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May 26, 2005


See? I wrote.


Honestly, I wrote so much that I'm almost out of words. Okay, there are a few left, I think. I wrote when I woke up, as soon as I woke up, coffee in hand (and it was hard -- I could see all those nice email comments waiting in the inbox, and I just wanted to click and read but I knew I'd never get back to writing).

Then I wrote at work, too, and got a lot done. Hot damn.


Yep. Words all gone. Whoops. Done spent 'em all. Shoot.

So here for fun is another 911 story. This one is great, and it was sent to me simultaneously from Christy and Jon:
Woman Calls 911 With Pizza Complaint.


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Sadly, but true - funny too, is that this woman definitely is out of whack up there. Glad you got the writing in, and lots of it. ps- went to Artfibers a few weeks ago and saw your "piece of art"/sweater.

Congrats on the inspiration and productivity!

Gold star smack dab on the forehead for you!

Yes! Big gold star and A COOKIE for you!

gold stars and cceggs all round!

Yippee! Woo-hoo! Gold Star day! So what are you doing to reward yourself for all the writing? ;)

You go girl! :)

You know, I think that medical attention may have been more appropriate than arresting her. Sounds to me like a case of impending dementia - patients in the early stages of dementia are often overly and inappropriately aggressive. Understandable if you're afraid you may be losing your mind, really...

Yay for the writing! I totally relate since I'm working on my thesis. While it's not writing I enjoy, I always feel better when I get some of it done.

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