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EarlyMay 1, 2005

Oh, my gosh. It's 3am, perhaps a little later, on Sunday morning, and I just got back from the greatest Whoreshoes performance. And know who was there? Our own pretty-pretty RedSilvia, that's who. It was so great to see her come through the door (and her date was cute, too -- go bug her for details).

The band was ON tonight, and the bar (Smileys, the oldest tavern in California, they claim) was hoppin' with mostly locals, a few wedding-from-up-the-road people, and one lady in a light pink pant suit who looked HORRIFIED anytime anyone danced in her direction. She didn't last long.

But my fabulous sisters did. They hung in the whole time, and they were awesome. And then Bethany did a great job driving us down the mountain, delivering bandmember Eve to her very door in SF. It was very, very sad that all of us, Christy, Bethany, and I, were ALL broke, not a penny left after Christy paid the now-exorbitant bridge toll, because I got in line at Tacqueria Cancun, the best veggie burritos in the whole world (really) and then had to get out of line because they don't take Visa. But now I have ice cream, and two happy cats, although I don't have a Lala, since she stayed in Bolinas for the night (they got the Swearengen room on top of the saloon). I could have Yoko'd it, but I don't sleep well with others (six in the room) on a night when I've been up for just about forever. (You'd think I'd sleep well, huh? Nope. Worse. Overtired stressful sleep.) And also, it was just nice to come down the hill with fun Christy and Bethany and Eve.

And now I get to watch a little TV (woot!) and maybe have a little snack (I'm trying hard to talk myself out of dashing back to SF for that burrito -- should I? I have enough quarters here in the house...) and think about how I'll show y'all the new pink sweater. For photos of tonight's show, go bug Lala. I took approximately seven thousand four hundred twenty-two photos tonight on her camera. I'm sure she'll show you a couple or two.

She's cyoote, by the way. As is every member of her band, but in a different way. If you know what I mean.

Oh! Sleepy! Goodnight.


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So, apparently I can stalk my sister via your blog.


Ooh, my sister is scaring me....Yes indeed, Lala and the rest of the band were INCREDIBLE! It made me being a surly Peetnik the next morning all the more worth it. Heh. I am devastated by the burrito story...that is indeed a superior burrito.

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