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FlameMay 4, 2005

And here you go!


Pattern: Flame Cardigan from Vogue Spring/Summer 2005
Yarn: Old stashed merino/angora I think?
Gauge: 32st over pattern repeat
Needle size: 6US

And from the back:


I chose to not add that funky crochet bit between the ribbing and the upper pattern, and I lengthened the ribbing, 'cause I'm just not a cropped kinda gal. And you remember when I messed up that sleeve pattern? You can't tell. If you see me at the Sheep and Wolf Estival, you might pick it out, but not from a trotting horse. Or as Janine says, "If you're that close, you'd better be putting money in my garter belt." Or something like that.

And the Iris:


This is, without a doubt, my favorite sweater I've ever made. And this is, without a doubt, the last post before the Big Event in Maryland, so MWAH! Happy fibering! We'll be back on Tuesday....


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Just beautiful!

Girl, that is one sweeeet cardi. I love the modifications you made; it's less "foofy" and prim than the original. And it fits you perfectly!! Have fun this weekend!

Such a cute cardigan! The colour really suits you. Looks great. I love the changes you made to the pattern. I know what you mean about cropped - not my thing either.
Your sunny smile says more then a million words as to why knitting is so good for the soul! *G*

Perfect!! Love the longer ribbing! You did a fantastic job on the zipper!!

Wow. I had to go buy the Vogue after I saw this. What an awesome color and you are so whacky, I love your blog! Have a wicked time at the Festivus!!

flame looks awesome! what a great idea to lengthen the ribbing.


wow...deja vu...youlook awesome and the sweater is stunning!
so....Maryland starts with an Ma..so does Massachusetts and I think there is this law about hitting the east coast and only going to one Ma state so which boat will you and Lala be arriving on? You know the drill...your room is ready and I'll warm up the jeep.

Totally lovin' the fame cardi, Rachael. Great work! Your mods are perfect--I would consider them for me! Hope I can meet you at S&W. I hope to be there in the evening on Saturday, and morning on Sunday.

Have a safe trip over here! :)

Fabulous. Hopefully that's what you'll be wearing, so's you can be picked out in a crowd. See you there!

I don't know what the original looks like so don't know how your mods differ but that is one Fabulous! sweater. Gorgeous!!

Very fab! (psst... four days!)

Awesome, Rachel! The color, the fit, the design ... you done good!

Oh jeez... that's so pretty! And you model it well handsome! And I didn't comment on the last post but Lala looks cool on stage! You both seem rather... let's see what to call it... hm... Awesome!

Gorgeous! It looks great on you. Now I'll be able to pick you outta the crowd at MDS&W!

Like I couldn't already.

Love the sweater.

Love the girl.

See you Monday!


(live and in person, even if not in Maryland) MWAH!

What a fabulous sweater! Love the design, especially with your modifications. It looks perfect on you. Hope to see it in person this weekend!

Well maybe you'll get tons of buckaroos "in your garter" - I'm sure lots will want to look at this gorgeous sweater! Glad you both get to go to the fiber festivities - buy up and have fun!

A sweater never fit a person so well! It looks great! Enjoy MD (I know my wallet will).

very nice.looks great on you!

Sigh. I wanted to make that sweater for MD S&W too. I just didn't. Then I thought I could knock off a Charlotte's Web shawl in a week [insert knowing chuckle here], but didn't take into account edging and blocking time.

Guess I'll just have to be there in my 'old' handknits.

: )

Thank the gods I'm not going to this Maryland party, the competition to look good is too damned fierce. Have fun!

Oh, and I went to the Whoreshoes website and listened to the free downloads--they rock!! I am in love. Have they done any other recording, you know, that we can buy?

It looks fantastic! Huzzah!

That's an absolutely gorgeous sweater.
Looking forward to monday, hopefully, wish I could be in Maryland too! Have fun!

How girly-girly! You are marvelous in pink! Very nice work. And nice hair, too! Some other knitting stuff is going to be perfect for you-know-who. Thanks for the photos :-)

Simply gorgeous.... as usual! ;) Your pictures really make the difference too, anything you knit makes me want to knit it, simply by the lovely pictures you post. :)

It looks maahhvelous! hope to see you in MD!!

OMG. I am soooooooooooooo going to make that sweater. It's gorgeous. You look Mahvelous!

The sweater looks great, I'll have to keep my eye out for it on Sunday. Wishing you both a safe trip.

Dang, you look cute in that thing!

p.s. I need to email you again re: possibly arranging an SF show for the schmoes--I never heard from L.

Absolutely gorgeous sweater!

Oooo! Love the mods you made to it! Now I'll have to go back and tag that pattern for consideration.

Have fun at MDS$W - I'm jealous but not bitter. Yeah.

It is so damn inspiring that you continued on without backtracking on that sleeve! Looks fabulous on you. Have a great time at MS&W (she says through gritted teeth...)

Wow, that sweater looks great on you! I'm tempted to try it myself, I really like how you lengthened it. Excellent job!

see you this weekend.

If I didn't know you already had plans I would invite you up for a friday nite drag king show. Amy and her hubby and me and my Sue are going. Which means I might be a wee bit tired saturday morn, but what the hell.

Love the idea of a sheep and wolf festival.

The Flame is bee-you-tee-ful! I think I am inspired to make one now, too! Have fun at the Sheep and Wolf Festival, give hugs and kisses from Laura in beautiful West Michigan, and wave as you fly over beautiful West Michigan! I'm assuming since I haven't heard back from ya saying that you had it planned, that the sky hook idea didn't work out. So, I'll just be waving at ya, OK?

You're on Fockin' fiah, girl! When I first looked at that cardi in Vogue I thought "schoolteacher"...it was kinda stuffy in a feminine way, but you rocked that pattern! I GOTTA make it now!!! Nice color on you too!

That fabulous sweater looks amazing on you...love the colour and the length and the fit. You must still be doing some running...beacause you look great! Congratulations on a great sweater!

WOWZA! Love the color, love the fit, love everything about it! It's soooooo cute!

The fit is divine! The pattern gorgeous on you. I didn't even "notice" that sweater in the mag, I'm going to have to take another look!

Love it! And it looks great on you.

OMG! Is it ever CUTE! Looks awesome on you. (I might have to run out and get that magazine.) ;)

I am so completely jealous of your creation! If I were closer, I'd head down there and steal it from you. WOW!

Have fun at Maryland! Can't wait to hear your tales.

OMG, that is fabulous! You knit so incredibly fast! My god. Enjoy Maryland this weekend!

Looks just wonderful! Love the colour on you with your hair shade, love the way it fits ... I'm very impressed.

Have fun in Maryland. My beloved and I are off there this weekend for the Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival - though I think her music is a tad more mellow than your Total Rock Star babe :)

That sweater is adorable and looks fab on you! :)

Beautiful!!! I sincerely doubt people are going to focus on trying to find the blip in your sleeve when the sweater, um, flatters your charms so well!

Did Janine really say that?! What a wonderful sense of humor she has.

Jealous of your trip back East -- have fun!


You look SO cute. SO CUTE.

Can I hug you and the sweater when I see you?

YOU LOOK MARVELOUS! (I'm shouting so you can hear me clear accros the country). HAVE FUN!!!

I love it. I like it enough to knit it now, which I wasn't sure about when I'd only seen it in the mag. All your mods are fantastic, especially the zipper -- makes it much less prim than the original. And your yarn choice looks much softer and nicer than the original too. Dammit, why don't they have YOU knitting the sample for the magazine?!

Love, love the sweater. It's definitely next on my list!

Have a great time at the Sheep and Wolf Festival!

Great sweater! It suits you very well! Just love it!

Hot stuff, touch the fiber for me!!

Wow! Awesome sweater Rach!

I happened to have my Vogue with me here at work, so I pulled it out to see what the original looked like.
Way to make it your own!

Have fun this weekend!

T-2 BayBEE!!!

Can you stand one more comment on how fabulous that sweater is?!? Loveit. And I like your version with the modifications you made much better than the Vogue picture. So much so that I might have to copy you! :)

That sweater is gorgeous! I've never been a fan of the short sleeved sweater, but this is SO lovely! You look great! Have fun petting the sheepies.

That sweater is hot hot hot!

I thought that sweater was just ok in VK but now I'm having second thoughts! It's gorgeous! Have fun at MDS&W!

Wow, that cardi is great! I love your modifications, too. Get ready to get woolly -- we're supposed to have perfect weather!

Just a me too comment, but no less heartfelt for that! I'll be at MDSW, but I'll be the one pretending that I'm too (un)cool to know who you are, because I'm really too chicken to come up and say "Hi."

The Flame she is SUPER FANTASTIC! Especially the back of the Flame! So retro! So flattering to the Rachel! Great decision to lengthen the ribbing. It's better than the original now. xox Kay

Wonderful sweater! You must have a great stash to have found that. Maybe I'll see you at the Sheep and Wolf Estival; I'll be looking for you.

Oh wow it looks beautiful and you look great in it :)

OMG, it's beautiful!!! :)

Gorgeous! I'm going to have another look at this pattern!

Gorgeous! Hope you have an awesome time in MD.

W. :)

Even though I like the comment number where it is, I must add to the cacophony and say it's amazing. I don't think I even recognize it from VK, since seeing yours I feel I NEED one now, and I didn't think that about any of the sweaters in the issue. So beautiful, and a wonderful color. Have a great time!

Beautiful and in MY color too! Wonderful job Rachael, very stylish! And of course you look so darn cute in it :)

That sweater is sweet! I must go and subscribe to VK! I'm missing way too much! Have fun at MD Sheep & Wolf!

Looks terrific! Have fun at MDSW!

Oh, Geeze! I didn't even know I wanted to make that sweater, and now I must make that sweater. Off to tear the house apart looking for Vouge, and kicking aside all the other WIPS in search of stash yarn.

Ooohhh! Running off to find my copy of the magazine-I don't remember a sweater as nice as yours!

Wow, so cute!!!! I love it. I have to admit, it didn't do much for me in the magazine, but yours is fantastic. I may have to make one when I get home!

That is awesome! I wasn't all that impressed with the cardigan when I saw it in the magazine. I'll have to take another look!

Ok, pulled out the Vogue and can't believe it is the same sweater. Didn't give it a second thought when I received the magazine. Now, it is in the "to do" stack. Great job!

to chime in with all the rest, you look AWWEESOOME in that sweater..quite perty in pink..I still stop by every day and enjoy reading your "pearls"..mwaaaahhh, and enjoy MD!

J Strizzy took the words right out of my mouth, you need to be knitting models for mags. You know how to take a pattern from so-so to fabulous. Plus, you would do the "Rachael" which means knitters would actually get to SEE what they would be knitting. I swear if knitting magazine photographers/editors were in charge of new car sales, we would only see half a grill.

(Could that be the Classic Elite Lush on cone we both stashed about the same time off Ebay?)

You are just too cute for words!


check this link out - looks like something along your new spinning love..

One word. WOW.

Seriously, Rach, that's a gorgeous, well-made sweater, and you look fabulous in it. And you're all giddy and radiant twinkle-eyed and glow-y looking in those photos -- do I sense that a certain rockstar girlfriend brings that out in you? It can't be just that awesome sweater that's causing it.... ;)

Dang! That sweater is so cute. Now I just absolutely want to make it. And I don't even remember it from the mag. I love our modifications. It looks great. I want to make it and use your modifications. Hmm. . . Great job Rachael! You and La have fun at the MS&WF.

That sweater is so beautiful it made me break down and buy the Vogue when I couldn't afford it. Last copy. The original version doesn't move me at all. Please publish your mods. I'm going to make the modified version this fall. In peacock. Oh yeah.

super cute!! I love the color, and the pattern, and I think I need to see those sleeves better ;-)

Saw the cardi in VK, but it didn't call out to me. Then I see yours and pow, suddenly I'm thinking this is a great cardi! Love the colour and the fit on yours. And the zip you added is just right. I think you're going to start a blogland frenzy with everyone wanting to knit this now.

it's very pretty pretty pretty.

Wow!!! BEEUTIFUL, Dahling....Your alterations make it that much moe fabulous. But you were already fabulous, weren't you!!

WOW!!! If you doubted the success of that sweater before, all of the comments should cement the idea that it is a hit! I love it. It fits well and you are absolutely adorable in it. Congrats!

can you believe I am the ninetieth commenter on this post? I can't. Anyways-- I totally applaud the skipping of the weirdo crocet bit. That was the only part of the pattern I really didnt like! You look great in that color, and hope the Sheep and Wolf fest is fun.

Girl - that is one beautiful sweater!! I love your modifications. Now *that* is a sweater I could knit!


The sweater looks even more gorgeous in person! It was nice to meet you on Saturday :D

just gawgeous! fit you perfectly!

I love it! It really looks great on you!

It was this lovely cardigan that made me spot you at the festival :) Glad I saw it in person, and nice to meet you.

Ooh, it's *so* pretty!!! Beautiful work, darling. Inspiring.

And holy crap, I'm leaving the 96th comment!? This might be the most popular sweater on the Internet!

Very pretty!!!

You have such fun pics on your site Rachel. You're always smiling...that's so nice!!! ^_^

Keep up the great knitting!

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