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AlsoMay 27, 2005

Two observations that I made when I got home this morning:

Eight = the total number of squares of toilet paper that I had left in my house when I entered carrying the new pack I bought last night.

That kind of GEENYUS was quickly snuffed out as I put the last little bit of Chubby Hubby Ben&Jerry's in the microwave for ten seconds to thaw it a bit, started to count to ten (since it's on an old dial and I have to set it for one minute), and then forgot completely (I'm pretty sure I got to three) and wandered away to look at the pretty, pretty yarn in my bedroom. I now have ice cream soup. And it ain't half bad.

To bed!


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ROFL. Why does that sound so incredibly familiar? But I'm old; you're young. You don't have the same excuses.

Chubby Hubby is the best...if you like oatmeal cookies, you have to try the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. OHMIGOSHITSSOGOOD!!!

Thank goodness you do that kind of thing, too. I thought it was just me getting old...

I'm not the only one!!! Have a great weekend, QT!

ha! that is totally something i would do. in fact, i'm always burning dinner because i'll go into the living room to knit one more row and then get carried away.

I'm glad I am not the only one out there that nukes the ice cream to make it a bit softer.

When my son was a baby, I went through 5 bottle sterilizers. I would put them on the stove to do their thing, fall asleep out of pure exhaustion, and would wake up to the wonderful aroma of plastic melting onto an enamel pot.

Now I just go from one room to another, and forget why I went there. OLD!

W. :)

It makes me so happy that you soften your ice cream in the microwave. Other people in my household, who apparently like ROCK SOLID ice cream, frequently suggest that I am doing something very wrong when I do that. Hmmph.

Mmm! Chubby Hubby is my favorite... which is why there is none in my freezer right now! And I imagine that if I had a microwave, I'd do that. I used to do it when I had one, but now, no room. I keep yarn where it would go...

Don't you feel wonderful? You've just made many people truly believe in themselves, that microw-ing their ice cream is OK! Ah, I think I'll have to join the group - I've got many bent spoons from hard ice cream.

oh yeah...
nuking the chubby hubby
here too...
and hey...
did the file thingie thing I sent you
work at all?
I forgot to check...
one more row and all that.
What was I saying?

I do the same with boiling the kettle. I need the water to be boiling as I am English and I am difficult about how I drink my tea. I boil the kettle and wander off to do 'just a row'. 10 minutes later I come back, put the kettle back on the boil and do the same again. You are not alone! A.x

haha - mmm, hot chubby hubby. i love me some floating walnuts. ;)

I think I have a date later with Phish Fud and my nuke-meister.

Ice cream? not listening lalalalalalala *fingers in ears*

I am terrible at putting things in the microwave and then forgetting them! I sometimes find them MUCH later, when I go to microwave something else.

i loved this post.

but i'm not sure i could even pee once on only 8 squares...


I just wanted to let you know I added your link to my blog. You don't have a button I missed do ya?

Ice cream soup. I discovered that by accident once too. But I also discovered that less premium ice cream creates just a disgusting foamy mess

At least you have excellent taste in junk foods, so you have an edible result.

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