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UnexpectedApril 22, 2005

This is crazy. When I woke up fifteen minutes ago, I thought about going running. It looked like a nice day. Instead, I made coffee and toast with honey and sat down to look at email.

Suddenly, it's POURING outside. The sky just broke. I looked up from the computer to see Adah sitting at the window. She swiveled her head around to look at me, and I've never seen a more expressive, wide-eyed WTF look on a cat, ever. I went out the sliding glass door in the bedroom that overlooks the freeway and watched the cars slow in confusion. That smell! It's totally a spring rain smell, very different from the winter kind. Winter rain smells cold and bittersweet. Spring rain smells electric and unexpected.

I've left the front and back doors open with the screens on, and that cool wet pavement smell is blowing through the tiny space. I love it.

Not much time off today, just enough to bathe and maybe fifteen minutes for spinning. But know what? I've been writing lately, and it's amazing how much better I handle a busy schedule when I'm doing what I love, what I want to do.


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Oh, I love that smell too. Especially when the pavement is a little warm.

It's supposed to snow here tomorrow.

I was walking to the deli down the corner from my office to get ice-cream when it started raining - so weird!

I LOVE that you're writing, and love that you're loving it. We've had rain today too, and the forsythia out front seemed very happy about it.

(countdown to hugging you in person again) MWAH!

Mmm, I love that kind of rain. And I love that I know (in the cybersense, at least) someone who can write evocatively enough for me to know exactly what she's saying, and to know that we've shared a very similar sensual memory. How cool is that?

I WISH the sky would break here. This pollen here in NC is kicking my arse and I just want some relief from it for a while.

Yesterday in Seattle--77 and sunny. This morning a breeze has started up and you can smell the rain coming. Totally a spring smell. TMK

It only threatens to rain here (So. France). It's been doing this on and off for weeks, making it ugly enough outside to ruin a good day but none of the good stuff that makes the plants grow. And, I remember when I first smelled a the California asphalt during the first ten minutes of a rain. I especially remember noticing it when the asphalt was warm. I was 12, and it was foreign to my Texas/Oklahoma senses. I lived there for 10 years and never got used to that smell. What causes it to be different in California, anyway?

I love when my kitty looks at me in those ways that Adah looked at you. I feel I really know what my cat is thinking. Then again, there are those moments that I have NO CLUE what he's thinking. Like when he chases his tail, or why plastic bags are scary when shaken around, but left on the floor they make a great place for a nap.

Dude, it's *snowing* here.

When I read that you "made coffee and toast with honey," I thought you meant that you and Lala made breakfast together! Hee.

Yeah Writing!

Sorry, I am new to the net and am posting this in a differrent place, but I noticed
that the address on the purse pattern made with plastic yarn did not fully post. Here
it is again. Hope I got this figured out.

The rain certainly affects our emotions. I remember wishing that it rain the whole day just so I could justify my feeling gloomy. Rain represents gloom - but only most of the time, or depending on whose being sentimental. And the rain? It didn't come that day that I wanted it to.

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