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O.K.C.April 29, 2005

I am knitting. Did you know that? You probably didn't. It sometimes strikes me that I'm not a knitblogger, but a blogger who knits. I just don't very much like blogging the little knitted pieces.

Right now I'm making socks (new Knit Picks superwash merino in Hydrangea, SO soft) for a friend's birthday, a homespun hat for Ryan's Scam, and I just finished last night a wee little baby sweater for a preggers friend at work. I did that five-hour sweater, and while I found its instructions a little odd, I ignored the funny bits and it turned out so ooey-gooey sweet. Of course, I didn't take a picture of it. But I did make it out of this lovely angora pink stuff, I think it was old Classic Elite Lush from the stash pile, and I also just finished the new Vogue flame cardie in the same yarn, so at least you'll see the color. Yeah. Soon. When I get around to attaching a zipper (no buttons for me, thanks). Whenever that is. I have a brand new TV and I haven't watched a single program yet. This weekend also promises to be busy as heck, but that's fun stuff.

Hey! The Whoreshoes are playing Smiley's Saloon in Bolinas on Saturday night. If you've ever been to Bolinas, you know this is the perfect venue for 'em. It's a run-down honkey-tonk where the bar stools grab your ass and the pianer leans a little more at closing time. You should go. I'll be the groupie with the lighter.


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Just sayin'.

Yoo hoo! Find me in Maryland. I'll be the one with the orange luggage and the neon hair. Ohh, a homespun hat for Ryan's scam. Awesome, dude.

I'm definitely more of a blogger who knits than a knitblogger. I often have to force myself to include *some* knitting content, which seems silly I suppose since it's my blog and I can write about whatever I want.

By the way, I loved the goofy pics you posted the other day. :-)

Hey, what time is La's show? I wanna go...

Warning, warning (waving robot arms) Knitpicks Sock garden is NOT superwash. And don't pu t them in a little mesh bag and wash on cold on the washer, either, or we'll be able to have an itty bitty felt sock exchange. (sob) The colors are great, the price is great, but handwsh them. There, I've save a fellow knitter from ruin.

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