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SpoiledApril 27, 2005

Night out with Amy:

A wonderfully grinning Amy (I love this shot) and her best friend Christie:


Me'n'La, just being goofy:


Okay, so we were nothin' BUT goofy:



Thank goodness we weren't driving that night. Day-um, we had some fun.

And while we're on photo-sharing, lemme show you somethin' else. The other night my TV blew up. Ka-snap kachewey ka-POW! There was a white flare on the screen and then little dying panicked flickers that signaled great television distress.

I didn't panic. This was, after all, a second-hand TV. And in my bedroom, behind the cat toys and a chair was another old second-hand TV that had been destined for the thrift store, but hadn't yet made it. I asked Lala if she wouldn't mind hooking up that one and disposing of the old one, since she had mad Contender needs last night. She said sure.

I got home at 5 this morning to find this:


A brand damn-spanking new TV. You ever seen something like that? I've never had anything like it! It's clear! The sound is great! You can actually read WORDS on it! And it matches the white and silver of the chairs, and is generally about a mill-yun times better than the old one.

I am spoiled. Really, really rottenly spoilt. Of course, I've got the TiVo and all the channels, so I'm just glad she'll be over here even MORE often. Oh, yeah.

Meantime, I've got yet another 14 hour shift at work and no time to watch or spin. Someday....


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awww that's so sweet. dontcha love it when they go and do something like that? i never know whether to jump up and down or hug or cry. usually it's some combo of the three :)

She's a keeper, Rach!

What a sweetie! Isn't that just the way, though? A really great new present and no time to play with it!

You all are just too darn cute!!

And the gift from La...awesome.

You all are just too darn cute!!

And the gift from La...awesome.

okay, your blog post is so full of happy! and that's just what I needed this morning! those pics are hilarious...you are all so adorable.

Lala is SUCH a gem.

Wow! Makes the table look a little puny. I see an "entertainment center" in your future!

I think she wuuuvvvvs you !!

Will you pleasepleaseplease get that plant off the top of that stupendiferously BEAUTIFUL tv? A friend of mine had her plant up there and one day over-watered it and described in the exact same detail as you, the death of her tv.

Can I date Lala too?

Seriously, though, that is just about the sweetest thing ever. Lala is more than wonderful. She might be too wonderful for words, even...

And you two? Just plain CUTE!! You get my vote for best couple.


(that's for the photos, and the La-love.)

I have mentioned before how very utterly much I love hearing about the Great Big Love the two of you have? Seriously. This entry? Definitely one more thing in an evergrowing list of really supersweet things you've done with and/or for each other that you've written about and it's made me go all *squee!* and *squish!*

Lucky girl...

Those pictures are cracking me up, definitely the smile I needed this morning!

What a great gift! Shiny, happy tv! Yippee!

And here I thought she had finished off her windfall on her new computer... Isn't that sweet? All that and a visit from Amy, too. Lucky girl!

Wow! Your girlfriend kicks ass!

Many happy TV watching hours to you.

Or my kids for that matter. Happy Watching!

That's an awesome picture of Amy. Ohh, I miss Amy. Sniff. Sniff. Lucky you - on all counts. :)

Uh, yeah tell La my transmission's acting up...seriously what a fab-u-lous gift! Extra remote time for her.

WOW.. Very impressive and thoughtful gift from Lala. I can see you two snuggled in front of it now :) (If my husband did something like that I would have to fall over from shock.)

YOU are hilarious -- look at your face! Cutie!

The new TV is nice, the visit sounds great, but what I really want to talk about is how great your hair looks long like that.

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