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IrkApril 8, 2005

Oh, man. THIS what my stitch pattern should look like in the Vogue cardie, and it so doesn't. That first motif does, the second, not so much. And I was all like, "There MUST be a problem. Sure! I know what I'm doing! Vogue must be wrong!" But Bogie got it, so I'm just screwing it up all on my own. Shoot. Maybe I'll try it again tonight. Don't think for a moment that I'm going to fix the sleeve that I've messed up, though. Oh, no. I know for a fact that if I get the rest of the motifs right, no one will ever notice. Or care. I like that.

Also: I should go running. And I should do some writing. Instead, I am very, very lazy. I have a 14 hour shift coming up tonight, and an additional 10 tomorrow night on my day off, so I'm throwing a little tantrum, right here on my living room floor. I will be LAZY right now! Yes! (And I had a training all day on Monday, which is prime weekend real estate, so I've had a very long week. It was a customer service class. For the third time. Three times they've sent me to the same class. I have to get a certain number of hours of training a year for work, but they don't check to see which classes would be good for a person, they just check to see what'll fit with scheduling. Same teachers, same words, same stories. Yawnly. I knit a whole sock.)

I should write. Gosh dang, why don't I want to write lately? It's irksome. Irk. Irk.
And irk.

To cheer myself up, I present Still Life with Two Cats, A Wheel and a Shitload of Sock Yarn:


See, that worked, huh? Enjoy your weekend, and I'll enjoy mine when it decides to show up, and love someone up, okay?


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The still life is lovely. I'll get the-novel-that's-much-shorter-than-your's out for editing again this weekend if you get some writing done.

Deal? Deal.

Enjoy whatever you can find of your weekend.

P.S. Lovely hats in previous posts. I'm SURE I don't have the dexterity for spinning, but you so obviously do, very cool!

That looks like a little slice of pure heaven to me! There are worse things than getting a sock knit in class - I hope they're paying you to attend, too!!

Just looking at that huge basket of sock yarn gives me a happy smiley feeling. :)

Somehow the stitch pattern worked for me, although it was a bear to read! I kept losing my place and finally resorted to using a post-it note to mark where I was. Let me know if I can help.

Wow, I was going to try that cardigan. I actually thought to myself, it can't be all that hard. Just jump in and do it, that's how you learn. But man, if the Rachel can't do it, I am not going to try !!

In the meantime, I got the books you recommended and I am working on my first sock, very cathartic. Yupp, just me the needles, yarn, the five cats, and oh yeah, one little boy...

If ever we meet, and I get to come to your house...please ignore the lumpy-ness of my clothes as I skitter out the door. I'm sure being around the kitties and yarn would just cause me to break out in hives the size of 50g balls of sock yarn...

Kismet, baby. I spent all day Monday in a training class I'd already been to, too. And while it wasn't my weekend, I did have to leave my house at 5:45 am and drive 90 minutes to get there...

You're just too cute.
Love the still life. ;)

Aah. Kits, sock yarn, sunshine, sofa, weekend not on Saturday or Sunday, friends and girlfriends... life is indeed good.

I'd say 24 hours of working in a 48 hour cap justifies, no wait, necessitates, a little laziness. I hope your early week is better than your weekend :-)

oooohhh!! the sun, the comfy sofa, the basket of yarns and the spinning wheel - some good things to come home to! thanks for sharing - it is a nice photo. terry in SF

Oh Rachael....I know how you feel.
I'm doing a free scarf pattern off the internet.
Simple "little Leaf" lace pattern. VERY simple pattern.
After about 5 attempts it is finaly working out.
Didn't help that the pattern and chart didn't jive and the wording in the written instructions for each pattern line were, um worded in a very obscure way..

You'll just have to set it aside and go back to it in a few days with fresh "eyes".


Hmm. Looks like a variation of Candle Flames in BWI. Bring it Tuesday if it's still wonky? I like Debbie's method of setting it aside for a bit.

Yep, that *totally* worked. Ahhhh. What a lovely scene.

And I love that flame-stitch cardie, and I love that you're knitting a lot! Hats, cardigans, wheeee!

You'll have to fix that sleeve baby. You'll get the rest looking snazzy and that darn sleeve will start to bug you. Mark my words.

I too had a class on my day off, though much shorter than yours AND one I'd already taken also. What's up with that line of reasoning, day off--of course she'd like to drive to Emeryville and take a class to add knowledge to her part time job skills....

You could always go buy shoes, that's what I want to do.

Your house looks so cozy and inviting... and it's not laziness, it's recharging. The still life just brings out the cat in me, yearning to curl up on that sunny sofa and relax.

Hey Rachael-

Go Running!!!!! Just for 30 or 45 minutes, you'll feel great, plus being lazy after you run is better because you're justified.

Still no writing? I know the feeling, when its work to even think about writing...my latest excuse revolves around needing a "writing area" pure bullshit. I think the muse has taken a vacation, at least that leaves more time for knitting.

I'll say it worked. Can I come over and knit in your cozy living room with you? I will bring cookies...

your still life picture looks like the most inviting place ever!

Am I the only one thinking about making a chart from this pattern? I like charts *sooo* much more than written instructions--so much easier to read my knitting and how it corresponds with the instructions that way!

Hey! Did you notice that Bogie posted an error in the VK pattern on her website??? I just saw that and thought of you hasta pronto! Go to http://knitflix.blogspot.com.

I just posted another correction:

The instructions for the 37.5" size don't jive at all when dividing for the fronts and back. What size are you making?

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