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MaryB is NiceApril 19, 2005

Okay, we didn't fly away. We WERE on a private jet, flown by Lala's really super cool dad (who also wears super cool sunglasses, like she does), but we were on the tarmac, and the door was open. But it was fun.

I still have no time to blog. Have to be in for a 14 hour shift for my Monday (had one full day off this week -- it was nice) in about two hours, so I'm hurrying. I must go for a run or I might never run again.

But I'll let MaryB in Richmond (not to be confused with MaryB in Seattle -- for a while I thought she had two houses, far apart) blog for me today.

With her permission:

Hey, girl!

I wasn't actually expecting to talk to a police dispatcher during police dispatcher appreciation week, but then nobody *ever* expects to talk to a police dispatcher. A NON-EMERGENCY call.

My David was heading off to the Prom, wearing the most gorgeous tux on earth and driving Richard's 1949 Mercury....and smiling such that bugs got in his teeth.  I'm following him to the date's house, for the traditional picture-taking session, then they will go off to dinner and I will come home.

Except that the 1949 Mercury decided it wasn't all that excited about the Prom after all, and cut off.  On the busiest road in the area.  And, did I mention the tux? But the good news was that I was behind him.  I handed him *my* keys, said "Go.  I'll figure it out," and sent him on his way.  Not quite as smiley, but then...stuff happens.

I found me a ride home, and at the suggestion of the friend who drove me I called the non-emergency number to report the car and to beg them not to tow it.  (You don't just hook up and tow a 1949 Mercury...that would just be wrong.) 

The guy I was talking to was really nice, and assured me that nobody would ticket or tow it tonight.  And then I said "And I hear that this is National Police Dispatcher Appreciation Week, and for all you do let me just say 'Thank you!'"  He loved it!  I told him I have a friend who's a dispatcher and she had asked all her friends to remember to say something, if the opportunity arose.  Then he said "Well, I'm sorry that the opportunity arose, but it was nice of you to remember!"

So David is off to the prom in a Ford Focus wagon (with a stick shift, though, so it's not all bad).


Hard to know which is more gorgeous:  the handsome 17 year old in the tux, or the handsome 56 year old in the seafoam green paintjob!

I couldn't wait to get home and let you know of my NPDAW festivity! {{{}}} Mary

Thanks, MaryB!

And quickly, here's what my WONDERFUL family got me for our week of appreciation:




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Ohhh, now I'm all misty-eyed. That '49 Mercury -- WOW! Boy, kids in other parts of the country really do prom up right. Around here you'd be on the John Deere. (only a small exaggeration)...but seriously, I've been seeing some prom pics on the net that are true revelations to me. the kids look so poised in their formal wear. In Vermont, they all look ridiculous and horribly uncomfortable in ill-fitting ugly dresses and such. And to have the kahunas to drive a car like that -- Awesome!

Aw, what a great story. Very handsome fellow -- and that car! Be still my heart! He must be one really great kid, too, to be allowed to drive it!

Your flower are lovely and well-deserved.

He *is* a wonderful kid -- a wonderful person, actually! Very trustworthy and responsible, and yet not a bit boring.

...and the child does love to wear a tuxedo.

Thank *you,* kind Rachael, for your nice words and the fun publicity!

The fabulous Richmond maryB is BLOGGING! That was a sneaky way to enable her, Rachael, but SEE, people? That woman needs her own blog!

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