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My New AddictionApril 6, 2005

Well, let's talk fiber, shall we?

I forgot to mention that on Saturday, my sisters, Lala, and I drove out to Meridian Jacobs in Vacaville for their open house. On the Central Coast, where I'm from, that would mean a winery. Up here, it means sheep. Lovely sheepy-sheep, and little lambs. And a llama!


The llama had the softest nose of anything I've ever felt. Really. All day I kept thinking about soft things, and trying to remember if they were as soft as that, and no, they weren't. Cashmere? No. The inside of a baby's elbow? No. His muzzle was downy and snuzzly and did-I-mention-soft and amazing. And then I ran like hell because I was scared he was going to spit on me.

And there was wool for sale. You remember how many bags Baa-baa Black Sheep had? Yep. Like that. The stash is already getting embarrassing. While I shopped, Lala made friends.


That middle boy was SO cute and so very into showing Lala how everything worked.

So here's some stuff I've spun:


And here's some stuff I've yet to spin:


That fluffly stuff on the left is wonderful ALPACA that Ann in Minnesota sent me -- samples from her very own babies. I'll let you know if she ever starts selling it, 'cause it's gorgeous, and I'm a very lucky lady.

And look! Product! I made a hat last night, one that actually looks good on me.


Hats NEVER look good on me, and I do mean never. The next hat I make from my own yarn will go right to Dulaan, but I've got my greedy little fingers in this one, and I can't let it go.

I'm just going to jot down the pattern I used for the hat, since it worked well, and I don't want to forget it:

At 5st/inch, on size 6 US, cast on 100, join, work k2p2 for six inches, then k7k2tog around, then one row in pattern, then k6k2tog around, then one row in pattern, continue like this until just about done, k2 around, yarn through remaining stitches twice, pull, weave in ends. Bam. Hat is done. Now your head is warm, right?


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Wow, your spun yarn is gorgeous! Great job. Love that hat too!

Lovely hanks, beautiful hat, and (I swear I am not hitting on you) you have the most incredible eyes I have ever seen!

Thanks for the pattern, too.

xoxox Lynne

Well, holy cow! Look at you go! That's some good lookin' hanks and hat you got goin' on there~~heh, heh, the pick-upline/flirtfest continues~~you sure you've never really spun much before..?

[chachi]Lookin' gooOOOOood! [/chachi]

Mmmmm...fiber.... What *is* that gorgeous purplish stuff on top? And how do I get some?

Holy huge eyes, Batman!

What loverly yarn you've made.

Oh my god, your yarn is so freaking gorgeous! The purple stuff... wow wow wow! I am so impressed! I wish I had room to do that in my house!

WOw on the spinning! I was going to go to Meridian Jacob's and sniff, I had to go to a Little League game, instead. Sob. I may have to content myself with mail order...great looking hat, too.

Damn it, I need to find someone to teach me how to spin again. I am so impressed with what you've accomplished so far, and that HAT...wow!

Your spun yarn is just beautiful!

And the hat looks great on you!

I love your hat. Also, did anyone ever tell you that you have really nice eyebrows?

A hat in one sitting? I can't even do a scarf in a week. Oh well, 'tis the joy of learning and improving! LOVE the eyes - Lala better watch out! ;}

Look at you spinning up a storm! Those skeins are gorgeous!

Waaaaaa. I'm trying to spin ANYTHING but it seems I'm just going to have to practice my hands off!

Wow, Rach, your handspun looks amazing! I bought a drop spindle at SW and can't, for the life of me, figure out how to handle the roving. So I applaud you!

sheep and wool, sheep and wool. We are going to sheep and wool.

Girlfriend! you've become a mini-mill!
And those eyes...have to agree with all the other comments...no I'm not hitting on you either but I have a crush on those eyes!

Debbie in wet, miserable Ontario, Canada

Am I the only one that read: My New Addition? My brain bounced around, I read the post, then realized the mistake. Beauty! You temptress! I might have to try my hand at spinning.

Love it, love it! Gorgeous yarn. I wish I had a pal with an extra spinning wheel to lend me, too - you lucky gal :o) That hat & the red hair look great on you, too!

Snuzzly = best new word. I want to run out and pet something now. Oh wait, I have a dog and a kitty (and a sleepy knitting husband...) - I have things to pet. Probably nothing as fabulously snuzzly! as the Llama.

I always have liked the double Ll.

Have you ever gone to the Dixon Sheep and Wool festival. My sister and kids are making fun of me because I am planning my vacation around the Dixon Sheep and Wool Festival.

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