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April 14, 2005

I forgot one of the funniest moments of my spinning day: We were driving back home and an SUV climbed up behind Janine, trying to edge her out as the two lanes merged into one.

She said, "I may have an environmental bumper sticker, but I'm no pushover!"
So I said, "Yeah, and we have spinning wheels, dammit!"
Janine said, "Ever hear of Sleeping Beauty, buddy?"


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ahahahahah.. that happens to me alot cause i drive a tiny car.. but I am an agressive driver .. but i dont have a spinning wheel *sigh*

HAH HAH HAH! So will the Bay Area soon become plagued by "gangs of roving spinners" (hee hee) who attack SUV drivers? ;)

Ah, wild times! ;-)

Hey--you're spinning now??? Rock on!!

Ha! I love that story! I'm so thrilled to hear about your spinning adventures. I'm not there yet, but you may inspire me to yet new heighths. Happy knitting.

Yeah! BadAss Knitters Rule!

hilarious. Janine is such a trip. And so are you. In the best way possible.

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