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Woot!April 29, 2005

I put the zipper in, but I'm at work, so all I've got for you is this:

From the new Vogue Knitting, Flame Cardie:


Better pics and specs on Monday(ish). I *LOVE* this sweater.

Happy weekend! Mwah!


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You are so stinking fast! (at knitting...) I'm looking forward to seeing a clearer picture soon. That is such a cute pattern and you're right, a zipper works really well. :)

That sweater is so cute. Can't wait to get a better look soon!

Gorgeous! Looking forward to Monday.

Sweater looks great and I love your camera phone pics. You crack me up!

I need zipper advice. You got any for me? My Kierkegaard (formerly known as Kirstin) is sitting there waiting, and I'm too scared to put it in.

Very nice! I've got the body, sleeves, and half the ribbing done. Now if only work would slow down so I could get some knittin' time in...

that's lovely. i may have to revisit that pattern. i love it with the zipper.

Hey there, gorgeous. If you, um, forget to take that sweater back with you when you leave my house...you know, if you were to leave and I just happen to find it lying there in the guest room... Well... I guess I'm saying that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

The in-the-mirror-camera-phone picture gives the suggestion that it's a very cute cardi! Can't wait to see a better picture!
Speaking of pictures, guess who's picture was on page A4 of the Ann Arbor News yesterday? They took your picture from the article a few weeks ago, and pasted it to a different AP wire story about the exorbitant price of housing.

Want to see the yarn, want to see the cardi more! I love the notion of zipper instead of buttons.

Too Funny! I can tell by the smile on your face how much you love that sweater. It looks super cutie!

a whole new meaning to
what's happening by the water cooler
You are SO darn Adorable.
Can't wait to hug you TIGHT.
Next Week!

even with the blurry water cooler shot, this sweater looks great on you!

Looks great from here! :)

I love how the stitch pattern makes it look like it is veeeerrrry cold by the water cooler...wink, wink, knowhatehmean, eh,eh?

Hey, I know I'm not the only one who ever swings by here in the hopes of gettin' a glimpse of nippage...

just kidding. mostly.

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