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At Least I'll be RegularMay 13, 2005

What with all this fiber, you know.

So begins the fiber confession. I have to admit that when I bought the bin at Target and loaded it up, I was slightly horrified.


It's ginormous. And as we travelled home and it sat on the floor for a day while I worked too much to open it (isn't that the saddest thing you ever heard?), it grew in my mind, bigger and bigger, until I thought I had the biggest stash in the world (I don't, by the way. That would be Amy). I was terrified to open it. You know, the whole exploding thing.

Wednesday afternoon, I opened it. And honestly, it's not that bad. Comparatively. (Let me have this dream, please.)


See? Could be worse, right? (Adah shown for scale.)

Want a close up of some of the colors? Not like I remember what kind of fiber they are (most should have tags/receipts, but I wasn't religious about it), but I just LOVED this colorway, actually went back for it and bought it at 5:02pm on Sunday:


And this, I believe, is merino with a bit of mohair, but who knows?


I got enough different batts to make four sweaters, and a few smaller amounts of fiber just to play with, some of that luscious Cormo, and a mohair ball or two, along with some Targhee (is that right?) in crazy colors.

And of course, the prized object was my Joy (sleeping Adah in the background):


Yes, she's that purdy. I love her. The thing is, with a double treadle you can stop the wheel with your feet, allowing you to be able to sit back on the couch. No hard high-backed chair for me now. Now I can semi-cuddle while spinning. Very important, that. Also, when I got her out of the bag yesterday, a Milky Way Dark jumped out at me from the second pocket. I think she likes me, too.

Happy weekend, all!


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OMG, it's all so... beautiful. The wheel especially. Glad to hear you had a great time.

it is bee-you-tifully ginormous!

What a great haul! I can't wait to see the goods spun up! You have made me totally lust for one of those babies... Maybe Rhinebeck.

Oh...my... WOW, you weren't kidding! That was a lot of fibre. Perfectly exquisite acquisitions...just imagine how much fun it will be to spin that up!

Is that a 70-gal. container? If it's any consolation, I've got four of those filled with yarn stash (and could use one more, esp. after MS&W!). You got some luscious stuff there ~ and I think added a lot of it on Sunday. Wish I'd asked for a spinning demo. Maybe you can upload some video! XXO

of course she loves you. we all do. and covet your stash. extensively. did I say that sue bought more fiber than I did?? she did.. now she wants me to spin her yarn so she can knit. the *nerve*!

Beautiful stuff...and may I congratulate you for having the foresight to actually get enough to make the size projects that you want? I have tons of bits of stuff I love, but not enough to make what I want to make of them, and if I do buy more the dye lots won't match. Boo-hoo. So you had a very damn good reason! The wheel is hella cute. Hella.

Clearly you were meant to be a lounge spinner.

As a fellow spinner you have me drooling. Yummy! And your first wheel OF YOUR VERY OWN! Bliss.

I really like the mix of colors in your fibers. You are just gonna have such a great time spinning it up and/or just petting it. =)

congrats on your new wheel Rachel! she really is pretty. When I met you & Bethany at last year's festival, you were verging on buying a Lendrum - what made you change your mind? of course you must know that the first order of business is a name for your new baby...

That has got to be the cutest damned spinning wheel I've ever seen...and now that I know it has (a) a backpack and (b) the ability to allow you to spin with it while cuddling/serving-as-pillow-to-sleepy-partner...well, why *wouldn't* you sleep with it?

Don't answer that ;-) I'm getting dirty looks to the right of me just for saying I'd sleep with a spinning wheel in our bed...mainly because "darling, you don't spin."

Yet. You've made it look so excuseless and deeply needable and impossible to not do...I'm in deep shit now.

Thank you, Rachael :-) You are one kickass enabler...

Ok- had to give up on Flame, as it has some kind of genius IQ awe inspiring 24 row repeat. But that roving- the melon, fuchia and olive one? I'll be up late in the kitchen trying to duplicate that! It's fab-ou-lose!

I'm so jealous! I'm finally back to knitting after tooooo long of a break to get a handle on this motherhood thing. Hopefully our paths will cross someday soon!

Lovely fiber and your wheel is goregous.

I just followed your link over to Amy's. Good freakin' dog. If that isn't a cautionary lesson. Beware the slippery slope, girl. All the same, you did score some beautiful fibre.

i love all your fibery stuff you got. and isn't it nice when your wheel lets you know that it likes you? i love having a double treadle wheel, they are totally fun.

I just found your blog, and I really enjoy it. I have some major fiber-envy going on right now. Those colors are gorgeous! Your wheel is great too!
Spinning is something I would LOVE to try, looks like lots o' fun!

I'm not bitter...... No Sheep and wool for me...
Your Joy is beautiful... and all that fiber.
I have a DT Joy as well, and I'm glad, Cause I've heard tales of people with one overly muscular leg, from using a single.

If I don't get a wheel after following this spinning odessey, I'll be really surprised. I've managed to resist adding to the fibre obsession for many years, but you're making it look so fun.

And all that roving is so yummy.

Oh my. I hadn't imagined the container *that* ginormous. (But good for you.)

I thought for sure the bag you were carrying wouldn't fit in anything less than a uhaul :) You are working up to my stash, my wool is quickly depleting and soon you will be queen of the fiber stash!

OK...I was wrong...You did get more than me! Have fun girlie!

It all looks wonderful and I can't wait to see updates on what you do with it. The wheel is just gorgeous, and I'd love to see a picture of it actually "in action". Demanding, aren't we? :)

Now *that's* a haul. Beautiful yarn, yummy roving, and love the wheel!


I just had to comment on that big smile of yours. I just visited a number of blogs (can't remember which ones) where you were pictures with some others who went to the maryland sheep and wool thinga-ma-jiggy... and I noticed you have the same, huge, happy,infectious smile in all of them. too cute!

Did you actually 'carry on' the Joy? or did you have to leave it at the bottom of the ramp? I do so want to take mine with me sometimes. oh yes, what airline?

Congrats on the new wheel, I bet it's a pleasure to spin! Your fiber haul is fantastic, and Lala's photo is hilarious. It says it all.

Congrats on the new wheel, I bet it's a pleasure to spin! Your fiber haul is fantastic, and Lala's photo is hilarious. It says it all.

rach! that photo of you eating people is hilarious. and all that yarn...looks good enough to eat. :) sounds like you had a blast - now knit something else gorgeous already! (that sweater is fab - did i tell you that already? i'm lovin it.)

You got some gorgeous things in MD, gal. I emailed you some pictures last week and I have lots more. It was sure a lot of fun. Maybe I'll have to knit Flame for myself this summer; that's one gorgeous sweater.

You have so much yarn. So. Damn. Much.
You could knit a tent.

PS you are now my hero.

heck, i have three big tupperwares of my stash, and another two of stuff to sell, and another's worth of roving, if i ever actually put it away and didn't leave it rolling around the living room...

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