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SleepyApril 13, 2005

Really, no time to post. I swear. I have ten hours off today. With driving and bathing and eating and peeling a banana, that leaves, like, no time at all. Pics will be coming of my fabulous day of spinning (NOT my bathing, but thanks for pointing out my vague phraseology).

Tune in tomorrow? Bad blogger, me. Tired blogger, also. Mwah.

(Hey, do you know that even TMK reminded me via email about yesterday's spin-up? That was COOL.)


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Aw, c'mon, a bathing pic in your gorgeous tub would make a nice new banner for spring, dontcha think? With knitting, of course, artfully arranged to cover all the bits that people can't handle seeing.

What, you don't knit in the bath? As if. You do too.

"With driving and bathing and eating and peeling a banana, that leaves, like, no time at all."

Disturbingly, this statement got an "I KNOW!" from me.

Wanna save time? Don't peel the banana- just squeeze it so the banana flies out of the peel. Works on cartoons.

Sleep tight,
Don't let the bedbugs bite,
Wake up bright in the morning light,
To do what's right with all your might!

Ni-night, little Rachael!

"Mom" Laura from beautiful West Michigan

I was gonna CALL to remind you ;)
Can you spin moonlight yet?
Can you?

I think I missed my spot in your learning curve to actually teach you something- so, now will you teach me? Especially the moonlight thing. Get some blackout shades next time you go to Target, and sleep fast!

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