! (But, on the good side, I mowed my lawn at 7pm last night.)


I'm definitely jumping on this hating DST bandwagon. It stole an hour from my all-nighter! I blame DST for my half-finished essay!

Everyday is a good day for a lie in, in my book! Poor Rach. Not like she was distracted or anything. Tee hee. Allergies, my foot. ;)

OOOPs ! Oh well, at least you have cultivated some very good friends...I would have loved to take your place (kinda a drive from the OC?)


I feel the need to stick up for Daylight Savings Time here, if for no other reason than it means warmer weather is *definitely* on the way, and it stays lighter longer, and what's not to love about that? So instead, I will blame...the IRS. Why not?

Poor Rachael! Friends understand, that's why they're friends. Between the DST and you working GRAVEYARD shifts, I don't know if I could even wake up. EVER! Obviously your body needed sleep to fight the allergies/virus and that's what it did, coma time.

Rachael, need I remind you that you won't HAVE Janine forever, now that we have sucked her back up here to the Northwest? Better take advantage of her while you can, girl! ;-)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks DST isn't that bad. I actually wake up when my alarm goes off now and not an hour before it! I'm a morning person, what can I say!
And really, you don't need to beat yourself up. As someone else said, you work the graveyard shift, and still find time to knit and spin, that, in itself, is a miracle!

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