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Misc.April 8, 2005

Just finished another hat! And this one is for Dulaan, I swear. And damn, is it soft and warm. I would move to Mongolia for this hat. Okay. Maybe not. But I would move to the couch for this hat, that's for sure.


The orange/tan is plied merino/tencel, the orange is corriedale, and the grey stuff is lovely merino/silk, all from Deep Color.

I'm loving knitting the handspun -- I don't know why it's so much softer than commercially prepared stuff, but it is. It's probably because I'm not doing it right or something. But I'm digging it. I want to make socks. Oh, yes.

I'm sleepy, and my sentence structure breaks right down into very simple short sentences when I'm like this. Uh-huh. Yawn.

Hey! In the new Vogue Knitting, I started the 9th pattern, the Flame Stitch Cardigan, but that stitch pattern breaks down for me somewhere in rows 13-24 of the pattern. The first 12 are fine and make a good-lookin' flame, while the second set make an offset crooked leaf, rather than an offset copy of the first 12 rows. I haven't had the time or the spare brain cells to figger out the problem, though. Anyone else? It hasn't hit their errata page yet. I really don't think it's me, but it could be. Somebody, start a sleeve or something and let me know.....

Okey doke. It's your morning, but it's my goodnight. And please for the love of all that's holy, don't honk your horn in someone's driveway, even if it's the daytime. You never know who needs her sleep. And when exactly did knocking go out of style? No one knocks in my hood, I tell you that. Anywho. 'Night.


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Sleep well, knowing that handspun is known for being springier and more lively and yummier to knit than any mill spun yarn around. Love your hat! And I WILL go with you on Tuesday, OK?

A beautiful hat.Yes,handspun is meant to be softer.And more fun to knit !

That is one of our (me and my hubby's) biggest pet peeves. It drives us batty when people don't bother to get out of their cars and come knock. It's discourteous to the neighbors and it's discourteous to the person you're picking up! Who wants to be called like a trained dog?!

You just crack me up. I love being cracked up.

Another blogger that I read is currently working on the Flame stitch cardigan from the new Vogue. Here's a link to her site incase you want to ask her any questions about the stitch. http://chrisknits.blog-city.com/

I hope this helps.

Another hat for Dulaan! Woo-hoo!!!

One of the other knitters in my group is making that cardi - she might have insight. Janice's blog is here.

I HATE driveway honkers! And I hate my neighbor who continually has car problems (which is fine I have a crappy car too) but refuses to fix them. Instead, she cranks her engine at about 630 in the morning for an average of 15 - 20 minutes before it actually turns over. Ooooh, just thinking about it makes me want to go yell at her. But I won't.

Cute hat and way fab spinning Rachael. I am so impressed!! Wow!

Hey, if your handspun is coming out soft you are doing well. My first 20 skeins were like rope, wiry rope, from overspinning. You must be catching on :)

This blog has a wonderful series of tips about the Flame Cardi. http://knitflix.blogspot.com/ I am afraid I haven't gotten any further than the ribbing and the swatch. Didn't notice a problem with my swatch though.

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